TOAM – Session 6 – The Person of Christ by Wayne Grudem

If you are wondering what a serious theologian like Wayne Grudem is doing preaching at a charismatic conference, then you have yet to meet a group like newfrontiers. There are charismatics who are as committed to the preaching of God's Word as the average cessationist. Indeed, many of us would argue that we take the whole of the Bible seriously as our guide to doctrine and practice - including the books of Acts and 1 Corinthians! In fact, there has already been a lot of biblical teaching at the … [Read more...]

Stewardship: entrusted with the gospel

Here are my notes from this mornings sermon.The audio is now available for download from the Jubilee Sermons website.Bible verses1 Cor 4:1-5; 2 Cor 5:9 6:4; Ro 1:15-17;1 Peter 3:15-16; 1Th 2:4; Col 1:25; 1 tim 1:11-12; Luke 12:48Now that we have been entrusted with the gospel what should we do? LOVE IT! LIVE IT! GIVE IT!There are few depictions of stewards in our modern culture an expception is the film the Lord of the Rings in some ways it is all about stewardship every character is … [Read more...]

Disagreeing with pyromaniac over Galatians

I have been listening to one of pyromaniacs sermons again, which I very much enjoy. I'm going to have to with great trepidation disagree with him about one point.Phil claimed in his sermon that the visit of Paul to Jerusalem spoken of in Gal 2 is the same event as the Jerusalem council.This may seem like a minor issue on a level with the debate I raised concerning whether Paul had ever met Jesus before his death. It does however have important implications for the dating of Galatians and our … [Read more...]

A blogging challenge for all you intrepid men and women out there.

A new challenge: Explore a chain of bible verses together. Taken together, these verses together form a convincing picture. Your task is to paint it. I am not after bold statements of doctrine, certainly not throughout the post. But, given this string of verses and tackling them in this order, what does the bible have to say about issues of authority and submission and how that impacts on family church and work life?The verses are Is 66:2, Phil 2:3-10, Mt 23:11-12, 1 Cor 11:3, Col 3:18-24, 1 … [Read more...]

Finding God's Will

Jollyblogger and others have been essentially saying that there is no such thing as a specific will of God for my life. Quoting Augustine Love God, and then do what you like we are told to simply make our own decisions.Now it is with great hesitation that I beg to differ with such an august blogger (no pun intended!).Jollyblogger is right that many Christians today are preoccupied unhelpfully with their own fullfillment, and as a first step I couldnt agree more with the notion- 'if you … [Read more...]