Pentecostal and charismatic dialogue

The Internet Monk writes about feeling unable to have a conversation with charismatics. Well Michael, here I am talking and willing to listen- lets interact. Charismatics out there need to hear what this brother is saying about us, and not react by condemning him but by reaching out and learning to give and receive respect and understanding.To take his points one by one-1. The scripture. There are many charismatics and pentecostals who sadly fit the description you give. But we are not all … [Read more...]

You might be a charismatic if…..

David set the ball rolling with You might be a presbyterian if.... so here goes with the traits of charismatics of which I am one (this should be treated as humorous)So, you might be a charismatic if....1. You secretly wish you could swing from the chandeliers during worship2. You have ever sang the song "Bind us together lord"3. The words "wine" "river" "sprit" and "fire" and "breath" are all synonyms to you4. You know (or think you do) exactly what the words Rhema, logos, Ruach and Pneuma … [Read more...]

Blogging with a purpose: why blog?

Every so often a comment comes along that really makes me stop and think. This was such a comment. Unusually for me (!) I didnt know what I wanted to say immediately. The question came from Matthew Self who writes gaddabout. It made me think of Davids recent post which raised the question in my mind "is it wise for every christian to blog about theology?" Anyway, before I get into attempting to answer the question let me reproduce it here for you:Adrian, if I confess I do not have a … [Read more...]

Sermon preparation poll

Stronger Church:: "You are allowed to take any 5 books from your library and the rest are going away somewhere. Which books would you keep to help you in your preparation to preach and teach most effectively?" HT: Transforming sermonsFor me- its the ESV Bible, The Word commentary series, Kittel, and the for the last couple, two books that to be honest are on my "I love having them on my shelf but I really must read those sometime" list- Moo on Romans (NICNT) and Fee "Gods Empowering … [Read more...]

More on Hebrews 6 and Assurance of Salvation

JOLLYBLOGGER: continues his series without interacting with my post as of yet. He is right to home in on people who think they are christians but arent. I would just like to see more on experience in there. … [Read more...]

Full assurance of salvation, Holy Spirit Baptism, Heb 6 and 1 John

This is the kind of blogging I like best- me bouncing off David Wayne. Right now he's posting about the security of our salvation and how that relates to Heb 6. Interesting that like me he went through a quiet spell recently and has now decided to serialise some sermon material (see my "what kind of church changes the world" series)I linked the other day to an introduction to the introduction, one of the many similarities between David and I is that we both like to creep up on you slowly......He … [Read more...]

Around the sermon sites…..

Phil Johnson is preaching through Galatians whilst at the same site, Don Green is preaching on the Beatitudes from Matthew 5. Meanwhile, John Stott (yes he is still preaching!) and others from All Souls are preaching through the gospel of John. C.J.Mahaney, Josh Harris and the rest from covenant life church are preaching through Acts (as is a certain london church I know!). John Piper continues his long running Romans series, the notes for which are worth their weight in gold. Seven sessions … [Read more...]

Can you loose your salvation? What does Heb 6 REALLY say

David of jollyblogger is preaching on Hebrews 6, the famous passage that is so controversial in the debate about eternal security. You simply have to go over and read his well thought out blog post on the matter. Just to whet your appetite..........the typical reformed exegesis which effectively neuters the passage's intended effect as a warning. What I mean is that reformed exegetes and others who believe in eternal security spend so much time jumping through hoops to prove what it doesn't … [Read more...]

Quietness, rest and trust

Today's McCheyne bible reading has this line in it from Isaiah 30:15 : "in quietness and in trust shall be your strength."This made me think of the post from a couple of days ago where I quoted Unvield face saying "I have had so many times of frustration in my life, getting irritated that thigns were going wrong, that stuff broke, that I wasn't achieving things that I planned - and all along it was not Murphy's law but rather God's intention that things will always go this way. And if we read on … [Read more...]

Unveiled Face

Unveiled Face has a great post about Ecclesiastes 12 and futility also citing Romans 8, and 1 Peter 1 he says:Wow! Only in Christ can we see two amazing truths: (1) That God himself subjected all of creation to futility, and (2) that in Christ, this futility itself is redeemed - futility becomes hope, just as the pains of a woman giving birth are joyful pains of hope - so long as her focus is on the future!These realities really have some incredible application to my life: how I wish I … [Read more...]