Premier’s Unbelievable? with Adrian Warnock and Doug Wilson on Strange Fire


Earlier today Premier Christian Radio broadcast a conversation between me and cessationist Doug Wilson. It wasn't really a debate, still less an argument, more a discussion between two brothers who happen to disagree. Justin Brierley did his usual fantastic job of moderating. At one point we both conceded defeat! Anyway, I would encourage you to have a listen and to whet your appetite here is a couple of quotes from Doug in response to the comments MacArthur has made that have led some to … [Read more...]

John Piper’s approach to charismatic abuses

Further to his previous comments on Strange Fire, John Piper has released two audio clips that speak about his response to charismatic abuses. You will enjoy these, I am sure. I know I did. … [Read more...]

“I’m not saying that everyone in the charismatic movement is not Christian” John MacArthur


I am very keen to be fair to Dr John MacArthur. And so I want to acknowledge that in a recent Q and A online at GTY he states clearly that he does not believe all charismatics are unsaved. He claims he "never said that" though I have previously collected a bunch of quotes that do say precisely that. He doesn't regret or apologize for those quotes in this audio. I think that he tends to think of the Charismatic movement in the main as being unsaved, although he sees some exceptions to that rule. … [Read more...]

VIDEO: MacArthur consigns charismatics to hell and likens them to Mormons

I had only read a partial transcript of this portion of the Strange Fire conference before, as during the event I watched some sessions live and read transcripts of others. Someone recently sent me a link to this YouTube clip and I was again shocked and horrified. I really feel that more than almost anything else this clip demonstrates the reason for my concern about MacArthur's comments in the conference and book.I keep thinking I am done with all this, and then new things are said, or new … [Read more...]

RT Kendall responds to MacArthur’s Strange Fire


The Strange Fire  online conversation seems to just run and run. In the latest significant intervention, RT Kendall, who was a successor to Lloyd-Jones at Westminster Chapel has written an open letter to MacArthur: I have admired you as an able writer and speaker for years. I have not only read your book Strange Fire but listened to your talks as well as the panel discussions at your recent conference. I am as reformed theologically as you are and can say we are on the same page when it comes … [Read more...]

Team Pyro Discussion and personal reflections on two very different conferences

I wanted to share some very personal reflections here. This is a bit in-house so if you are a new reader from the Global Faith Forum you may want to move along, especially if you are from another faith. But it was ironic to me that just as we were talking about how people from different faiths can disagree but still get along, we seem to be having some difficulties getting along with some people within our own faith. So here is a video I have uploaded that talks about the relationship between … [Read more...]

Strange Fire: Conclusions (for now!) and false prophets

This is the final post in my series of posts which aim to refute every biblical argument MacArthur uses in the book Strange Fire. It won’t be the last thing I write on this subject, however, as I will be following the ongoing discussion and reporting on significant developments.  I also have a couple more things I want to say more generally on this over the next few weeks. I have posted a review of this book on Amazon and I invite you to interact with that there.Please do @ me on Twitter or … [Read more...]

John Piper responds to John MacArthur’s Strange Fire Conference

Just a couple of hours ago John Piper has posted the following to SoundCloud. Highlights below.Piper strongly affirms that he has benefited from MacArthur's ministry Piper confirms that he does indeed advocate obedience to 1 Corinthians 12:31, "earnestly desire the higher gifts," 1 Corinthians14:1, "earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy," and 1 Corinthians 14:39, "earnestly desire to prophesy, and do not forbid speaking in tongues," and personally … [Read more...]

Strange Fire: John MacArthur responds further to his critics


The second part of John MacArthur's interview with Challies has been released. You are encouraged to read it for yourself but here are the headlines, in which all except one are very sad for me to read:MacArthur refuses to agree that Baptism and Eschatology and the charismatic debate are secondary issues, but states that the charismatic issue is more significant. MacArthur denies that Muslims are being converted through dreams of Jesus. (See for example this). For the first time that I … [Read more...]

Strange Fire Debate between Michael Brown and Sam Waldron


The online discussion of the charismatic gifts continues. I encourage everyone to watch my discussion with Steve Camp who is a friend of John MacArthur, and also to listen to the formal debate below between Michael Brown and Sam Waldron.I think anyone watching both of these interactions will be forced to conclude at a minimum that some charismatics clearly have a strong biblical argument. I'm not expecting every cessationist to convert. Rather that we can all learn mutual respect. I love the … [Read more...]