How does the ESV compare to other versions

Eternal Perspectives in a tongue-in-cheek way accuses me of being obsessed and says that the NASB and ESV are very similar. This prompted me to choose a passage of scripture and illustrate the way different translations have translated it. I will do this in order with more literal and/or difficult English first and less literal and/or paraphrased English last. This roughly represents the spectrum of versions we are fortunate enough to have. And lest anyone think I am totally obsessed, I firmly … [Read more...]

10 Questions for the ESV translators

Well, thanks to everyone for their suggestions and help for me in this unique opportunity I have been given to interview the ESV translation committee.Here are my choice of the questions submitted and quite a few more of my own thrown in for good measure! Watch this space for the answers coming soon.....1. It is of note that the group of scholars who wrote the ESV include some great giants of evangelicalism. I wonder how important to the accurate translation of the bible is an evangelical faith. … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE interview opportunity with the ESV Translation committee

I am delighted to announce that I have been honored with an exclusive "interview" with the Translation Oversight Committee of the English Standard Version of the Bible. I will be asking them ten questions, which they promise to answer! My respect for this version of the bible continues to increase, and despite my best goading I have found surprisingly few bloggers who will publicly detract from it. Maybe my first question should be "Why, out of all the bloggers who love the ESV did you choose … [Read more...]

An old sermon on discovering the Will of God

Many Christians struggle with finding God's will for their lives. I though I would share with you an old sermon I preached on this matter......Proverbs 3:5-6 by Adrian Warnock Introduction A changing, uncertain world. Cast off tradition and Christian ways of doing things now what do we base decisions on? Illustrate from politics. Tony champions even a britain where the elite is finnished. Family values, but a foreign minister can be trusted to keep his promises to his country when he cant … [Read more...]

The Toronto Blessing

Eleven years on from the birth of the Toronto Blessing I republished an article I wrote at the time. Some thought this was a time when the Church seemed to be going mad.UPDATEIn January 2008, the following post was identified as the 12th all-time most popular post with readers of this blog. The 13th most-read post was my post concerning Bishop Tom Wright's response to John Piper.The post below was republished from an article I wrote many years ago. In some ways it was this article that first … [Read more...]

Leviticus – so what?

Leviticus at first sight can appear a challenge to any serious bible student. It is often remarked that those who embark on reading the bible through all to often fall at this hurdle. It is full of elaborate rituals for the priesthood and descriptions of sacrifices involving quite gory detail of blood being shed. It is no doubt the lengthy descriptions of Leviticus that the writer to the Hebrews had in mind when he summarized that almost all things are by the law cleansed with blood; and without … [Read more...]

Team work as defined by the One Anothers of the bible: true community

Church is all about community, and teamwork. I intend to blog a lot more about team in the next little while (UPDATE: I have now done so at It is teamwork that will change the world) . To whet your attitude and to underline to any unchurched christian out there that solitary christianity is deeply unsatisfying, here are a list of many of the "one anothers" of the bible- we cannot do these unless we are in a real community that allows us to interact with each other. Please read these slowly, … [Read more...]

To Whom Should We Then Preach?

Blogotional: issues a challenge which sadly I do not have time to address this week- so maybe one of my readers can do so for us:"I'd like to issue a challenge to those in the 'preaching can do both in the same context category.' It's twofold. Please provide an exegesis of Hebrews 6:1-2 as quoted in my original post linked above and apply that to preaching within the context of regular Sunday worship. Also, what model would you have a church follow in terms of organization and structure to … [Read more...]

Blogotional: Preaching…

Blogotional: has a great post which ends: "So what is my vision for preaching? Just this -- it is a tool for my, and every other Christian in the congregation's, use in their own ministry. Each of us is called to be intimate with another, and through that intimacy the Spirit spreads. Not all of us are gifted at putting voice to the thoughts and ideas that surround that intimacy. That is what great preaching does -- it describes and explains the urgings of the Spirit that people feel, not from … [Read more...]

How to preach a good sermon

JOLLYBLOGGER shares his thoughts with us on sermon preparation and Blogotional has an interesting quote on the difference between sanctification and justification. The quote seems to imply that man has nothing to do when he is saved. Whilst I understand where this is coming from, there is no doubt in my mind that saving faith and repentance involve us- God grants us the grace to be able to do so but WE are commanded to believe. In common with many misconceptions about faith I think that the one … [Read more...]