Join a "Raised with Christ" Online Study Group

This is from the Raised With Christ website: Adrian invites you to join in a “virtual study group” being held online via Twitter. If you don’t already have a Twitter account you can join very easily for free. Just like in any offline discussion group, please also interact with other people’s replies.  To make it easier to follow we will use a series of “hash tags”. Please use #rwc1 for general discussion and add a specific letter as below to discuss one of the questions below. Please also feel fr … [Read more...]

“Pithy and stimulating”

"Warnock's pithy and stimulating approach displays a passion for real Christianity."  From … [Read more...]

Video Q and A with author Adrian Warnock

A video Q and A session with Raised With Christ author is now available here:PART ONE Why did you decide to write about the resurrection? But don’t all Christians believe in the resurrection of Jesus? Do we need to mention the resurrection when we preach? PART TWO Are you saying that the cross is overemphasized? Why do Christians neglect the resurrection? Do you want us to emphasize the resurrection rather than arguing about theories of atonement?PART THREE What are the implications o … [Read more...]

“Simple without being simplistic”

I have to say, first of all, that it was a genuine pleasure to read. Simple without being simplistic, it follows a line of thought through the importance of the resurrection, the truth of the resurrection, the effect it has on us, the need for revival in our churches and in prayer, and finally the second coming- the resurrection of our bodies at the end of all things.Read more at Purposeful Purity: Raised With Christ. … [Read more...]

“Get it, read it, digest it, preach it” Mark Lauterbach

To say the least, Adrian has brought a major contribution to the Gospel-centered community by underscoring the meaning of the resurrection. That we preach Christ crucified is well known. That "Christ crucified" means crucified and risen is not so clear. I find myself often drawn to the atonement as the core of the Gospel, and it is. But atonement without resurrection is no atonement. And resurrection is not a background noise in the New Testament. . .The book is easy to follow, well … [Read more...]

“Warnock seeks to rivet the reader’s attention on the resurrection of Jesus Christ”

In this his first book Warnock seeks to rivet the reader's attention on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The cross of Christ and his death has been the traditional emphasis of the western church, both in positive remembrance, and over the last few years, deeply-felt theological wrangles over its meaning to which Warnock has been no stranger. In this book though he seeks to move our attention onto the positive Christian declaration that Christ who died, rose again and now reigns. He demonstrates … [Read more...]

Are we underselling the Church’s biggest unique selling point?

Adrian Warnock was interviewed on the UK's leading Christian radio station on the Inspirational Breakfast show about our resurrection neglect.  LISTEN HERE . … [Read more...]

“It reminded me of why I read Christian nonfiction”

The following comes from a review of Raised With Christ on Operation Actually Read Bible: I loved, loved, loved this book. For me, it was an amazing read. It reminded me of why I read Christian nonfiction in the first place.I feel I learned so much--so very, very much--by reading this one. I can honestly say this one made me think. In a good way. It made me pray.The way Adrian Warnock presented his message, well, it worked for me. The way he incorporated the Bible, how he relied on Scripture, … [Read more...]

Toronto Anglicans cite Christianity Today interview

It still amazes me that, thanks to modern technology, words can fly around the globe into different continents, but also very different church streams.  The resurrection of Jesus is the one thing that can unite all true Christians.  We all believe in it, and no matter how much we might neglect it, at heart we know it is vital. So it was great to see this paragraph from my recent interview quoted by brothers so far away: There is no historical doubt whatsoever that a man called Jesus lived and w … [Read more...]

Support your Christian bookshop this weekend

I still dare to believe in Christian bookshops. Oh, they need to evolve all right. It seems like the new "Living Oasis" chain might have some of the right ideas in some places. Making the bookshop also serve as a coffee shop and meeting point seems like a great idea. Getting people into the shop is the challenge. Once there, if the bookshop is well laid out and with helpful staff, the customer may well be encouraged to buy more materials. Why not make the effort and go visit your local store … [Read more...]