Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones Monday – Why Examine Doctrine?

The secret things belong unto the Lord our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever, that we may do all the words of this law. (Deuteronomy 29:29)In light of my upcoming series of blogging through the T4G statement, and the blogging challenge, I thought it might prove helpful to quote a few things the Doctor has to say about how to examine Biblical doctrines. If you like, this is what I imagine the Doctor would have said if he could join us in blogging … [Read more...]

Links for May 19, 2006

"The Gospel begins and ends with what God is, not what we want or think we need."Quote from Tom Houston.(tags: T4GB)Band of Bloggers mp3 Is Now Available(tags: T4GB mp3)Must the Church Move Beyond the Bible? Should it "Correct" Scripture?In response to an argument that Isaiah "corrects" Deuteronomy, setting a precedent for "reinterpretation or abrogation" of a divine word, Mohler points out that every time Jesus says 'You have heard ... but I say', He raises the bar, never lowers it.(tags: bible … [Read more...]

links for 2006-01-07 Google Pack A great free software collection that will install and update a whole bunch of really useful software including firefox and Adobe PDF reader. Will they ever stop having great ideas? (tags: google web tech free software) Time Management for the Glory of God Girltalk are ceasing the opportunity the New Year brings to encourage us to be more organised and have the right motives (tags: article children family discipleship mentoring) Genesis Search … [Read more...]


Lets get some things straight in the charismatic prophecy debate

PyroManiac is a wiley rascal. He is STILL trying to claim that he o so innocently had no thought of cessation in is head when he started his series on modern prophets. But, cessationism is so much part of him that he didnt even need to have the thought in his head for it to come out so clearly to those of us reading his blog! Later on, in his own post the clear truth of his underlying assumptions comes out - he couldnt supress it any more: So here's my challenge to those continuationists who … [Read more...]

Preaching with passion and imagination

One of the best things about blogging is when several things come together on one day. My pastor Tope and I were talking face to face earlier today (yes I know thats so pre-blog!) about what kind of preaching impacts hearts and lives and not just minds. We had a great time, so imagine my joy to come home and bump into the following "by chance":3:17 lists his favorite books on preaching, and summarises this story on the vital place of imagination in preaching: "Grandma Thatcher hobbles into … [Read more...]

What is the original sin?

Brad at Broken Messenger, is asking for comments on what the original sin was in the Garden of Eden. Brad asks:Was it Eve's pride/arrogance in thinking that she could be like God? Was it Adam's? Was it Adam and Eve's disobedience to God's command? Was it their unbelief that God would not really allow them to die and/or their distrust on His command on the basis of what the serpent promised? Was it Eve's lust of the fruit? Was it all of these? Some combination? Either? Neither? None?My take on … [Read more...]

Blog interview with Nancy Pearcey, award-winning author of Total Truth

Nancy Pearcy has recently received the ECPA Gold Medallion award for her book Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity (Crossway) for best book of the year in the category of Christianity and Society. This comes on the heels of winning the Award of Merit in the Christianity Today 2005 book awards in the category of Christianity and Culture. It is my privilege to welcome her to my blog for a "blog interview" which took place over e-mail. For more information on … [Read more...]

ESV: don't throw out your commentaries!

There seems to be a conscious effort to incorporate the views of modern evangelical scholars in the ESV often a commentator's alternate reading correcting one of the previous translations proves itself to be reproduced almost exactly in the ESV. Were modern evangelical commentaries consulted in the production of the ESV, and is it fair to say that the need to use a commentary to check the actual meaning of a passage is reduced by using a translation such as the ESV? Would it worry you if the ESV … [Read more...]

The Toronto Blessing

Eleven years on from the birth of the Toronto Blessing I republished an article I wrote at the time. Some thought this was a time when the Church seemed to be going mad.UPDATEIn January 2008, the following post was identified as the 12th all-time most popular post with readers of this blog. The 13th most-read post was my post concerning Bishop Tom Wright's response to John Piper.The post below was republished from an article I wrote many years ago. In some ways it was this article that first … [Read more...]

Leviticus – so what?

Leviticus at first sight can appear a challenge to any serious bible student. It is often remarked that those who embark on reading the bible through all to often fall at this hurdle. It is full of elaborate rituals for the priesthood and descriptions of sacrifices involving quite gory detail of blood being shed. It is no doubt the lengthy descriptions of Leviticus that the writer to the Hebrews had in mind when he summarized that almost all things are by the law cleansed with blood; and without … [Read more...]