Electronic Edition Of Raised With Christ

Logos Bible Software are offering my book on their pre-pub program. You can pre-order a copy of Raised With Christ: How The Resurrection Changes Everything to add to your electronic library now.This was a pleasant surprise to me, since although it was suggested as a possibility several months ago, I only heard it was definite when it appeared on the website just a few hours ago. Since Logos Bible Software played a major role in assisting me to write the book, it seems somehow appropriate. I … [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll on Raised With Christ

“Jesus is alive! And, as my friend Adrian Warnock will help you learn, this fact changes everything for everyone.”—Mark DriscollFounding Pastor, Mars Hill ChurchPresident, The Resurgence President, The Acts 29 Church Planting NetworkFor more information about my book see the new website for Raised With Christ - How The Resurrection Changes EverythingMark Driscoll should need no introduction to most readers of my blog. His vigorous, passionate preaching gift is helping to put strength into the glo … [Read more...]

10 Million Words – Has Tim Challies Bitten Off More Than Even He Can Chew?

Tim Challies has started a new blog over at the Gospel Coalition. He calls it 10 Million Words. His goal? To review from a Christian perspective every book that appears on the New York Times bestselling non-fiction books list in 2010. To warm up, he has started doing some already. The guy is a phenomena. Here is how he introduces it:My wife thinks I’m a little bit crazy, I’m sure of it. During eleven years of marriage I’ve done a lot of things that have led her to roll her eyes and sigh. I gu … [Read more...]

Ed Stetzer on Raised With Christ

“Adrian Warnock presents a beautiful picture of why the resurrection matters to each of us. In Raised with Christ, the resurrection of Jesus is unleashed to its exalted place where it supplies our new birth, surrounds our new life, and empowers our new mission. With great clarity, Adrian teaches how the resurrection of Christ matters every day.”—Ed Stetzer, President, LifeWay ResearchEd has been a good friend to me and is one of the leading Evangelical thinkers and networkers of our time. If you … [Read more...]


In this video I talk briefly about my forthcoming book, and my reasons for writing it. Please feel free to embed this on your own blog and/or link to it here. I have some free so-called "influencer" copies to give out, and some will go to bloggers who talk about the fact my book is now available to pre-order. … [Read more...]

Am I "obsessed with the resurrection"?

I can think of a worse charge! May we all always be guilty of that. I have two more endorsements for you this week:“Adrian Warnock rightly highlights the common neglect of the resurrection and helpfully shows why this matters. Come and share the excitement of his own rediscovery of this central event of our faith.”—Tim Chester, The Crowded House and the Northern Training Institute“Adrian Warnock is brilliantly obsessed with the resurrection! He believes that Jesus Christ being raised from death i … [Read more...]

Don't Neglect The Resurrection

You will forgive me, I am sure, if I am somewhat preoccupied this week with the subject of the resurrection. In a way, every Christian should always be just as preoccupied as I am today with that subject. I loved what Henry Christoph Jr had to say on the Raised With Christ Facebook page:There is nothing more important than the Resurrection, Adrian, but the Christian church today just is not acting as though that were the case. I pray that the Lord will use your book to help turn that situation … [Read more...]

RAISED WITH CHRIST – Now Available To Pre-order

I am pleased to announce that it is now possible to pre-order signed copies of my book here, with an exclusive free DVD. Payment is via PayPal: I am truly grateful to my blog readers for effectively opening up the opportunity to publish a book, which was something I never dreamt would be part of my life. In my acknowledgement section I say the following:This book would never have happened if not for my website, adrianwarnock.com. Thank you, therefore, to all the friends I have met online and … [Read more...]

Adrian Warnock's 2010 Calendar Plans

I will be attending the following events in 2010. Please contact adrian.warnock@gmail.com to discuss possible additions to this diary. Tuesday, January 26 Newfrontiers Prayer and Fasting, Kingsgate Church, Peterborough Hopefully copies of Raised With Christ will be available by this event.Monday-Wednesday, February 1-3 Desiring God Conference for Pastors, Minneapolis, Minnesota I will be doing a book signing and am currently considering the possibility of staying in the USA for a few days on … [Read more...]

Raised With Christ – "Not Dull, Repetitive or With Nothing New To Say"

The first of the following two endorsements for my forthcoming book made me smile. Written as it was by Jonathan Carswell, a significant figure in the UK Christian publishing industry, who hence reads many books, I just wondered if he was having a bad day and was hence a little too honest! But, for him to say what he did was very kind. In addition, Sam is a good friend of mine who has written a short introductory book on the Resurrection which will also come out in 2010.“Books are often d … [Read more...]