Toronto Anglicans cite Christianity Today interview

It still amazes me that, thanks to modern technology, words can fly around the globe into different continents, but also very different church streams.  The resurrection of Jesus is the one thing that can unite all true Christians.  We all believe in it, and no matter how much we might neglect it, at heart we know it is vital. So it was great to see this paragraph from my recent interview quoted by brothers so far away: There is no historical doubt whatsoever that a man called Jesus lived and w … [Read more...]

Support your Christian bookshop this weekend

I still dare to believe in Christian bookshops. Oh, they need to evolve all right. It seems like the new "Living Oasis" chain might have some of the right ideas in some places. Making the bookshop also serve as a coffee shop and meeting point seems like a great idea. Getting people into the shop is the challenge. Once there, if the bookshop is well laid out and with helpful staff, the customer may well be encouraged to buy more materials. Why not make the effort and go visit your local store … [Read more...]

How to Sell 100 Books in 10 Minutes

Raised With Christ was launched at Jubilee Church this past Sunday. The people were incredibly gracious in their response, and much to my surprise we sold all 100 available copies in just 10 minutes. I am sure some of that was due to the love of this wonderful family of God for me as one of its members.  But Tope's endorsement of the book was really very nicely done. If you are a pastor with a specific book to promote, you would do well to follow this example.In the video my lovely wife … [Read more...]

Raised With Christ Launched In UK

I am  pleased to announce  that Raised With Christ - How The Resurrection Changes Everything has now been released in the UK. It is available to order from Newfrontiers Resources for immediate dispatch. This Lent why not read a book about the resurrection of Jesus and its implications for us today? Isn't it time we stopped neglecting this central foundation of our faith?You can find your local Christian bookshop at If you run a Christian bookshop visit their blog for … [Read more...]

Chicago, Wheaton, And Detroit Radio

You can listen to an online stream at 5 PM ET (10 PM UK time) today of an interview with Paul Edwards, or if you live in the Detroit area why not tune your radios in?No, I haven't gone back to the United States. Thankfully most radio interviews can be done on the phone. I just thought that I really ought to post a bit about my time in the Chicago area. I haven't got round to this yet thanks to the trip home and my still present jet-lag.One highlight of my trip was going into Moody Radio … [Read more...]

Justin Taylor Interviews Me About The Resurrection

Justin Taylor is a long-time electronic friend of mine.  He has always struck me as a good brother when I have met him face to face, and I very much enjoy his blog.  A couple of years ago I interviewed him by email. This video is him turning the tables on me.  We talk about my book Raised With Christ. This first appeared on Justin's Blog. Let him know if you think he makes a good interviewer as he is considering doing similar films with other authors in the future. I think he did really well and … [Read more...]

St. Joseph, Jeff Gates, and Micah Fries

I have had a great time here in St. Joseph, Missouri.  I traveled down with two men who I now call dear friends, Jeff Gates, the pastor at Living Hope Church, St. Joseph and Ben Roed, who with his lovely wife Peggy, are serving in Living Hope and are being well trained by Jeff. It was wonderful to see how clearly Peggy and Ben complement each other. They are relatively newly married, but it was obvious to see how much of a support Peggy is to him, and how her strengths will continue to … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Jeremy Simpkins

On my recent visit to northern England, I was able to interview the leader of the Newfrontiers North team. I was deeply impressed with what I saw and heard during the day as his team of around 100 people gathered. God is doing a great work in the North of England and many healthy growing churches have been planted. There was also an amazing sense of community and true friendship in the room. It was wonderful to see a group of leaders with very different gifts and personalities fused together … [Read more...]

My Trip To The USA

This weekend I embark on a two-week trip on the other side of what we affectionately call "The Pond." I would value your prayers and look forward to meeting some of you. In some ways I wish I could stay longer and make it to more places, but this is the longest I would want to be away from my family. I thank God for iChat which will help me stay in touch with them.I do plan to blog about some of my experiences. Then, once I am home, Raised With Christ information will, as much as … [Read more...]

Please Pray For Resurrection Talks At Newfrontiers North

I am speaking today to around 100 leaders from churches across the North of England and Scotland. Please can you pray that God will help me. I know for sure that I still need God to reveal to me more deeply the wonder of Jesus' resurrection. How can I be sufficient to the task of inspiring others with the glorious implications  of the fact that Jesus rose again? There is a verse in an old hymn that speaks of God's faithfulness, "fitting me well for the tasks that are ever before me."  Please ma … [Read more...]