Christmas Present Ideas – Books

I thought I might make a few suggestions about things that your Christian friend might want for Christmas. It is no surprise that I suggest books first of all. I love receiving new books. When the doorbell rings, I thunder downstairs, hoping that tell-tale flat-box will be in the postman's hand, announcing another book has arrived!If you are looking for inspiration about what book to buy, I would obviously love you to go and scroll down through the rather long page which contains a number of my … [Read more...]

BOOK – Sam Storms Interprets Edwards' Classic on the Spirit

My buddy, Jesse, has recently completed a nine-part series of posts on Signs of the Spirit, in which Sam Storms interprets Jonathan Edwards' classic work on experiential Christianity, The Religious Affections. Here are the links:1. True spirituality is a hunger for God2. Public gathering, prayer, preaching, and singing3. You're not a Christian just because you...4. Sign 1) A new spiritual 'sense'5. Sign 2) A love for the things of God6. Experience, emotion, Edwards and public worship7. Signs … [Read more...]

BOOK – Piper on Wright, Conclusion: What is Justification?

I have now come to the end of my series responding to John Piper's new book, The Future of Justification. Here is a list of the previous posts:John Piper, N. T. Wright, and Gracious DiscernmentJohn Piper Challenges N. T. Wright on JustificationPiper Explains the Classic View of Justification Versus N. T. Wright's ViewPiper and Wright: Does Justification by Faith Save Us?John Piper: Is N. T. Wright Preaching Another Gospel?Legalism Versus Grace in First Century JudaismHard and Soft … [Read more...]

Does Piper Neglect the Resurrection?

Many of the opponents of the doctrine of justification and penal substitution criticize us for not being as interested in the resurrection as the cross. I increasingly think that it is not so fair to accuse most evangelical theologians of not having a place for the resurrection in our system of beliefs. I do feel, however, that we perhaps under-emphasize the resurrection at times.As I was reading this book, I was aware that, of course, Piper was interacting with Wright's views of the cross, so … [Read more...]

Tom Wright's Response to John Piper

UPDATE In January 2008, the following post was identified as the 13th all-time most popular post with readers of this blog. The 14th most-read post was the summary of my interview with the leader of Newfrontiers, Terry Virgo.This post was part of a series of posts on the debate between Wright and Piper over justification. Other parts of this series which would have made the top 30 in their own right include: John Piper, N. T. Wright, and Gracious DiscernmentJohn Piper: Is N. T. Wright Preaching … [Read more...]

Piper Gets Passionate With the ETS on Justification

John Piper has delivered an amazing lecture on the vital place of justification to the ETS. The manuscript, video, and audio are available online, and this sets his new book, The Future of Justification, into context. The whole talk is fantastic, but these couple of paragraphs stuck out for me, especially considering his audience! I’m aware that for some in the academic world, perhaps some of you, this very confession calls my fitness into question as a competent exegete. “This fellow has so … [Read more...]

2 Corinthians 5 and Romans 5 – Two Critical Passages on Justification

Today I want to share how John Piper brings two passages to bear on the justification debate. The quotes are all from his new book, The Future of Justification, and come from pages 170-180. The two passages are Romans 5 and 2 Corinthians 5. Piper is responding to Wright's slightly odd way of speaking about them. If you are interested in seeing an example of this, there is an article by Wright on 2 Corinthians 5:21 that I must say I found wholly unconvincing. This is what John Piper says about … [Read more...]

Legalism, Racism, and the First Century Jew

In his book, The Future of Justification, John Piper addresses the issue of legalism and the first century Jew. Piper responds to some of the notions of the New Perspectives people who claim that first century Jews had not drifted from the grace message of the Old Testament into legalism. He explains . . .“In regard to the second objection to the general view that “the Jew keeps the law out of gratitude, as the proper response to grace,” it is important to see that, from Jesus’ … [Read more...]

Hard and Soft Legalism

There is a very interesting quote from Matt Perman, one of John Piper's students, which Piper includes in his book, The Future of Justification. It addresses N. T. Wright's view that Judaism was not legalistic. Matt argues that there are, in fact, two types of legalism. Speaking of Wright and others he says: “They appear to be thinking only in terms of hard legalism, which is the notion that either your works bribe God or that they are self-produced by your own effort. But, as you flesh it … [Read more...]

Piper and Wright: Does Justification by Faith Save Us?

So far in this series we have looked at the following: John Piper, N. T. Wright, and Gracious DiscernmentJohn Piper Challenges N. T. Wright on JustificationPiper Explains the Classic View of Justification Versus N. T. Wright's ViewToday I want to share a quote from The Future of Justification in which Piper responds to another of Wright's main criticisms of traditional views of justification. Wright has argued that the Gospel is not a way of getting people saved, and that we are not saved by … [Read more...]