Review by Terry Delaney

Adrian begins with the importance of the death and the resurrection of Christ and the glorious promise that Christ will come again. It gives me chills just typing that!He then moves into a semi-apologetic approach to the resurrection of Jesus Christ by looking at what Scripture says as well as some historical external evidence of the reality of the resurrection. From here, we read chapter after chapter exhorting the regenerated person in Christ to live in the reality of the resurrection. Nancy … [Read more...]

Prodigal Theologian reviews “Raised With Christ”

How the resurrection changes everything is both the subtitle of this book and the theme flowing throughout it.  Mr. Warnock tells how preaching on Easter Sunday opened his eyes to the resurrection being ignored in much of Christianity.  So he explains its importance, its uniqueness and its rightful place in our faith and theology.  In doing so he continually reminds us that there does not need to be a difference between the cross and the resurrection.  Rather, he points out, the early church lea … [Read more...]

“One of My Top 5 Essential Works of Theology of the Past 25 Years” Kylie McDaniel

Few are writing on the theological aspect of the resurrection.  There are plenty of books on the cross and its significance, but few are written on the resurrection and what it has to do with our salvation.  Warnock offers one of the best books Ive read on the subject.  The resurrection is salvific and practical.  The author walks the reader through how the resurrection benefits us and also gives the standard development of proof of the resurrection and so forth.  As a Reformed Christian/pastor I … [Read more...]

Life in the Spirit a UK Reformed Charismatic conference

I want to tell you about a conference I will be speaking at during the week of  Monday, February 21 to Friday February 24 2011. It is called Life in the Spirit and will take place in Swanwick, UK. The event has previously had Sam Storms as a regular speaker, and has gathered a number of people who are committed to bringing the twin emphases of Reformed doctrine and charismatic experience together.  This year I will be speaking for one session, and it would be great to meet some of you my readers … [Read more...]

Debating the resurrection with a liberal pastor

During my blogging break I appeared on Premier Christian Radio's Unbelievable?. I joined in a conversation with a church leader about whether the physical resurrection of Jesus really matters. It was refreshing to meet someone who did not believe in Jesus bodily resurrection , who unlike many neoliberals today, was at least willing to call himself a liberal. I encourage you to  Listen here and look at some of the other programs. … [Read more...]

Terry Virgo review at Brighton’s Together on a Mission conference

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Terry Virgo’s book reviews from Brighton

Having spoken just yesterday about the fine line between self-promotion and hiding one's light under a bushel, it might surprise you that I would share a video at the begining of this post in which  Terry Virgo (who incidentally has recently joined Facebook) begins his slot recommending books at the Brighton conference by commending mine. There are a number of reasons why I feel very comfortable doing this, however.Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, Terry's book review segments have been … [Read more...]

“A journey that has wonderfully demonstrated the truth of the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth and the cosmic consequences of His death and resurrection”

Adrian Warnock has taken us on a journey that has wonderfully demonstrated the truth of the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth and the cosmic consequences of His death and resurrection.  The certain hope of the resurrection and the unveiling of the age to come is to impact every follower of Jesus NOW: “Christians have the same power that raised Christ Jesus from the dead living inside them.  One day that power will complete the work of saving us, but in the meantime the normal Christian life can b … [Read more...]

Events for the rest of 2010 and resting over the summer

My diary is filling up fast. Work-wise it looks like I am going to have to be in the USA three or four times between now and Christmas as well as traveling to Europe.  So it is just possible that I might be able to squeeze in connecting with one or two of my American friends.  Let me know on if you are interested in this or even possibly fitting in a resurrection talk, though that may not be so easy. 2010 is almost full for all the preaching away that I am happy to do, a … [Read more...]

“A fantastic treatment of the resurrection and it’s importance right now in the life of every believer”

"Starts out a little bit slow, but it's well worth sticking it out! He spends several chapters outlining the evidence for the resurrection, which can be a bit dry, especially if you're already somewhat familiar with it. Still, it's necessary to set the stage. After that, the real meat of the book begins. It's a fantastic treatment of the resurrection and it's importance right now in the life of every believer. Highly recommended!"via Raised with Christ by Adrian Warnock - Reviews, Discussion, … [Read more...]