The Atonement and the Resurrection – It's All About Jesus

Sometimes we get so caught up in our doctrine of the cross that we forget the ULTIMATE PURPOSE FOR WHICH CHRIST DIED AND WAS RISEN. It was, in fact, not first and foremost for us, rather it was for Him. It was—like everything God does—for the sake of His own name and His own glory. He died and rose again so that one day everyone would acknowledge His supremacy and His right to rule over the entire universe. The following Scriptures will help us to lift our gaze from the mundane … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Terry Virgo on The Early Days

I am joined again today by Terry Virgo, leader of the reformed charismatic group, Newfrontiers.Yesterday I spoke with Terry about his ministry and his view of the wider evangelical scene. Today I would like to begin by taking him back to the early days of his Christian life.AdrianTerry, can you tell us who particularly inspired you when you were a new Christian?TerryMy first pastor was a man called Ernest Rudman, who loved the Bible, was a real man of prayer and was committed to world missions. … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Terry Virgo: Leader of Newfrontiers

It was a real delight to have the opportunity to spend some time with the leader of the family of churches I am a part of when Terry Virgo came to preach at the church I attend. He was kind enough to sit with me for what was a very interesting and open interview.Terry is perhaps not as well known to my American readers as he ought to be. He is , however, widely perceived among Christians of different backgrounds as something of an elder statesman in the UK church. Together with John Piper and … [Read more...]

John Piper Friday – Christ's Obedient Life and Death Entwined

In an article posted just this week, John Piper writes about how the cross has efficacy because Jesus lived an obedient life. In the debates about the atonement, some people criticise us for over-emphasising the cross at the expense of the incarnation or resurrection. I have been arguing in my series on the resurrection that the cross and resurrection are an inseparable unit. Here Piper argues that the cross and Jesus’ obedience as a man throughout his life are also inseparableIf you put these i … [Read more...]

The Resurrection Empowered LIfe

I have been thinking a lot about the resurrection this past week — which might surprise you given my blog’s current focus on the atonement. The sermon I preached on Easter Sunday wasn’t, for me, a “normal” sermon. I felt more conscious than usual of a sense of being specifically commissioned by God to preach on a particular subject — the resurrection. This happened to me in a similar manner to that which Martyn Lloyd-Jones described as happening to him: “. . . one morning while dressing, quite su … [Read more...]

T4G Articles 5-6 – The Attributes of God and the Trinity

The next two articles in the Together for the Gospel Statement discuss the nature of God. The concept of the Trinity is so entwined with God’s attributes and who He is I have decided to roll these two articles into one. I have already posted an extensive set of notes and an audio on the attributes of God and the Trinity. In my talk I demonstrated that Jesus can be shown from the Bible to share every major attribute of God that theologians describe. Enough of these are also ascribed clearly to t … [Read more...]

Am I a Thrill Seeker?

Over on Pyromaniacs, the last three posts and their extensive comments sections have all been prompted by the differing reactions to the Piper piece on Hearing the Voice of God. This article by John Piper is certainly a piece that is well worth listening to, as well as reading. The following are the three resulting Pyro posts.Ecstasy Emotions? Sure. We got 'em . . . Voices in Our HeadsI have commented extensively over there on each of these posts, so I won’t repeat myself here. I thought it m … [Read more...]

SERMON – The Reviving Power of God's Word

The following is a full set of notes, including background information and quotes I used whilst preparing my sermon entitled, "The Reviving Power of God's Word," which was preached at Jubilee Church on the 11th of March 2006. This sermon was the third part of a series on Revival. The earlier messages, "Revival" and "Reviving Prayer" are also available.Much of this material was never designed to form part of the sermon — instead it is, if you like, part of the "iceberg" that lies beneath the s … [Read more...]

Shepherds Conference – My Response to the Cessationist Challenge

Over on the Pulpit blog, Nathan Busenitz — who has graciously commented over here — has asked us charismatics to add any further killer arguments to his list of the top 10 charismatic objections to cessationism. I am not sure if he will have time in his seminar itself to address those that I offer below as additions to his very helpful list, but I suspect, given his gracious demeanor, I may find myself debating this issue with him further in the future. If I have worked his comment system right, … [Read more...]

Pierced for Our Transgressions – The Atonement Revisited

I just had my third e-mail in as many days about Pierced For Our Transgressions — a forthcoming book on penal substitution. Regular readers will know that I have frequently posted on the atonement in the past. This book is aimed at addressing the debate over Steve Chalke's allegation of "cosmic child abuse."You may remember that before Christmas Wayne Grudem, in my blog interview, first added his voice to that of John Piper's in accusing Chalke of blasphemy, then modified his statement to really … [Read more...]