Death By Love – Pastoral Application of the Atonement by Driscoll and Breshears

I want to introduce you to a very unusual book by Mark Driscoll and his writing buddy and professor, Gerry Breshears. I would go so far as to say that this is a unique book in that I have never seen anything quite like it.If their first book together, Vintage Jesus, was a light cheerful book that offended some by its use of humor and at times edgy topics for illustrations, this new book by these two men is more of a grungy, almost dark book. The video over at the ReLit site leaves you in no … [Read more...]

TOAM08 – Mark Driscoll: Doctrine of the Holy Spirit in Luke and Acts

Terry introduced Mark by mentioning his currently available books, all of which he highly recommended. You can buy these from the Newfrontiers resources page. It was nice to see my pastor, Tope Koleoso, on the stage praying for Mark just before he began preaching. It was interesting that just a couple of weeks ago Tope also spoke on being missional in a talk that was impacting to me.In case anyone hasn’t been reading blogs for the past two years, Mark Driscoll founded Mars Hill Church in Seattle … [Read more...]

The Atonement – What Happened to Jesus on the Cross?

As we discuss the atonement, it is vitally important that we come directly to the cross itself. There are two things for us to consider which, by necessity, require penal substitution.The first is that the cross is absolutely essential in the purposes of God to save us. We have hinted at this previously, but if the cross was not an essential part of the plan of God for our salvation, allowing His Son to go through such suffering would be shameful and would, indeed, reveal a lack of love towards … [Read more...]