Driscoll on the Defeat of Shame and the Scotland MP3s

The MP3s of three talks from Mark Driscoll's recent visit to Scotland are now online. The first one is the only one I was there for, and for which I wrote notes.God's Plan for the Church in This City (right click to download MP3).Sex—A Study of the Good Bits from the Song of Solomon by Mark Driscoll (right click to download MP3).The Gospel We Preach—A Message for Leaders by Mark Driscoll (right click to download MP3).Driscoll is an important voice for the Church today. One thing he addressed in h … [Read more...]

Lets talk about sex…………..and the supremacy of Christ

They say that the Victorians loved to talk about death but never mentioned sex. In the modern world we have reveresed that trend. Todays group book review from diet of bookworms is of a substantial work bringing together contributions from some outstanding Christian authors on the subject of sex and the supremacy of Christ.Contibutors include John Piper, Scott Croft, David Powlinson and Albert Mohler so you should know immediately that you are in for a treat.I often feel that books containing … [Read more...]