New Iain Murray Book on Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Most Mondays I post something by or about Doctor Martyn Lloyd-Jones, one of my historical heroes. Today is an example of this habit. While I was preoccupied with New Word Alive, Martin Downes posted the chapter list for a new book on Lloyd-Jones by the Doctor's assistant. The book, entitled "Lloyd-Jones—Messenger of Grace," is broad-ranging, and will look at issues like Lloyd-Jones' attitude toward the Holy Spirit, preaching, and the impact of his sermons. It sounds like a very interesting b … [Read more...]

Logos Mac Alpha is Here

Its not complete. Several important features do not work yet. BUT, you can now get Logos Bible Software to work on a mac! I really, really like the interface. If you own a mac, and either have a second PC or run parallels there is no no reason NOT to buy a logos package of your own as you CAN use your unlocked PC books on the new mac version. Dont uninstall Parallels yet as its still early days. If you are like me, and don't want to waste too much hard disk space you can get parallels logos … [Read more...]

How to Build Multicultural Churches

Thankfully, many people today seem to have moved on from the ideas of the "homogenous church growth principle." I never could see how that whole idea wasn't just a thinly veiled form of racism, or at the very least, an accommodation with the racism of others. I think I would prefer to be a part of a church aiming to be multicultural, even if that means it might not grow as quickly as one where people's eager desire to flock together with others like themselves is not challenged.Having said that, … [Read more...]

Chuck Colson Blog Book Tour

Chuck Colson has stopped by my blog on his blog tour to promote his new book, The Faith: What Christians Believe, Why They Believe It, and Why It Matters. So far the stops have included: Powerblog — The Faith: We Ask, Chuck AnswersThe Voyage of the Dawn Treader — Chuck Colson Answers My QuestionsReasonedAudacity — The Faith by Charles Colson: Questions for the Book Blog — Chuck Colson Blog TourToday, I asked Chuck the following:AdrianOthers have asked you erudite theological ques … [Read more...]

FREE BOOK COMPETITION – What's The Most Popular Post On My Blog?

The queries have started coming in. Readers are e-mailing me, wanting to know: Have I forgotten about the series of republished popular posts?What is the number one most-read post on this blog?The suspense is building up . . . !!So I've decided to launch a competition, offering four free new Christian books to the winners. The competition question? It's simple. As of now, which post is currently the most frequently read post on my blog? (There are only 2,990 or so to choose from!)The first two … [Read more...]

3rd Most Read Post – The ESV: A Bible Translation for Everyone?

No. 3 on the list of most-read posts on this blog appeared on July 10, 2005 and represented the first in my series of interviews with Christian leaders. I had no idea back in 2005 where the blogging journey would lead me. An exclusive offer to interview the translators of what was then a little-known, new, apparently niche-appeal translation was simply too good to turn down. The folks at Crossway were kind enough to offer me this amazing opportunity, which I grabbed with both hands!For awhile, … [Read more...]

8th Most Read Post – Interview With C. J. Mahaney

No. 8 on the list of most-read posts on this blog appeared on October 10, 2005, when I had the honor of interviewing C. J. Mahaney via e-mail.C. J. has, in recent years, been introduced to a new audience because of his friendship with Mark Dever and Company. I have known of him since the 1980's, and loved to listen to him live at early Newfrontiers Bible Weeks.In January 2008, C. J.began blogging at the Sovereign Grace Blog—C. J. Mahaney's View From the Cheap Seats and Other Stuff. The headlines … [Read more...]

Help for our Prayerlessness – by Sam Storms

Part of the reason for my blog holiday has been, hopefully, to fit more time for prayer into my schedule which, even without blogging, remains tightly packed. As usual, I have not found that as easy as I would like—although I am praying more than I normally do. What is it about prayer that we find so difficult?I thought I would interrupt this blog break to bring you the following prolonged extract from Sam Storms' forthcoming book on Colossians. The daily devotions I am sharing here are all on t … [Read more...]

20th Most Read Post – Twelve Literary Features of the Bible

No. 20 on the list of most-read posts on this blog appeared on October 25, 2007, and introduced us to a remarkable new approach to a study Bible, brought to us by Crossway. As of January 2008, I'm still working my way through this Bible, reading it from cover-to-cover. I'm enjoying it very much. Crossway has made the preface of its new ESV Literary Study Bible available online. They have also made the text available for electronic purchase. I am very impressed with the introductions they offer … [Read more...]

Discernment: Coming Soon to a Blog Near You!

I just received the following announcement in my e-mail about a blogging tour that Tim Challies will be taking next week. I have previously highlighted Tim's book here on my sidebar, and in my review of it, in which I said:"Tim Challies takes us from the turbulent marketplace of ideas that is the modern western church back into the world of the Scriptures. Sadly, today many people fall into the trap of being naively blown from one wind of teaching to another. Others become so expert at straining … [Read more...]