Raised With Christ – Two More Endorsements

I thought I would share comments from the UK's equivalent of InterVaristy Fellowship and from the pastor of one of Newfrontiers' largest churches and leader of the NewDay Conference. I have been sick with a flu bug most of the week, and this evening finally feel like I am on the mend, so in my silence, those of you who are following the story of my book may be interested to read the following--such comments genuinely surprise me, not least because it was never in my plans to write a book: … [Read more...]

God Of Compassion – What The Lazarus Story Shows Us

The following paragraph is one of the last things I have written to be inserted in my book Raised With Christ at this last major round of edits. It was inspired by a fantastic song on the fantastic new CCK album:One of the most emotive events in the whole Bible takes place when a friend of Jesus dies. The pain of Lazarus’ sister is tangible. In a sense everything the Bible has shown us about the problem of death climaxes at this moment. Suddenly we see the compassion of Jesus and the strength of … [Read more...]

First Glimpse Of Raised With Christ – How The Resurrection Changes Everything

Crossway have shared a brief extract of my forthcoming book over on their blog. Somehow it seems strange to see these words I have spent more than two years working on available for others to read. I guess I better get used to it! So, here it is, your first sight of what is coming:Jesus’ resurrection really did change everything. It changed the cross from a tragedy into a triumph, and it changed the Roman Empire into a Christian state. This was the most powerful divine event in the history of … [Read more...]

What Can YOU Do To Help An Author?

As I near the end of the long process or writing and editing "Raised With Christ - How The Resurrection Changes Everything" my thoughts are beginning to turn towards the subject of how to make sure anybody actually reads the thing! I will be letting readers know soon how you can pre-order it. It has been amazing to me to see how some very kind endorsements have been coming in. I already shared two with you before, here are a couple more:“Adrian Warnock has a passion to put the resurrection b … [Read more...]

Justin Taylor on Why We Need Christian Books

Only one book is absolutely essential to save us, to equip us to obey God's will, and to glorify Him in whatever we do. Only one book gives us undiluted truth--the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Only one book serves as our ultimate and final authority in all that it affirms. That book, of course, is the Bible, God's Holy Word. . .And yet the irony is that if we use only this book, we may in fact be in disobedience to it. We should count good teaching about the Bible--whether through … [Read more...]

Editing My Book

I have been going through the publishers suggested edits for my forthcoming book Raised With Christ - How the Resurrection Changes Everything. It has been a while since I mentioned the book here, partly because after you submit the manuscript there is a quiet spell where nothing much happens. The plan is for this book to come out in January 2010.The good news is that my re-working of the book is going well and I am both happy with almost all of Crossway's suggested edits, and not having to make … [Read more...]

Dave Stroud On Church Planting

This video was recorded in exhibition area of the recent conference. Newfrontiers is ramping up its church planting efforts, watch and learn more about how. If it whets your appetite to find out more, do pop over to http://www.ukchurchplanting.org/ for more information or read Dave's new book.Dave Stroud's book is called "Planting Churches, Changing Communities" and is available for purchase. It can be delivered all over the world. Here is my brief review and endorsement of the … [Read more...]

Spiritual Gifts – That’s It From Me, But More From Others

If my series on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which is now finished, has left you wanting to know more, then I encourage you to listen to three talks from my friend, Joel Virgo. Joel leads the Brighton Newfrontiers church, CCK. His first talk speaks about something I have blogged about previously, apostles today. The second goes through some of the gifts, and in the third he speaks about how the gifts can operate in meetings.Joel argues for a different approach, depending on the size of the … [Read more...]

My Book Cover: Raised With Christ – How The Resurrection Changes Everything

It is with great pleasure that I can now share with you all the final cover of my forthcoming Crossway book. Many of my readers helped with the process of choosing the cover, and for that matter the title too. There have also been a number of my friends and family who have helped already with the process of editing. Writing itself may be a lonely activity, but I have found that the input of others is invaluable. At the moment I am interacting from time to time with several different people … [Read more...]

Buy Yourself A New Year’s Present

It's the New Year, and maybe you have some Christmas money left. You could do a lot worse than treating yourself to something that will help you in your Bible study. Obviously, at the top of my list would be a Logos Bible Software package, which, as always, is available via that link on my website here offering a 25% discount. Logos now offers the same packages for Mac, and they will also very soon be available by following the above link with the same discount.I am really enjoying using … [Read more...]