Shepherds Conference – My Response to the Cessationist Challenge

Over on the Pulpit blog, Nathan Busenitz — who has graciously commented over here — has asked us charismatics to add any further killer arguments to his list of the top 10 charismatic objections to cessationism. I am not sure if he will have time in his seminar itself to address those that I offer below as additions to his very helpful list, but I suspect, given his gracious demeanor, I may find myself debating this issue with him further in the future. If I have worked his comment system right, … [Read more...]

CHARISMATIC DEBATE – Finishing Off Dan Phillips

SUMMARYA friendly debate continues in this post with me first explaining why I hope I'm not your typical charismatic. I then explain why I believe Ephesians 4 demonstrates that these kinds of conversations are vitally important before engaging with a meandering list of issues. You can blame me for the disorganisation in this post since, although I am following Dan, he was following a staccato post I rattled off quickly one evening! The whole series demonstrates it really is possible to … [Read more...]

CHARISMATIC DEBATE – Responding to Dan's Objections

Last week I began my response to Dan Phillips by focusing on the importance of authentic relational Christianity. I had hoped that cessationists would have rallied to say something like, "Adrian, you are right about this bit — keep your tongues and prophecy to yourself, but we are as much in favour of a real emotional relationship with God as you are!"Sadly, this was far from the case. Even David Wayne begged to differ. John Piper, on the other hand, even seemed to take this a step further than I … [Read more...]

MLJ Monday Sealed with the Spirit #2

Sealing with the Spirit, Part 2'In whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise.'  (Ephesians 1:13)              *              *              *               *Last week, in … [Read more...]

Blogging the gifts – more on the Holy Spirit

I am afraid my interlude must continue a little longer, as one of my readers of my last post in this series on the Holy Spirit and Gifts pointed out that I had made no scriptural case for believing in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit as a distinct experience from conversion. I thought I had better quickly show my thinking on this.First off, may I say straight away that I believe the Gifts are not the most important part of the Holy Spirit's conscious work in the believer. I strongly believe that a … [Read more...]

Are we living in the days after the last days?

Mark L makes some great points out of Peters use of Joel. I think that these passages are indeed fatal to any real cessationist view. For Joel is clear that "all flesh" will receive the Holy Spirit and prophecy in the last days. Peter is clear that he is living in the good of that and that this promise is available for them and their children and 2as many as the lord shall call". So, call me a simpleton but I cannot see how we can now be living in days after the last days! Mark says it … [Read more...]