Michael Spencer's Mere Churchianity: Conclusions

Today's post will be a mixture of some of my conclusions about Spencer and his book, and some of his own conclusions. First up, I want to say loud and clear that I view Spencer as a dear departed brother in the Lord. I may disagree with him on a number of things- I certainly did with Mere Churchianity, but anyone who can write the following paragraph from the heart should be welcomed as a friend, and not condemned as an enemy. The context for this paragraph was Spencer realizing that partly … [Read more...]

Mere Churchianity by Michael Spencer on Discipleship

I have already posted three times about Michael Spencer's first and last book Mere Churchianity:Mere Churchianity by Michael Spencer or What’s wrong with the church Mere Churchianity Part 2: Where I disagree with Michael Spencer Mere Churchianity Part 3: Bringing Jesus Back to the CenteToday, we will be looking at Spencer's understanding of a disciple of Jesus. He is rightly concerned about people who merely make a declaration of faith in Jesus without exhibiting any evidence of t … [Read more...]

BOOK REVIEW – Mere Churchianity Part 3: Bringing Jesus Back to the Cente

I am back to agreeing with Spencer today when he argues that the biggest problem with both our society and the modern church is that we have sidelined Jesus himself: The culture—including the academy—has decided to adopt the “any Jesus but the one in the New Testament” approach, while leaders of the church have asked Jesus to step into the wings and wait quietly while they keep the audience entertained.Read more at location 1364Speaking of the Western Church as a whole Spencer is forthright … [Read more...]

BOOK REVIEW: Mere Churchianity Part 2: Where I disagree with Michael Spencer

Some of my readers might have been surprised, when I said in yesterday's post that I largely agree with Michael Spencer's criticisms of the church. The modern church is in a mess. And, I trust that many of you will echo his cry: I’m looking for a spiritual experience that looks like, feels like, sounds like, lives like, loves like, and acts like Jesus of Nazareth. It’s that simple. Read more at location 1151 I even agree with Spencer that such an experience is often not to be found in the typi … [Read more...]

BOOK REVIEW: Mere Churchianity by Michael Spencer or What's wrong with the church

Michael Spencer was known to Christian blog pioneers as the Internet Monk.  Although he described himself as in the post-evangelical wilderness, and often locked horns with the likes of the pyromaniacs, he never lost the respect of most evangelical and reformed bloggers.  His message was bold. I would often strongly agree with around half of it and strongly disagree with the other half! We were both going to have our debut books published in 2010. Sadly, Spencer didn’t live to see the fruits of … [Read more...]