War Of the Words – Anglo-American Relations Deteriorate

The British and the Americans are at war once again. This time it is a more localized conflict than the War for Independence which, for a nation who has a history of over 1000 years, is really just yesterday. Fortunately the weapons of this latest war are words, although these are, of course, more deadly than nuclear bombs. (Proverbs 18:21)We have American visitors at the moment. My kids are confused. They can't understand why a room that has a toilet and no bed or bath gets called a … [Read more...]

TOAM07 – Session 1: Stephen Van Rhyn on Exodus 32

Stephen van RhynStephen is the Lead Elder of Jubilee Community Church in Cape Town, South Africa. He is married to Anna and has two young boys, Josh and Ben, and one daughter, Bethany.See also Andrew Fountain's notes from this talk, Leadership Lessons From Moses and Aaron.Together On a Mission 2007 continues to have an impact as the talks are beginning to be made available on the Net. This talk from Stephen Van Rhyn (otherwise known as 'the other guy'!) is one of the first two made available … [Read more...]

John Piper Friday – Prayer and the Word of God

This Piper Friday, I would like to share an extract with you from an old sermon by John Piper. It rightly entwines three themes that were flowing through my head (and hence this blog!) earlier this year: The study of God’s Word, prayer, and the activity of the Holy Spirit. I am increasingly convinced that we need these three things more than anything else! Oh, God . . . make us preachers to be men like this!“The minister of the Word must not choose between study and prayer. Study without prayer i … [Read more...]

Loving God – A Guide for Beginners

Today we draw to a close our series on the attributes of God—which has been inspired by the T4G Statement—by publishing an article which, in an abridged form, has already been published in the online Comment magazine.The article addresses the nature of God, but focuses on the fact that we need to learn to love this God—which is surely a good way for us to round off this series.For more posts on the T4G Statement, Articles 1-4 see Ten Conclusions About Expository Preaching, and for more on Art … [Read more...]

SERMON – The Reviving Power of God's Word

The following is a full set of notes, including background information and quotes I used whilst preparing my sermon entitled, "The Reviving Power of God's Word," which was preached at Jubilee Church on the 11th of March 2006. This sermon was the third part of a series on Revival. The earlier messages, "Revival" and "Reviving Prayer" are also available.Much of this material was never designed to form part of the sermon — instead it is, if you like, part of the "iceberg" that lies beneath the s … [Read more...]

Pierced for Our Transgressions – The Atonement Revisited

I just had my third e-mail in as many days about Pierced For Our Transgressions — a forthcoming book on penal substitution. Regular readers will know that I have frequently posted on the atonement in the past. This book is aimed at addressing the debate over Steve Chalke's allegation of "cosmic child abuse."You may remember that before Christmas Wayne Grudem, in my blog interview, first added his voice to that of John Piper's in accusing Chalke of blasphemy, then modified his statement to really … [Read more...]

BIBLE – Reflections of a Returning Blogger

As I return to blogging, I cannot help but think of a verse in Proverbs which haunts a chatterbox and prolific blogger like me. What implications does it have for us?  Does it mean we should write less and think more?  I suspect so! "When words are many, transgression is not lacking, but whoever restrains his lips is prudent." (Proverbs 10:19) … [Read more...]

AUDIO – The Attributes of God: What is God Like?

At Jubilee we have been doing a series of talks this autumn, each one lasting about an hour, during which we attempt to instruct the hearer to a greater extent than is possible in our Sunday morning sermons. One of the ones I did - which was on the subject of "What is God Like?" - has just been made available online at the Jubilee Audio Sermons site. You can visit there to download the sermon or listen to it here:These talks have been inspired by the following verse:“Do your best to p … [Read more...]

PROVERBS SERMON – Self Control in an Addicted World

I preached the next sermon in our series on proverbs this morning. The message can be downloaded on the Jubilee Church London website or listened to right here in this embedded player thanks to odeoUPDATE:  Tope Koleoso has more recently preached on alcohol, and speaks about his experiences having grown up in tetotal African Christianity.Prov 23, Jer 2:13, Prov 14:27, 1 Cor 6:9-20, Eph 5:15-18, John 7:37 This chapter is about discipline – children mentioned in there but we can only di … [Read more...]

PIPER FRIDAY – The Power of the Spoken Word and Treasuring Jesus

Hi, my name is Adrian Warnock and I am a blogaholic...it's been three days since I last posted on my blog ...Yes, I know posts have been appearing in this time, but I cheated by writing them earlier and having my editorial assistant publish them and post a couple of links whilst I was away!Anway, despite my addiction to the written word, I am a great believer in the power of the SPOKEN word. I believe that there is a reason why the Bible says that faith comes by HEARING the word of … [Read more...]