Its all about trust

People fail to realize these days that trust=cash. We have all been caught out- apparently a tsunami picture I posted on here was a fake I was taken in. Oddly enough I was taken in precisely because the genuine pictures and footage I have seen has not really given me a sense of the event itself for the people involved. I guess that people in real danger are unlikely to use their cameras. This is one disaster where it has been the words, the stories that have done it for me rather than the … [Read more...]

Attacking the atonement from the other side?

Wink over at Parableman seems to be keen to reject the notion of "substitution". Unlike some neoliberals he does accept that there is a punishment element to the cross. However he emphasises the verses that speak of our union with Christ in his death.Unfortunately attacking the notion of the atonement from this other side still has the same effect- ie the whole eddifice of evangelical doctrine comes tumbling down. You see he states "In Penal Union, it is true that we do not escape … [Read more...]

Joel Edwards of the Evangelical Alliance comments further on the Steve Chalke debate

In a letter from the heart Joel Edwards says of Steve Chalke-Firstly, I am not convinced that Steve really has answered the plethora of key biblical texts dealing with the relationship between wrath, judgement and punishment. (Isaiah 53:1-11 and Romans 5:8-11 and the book of Hebrews for starters.) Apart from the concept of punishment, what can it possibly mean to say "the punishment that brought us peace was upon him,"? (Isa 53:5) These passages simply cannot be waved away by an emphasis on … [Read more...]

The Day God Turned His Cheek?

Leaving Munster asks "Can there be a non-violent atonement?". At least he explains a little what his understanding of the alternative could be to the classical view of the atonement.But to him, and to Wink (sorry, I havent had time to fully interact with Wink yet) I would just say at the moment, please interact with Romans, especially chapters 1 and 3 and make sense of them for me from your perspective. I will get around to interacting more fully in the coming days, and I hope that we can … [Read more...]

Brian Maclaren- A Generous Orthodoxy or dangerous neo-liberalism?

Challies Review of - A Generous Orthodoxy. This review really lays down the guantlet. Challies quotes the back cover of hte book which states that Brian Maclaren "argues for a post-liberal, post-conservative, post-protestant convergence that will stimulate lively interest and global conversation among thoughtful Christians from all traditions." Whilst I have never read the book this is exactly what I mean by neo-liberalism."In short, it is awful. I consider it, in terms of content, one of … [Read more...]

The purposes of God for man

Day 2 of the purpose driven life discusses the purposes of God for each and every man. Psalm 139 is quoted (although not in a familiar version)O LORD , you have searched me and you know me. You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways. Before a word is on my tongue you know it completely, O LORD My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven … [Read more...]

Neo-liberalism or postconservative evangelicalism?

It is always good to allow people to speak for themselves so as the next post in my series on neo-liberalism with thanks to every thought captive I am going to give some exerts from a book.Justin Taylor has done a great job of doing this in "Reclaiming the Center" stating that "a significant shift is taking place in some segments of evangelicalism". He is not sure what to call this group but settles on what to me is the totally unacceptable juxtapositon of two contradictory words- … [Read more...]

More on God and suffereing

The World of Sven: cites the psalms and argues for the need to permit questioning of God whilst still trusting that he is loving. … [Read more...]

More on Neo-liberalism and biblical inerrancy

Evangelicals in the Dock states open theists who would fit my definition of neo-liberals cannot believe in biblical inerrancy-Both Sanders and Pinnock hold to open theism, a form of theology that posits a God who is not omniscient concerning the free actions of human beings. As was pointed out in the ETS meeting's floor debate regarding Pinnock, it's not at all clear how an open theist can consistently affirm inerrancy; theology proper must eventually affect one's view of Scripture. Nicole in … [Read more...]

Picking up the neo-liberal bait

I am delighted that even in this holiday season when I was fully anticipating somewhat of a lull in blogging the bait is being taken up at least by some. I believe that the recent tragedy has made these issues all the more important. Some of the people who I call neo-liberal probably have a very different explanation for why God allowed the disaster than classical evangelicals would.Parableman has come forwards to identify himself as possibly a neo-liberal and says"As far as I can tell, … [Read more...]