Guest Post from Terry Virgo on the Word and Spirit

We take up with Terry today for our final installment as he is speaking about the emphasis on the Word of God. If you have enjoyed this series, please do buy the book and consider attending 300 Leaders.Religious hunches We can never jettison this emphasis, especially today when people are so full of their own ideas about God and life. Even when showing interest in the Christian message, many want to continue to eat of the tree of independent knowledge of good and evil instead of submitting … [Read more...]

Guest Post from Terry Virgo's The Spirit Filled Church

Following years in Bible College, I found myself invited to become the pastor of a Free Evangelical Church, and as I set my course for major change I was drawn to such scriptures as Ezra and Nehemiah and the prophets who endorsed, encouraged and exhorted those men and their companions.Restoring Zion I notice that Israel, which had formerly celebrated the presence of God not only on their wilderness journey, but also particularly in the Jerusalem Temple, had been finally exiled through their … [Read more...]

Guest post extract from Terry Virgo's new book

Today I begin a serialization of Chapter 4 from The Spirit Filled Church. Please buy the book and consider joining Terry Virgo in person at 300 Leaders.Empowered by The Spirit And The WordFor me, being baptized with the Holy Spirit was like the knocking over of a first domino in a line of dominoes which are still falling. The implications for my church life were radical.At the time of the early outbreak of charismatic life there were two schools of thought. One was that this was a private … [Read more...]

Terry Virgo's Introduction to The Spirit-Filled Church

Today I share the introduction to Terry Virgo’s outstanding book The Spirit-Filled Church. Please buy the book, and consider attending the next 300 Leaders conference where Terry will be teaching material from it. This really sets the tone for the book, which is like a personal manifesto from a master-builder to the global church. You will not have to agree with every word of this book to benefit from reading it.Introduction I am sometimes asked if I am a conservative evangelical. My reply i … [Read more...]

Endorsements for The Spirit-Filled Church by Terry Virgo

The following set of endorsements should make you want to buy Terry Virgo's book The Spirit-Filled Church and consider attending the next 300 Leaders conference where Terry will be teaching material from it. You can buy it at, or pre-order from“I am thankful to God for the faithful life and ministry of Terry Virgo.” – Dr Wayne Grudem, Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies, Phoenix Seminary, Arizona, USA"After years of diligent study of God's Word, toget … [Read more...]

My foreword for Terry Virgo's new book

Today I will begin sharing some information about, and extracts from, Terry Virgo's new book The Spirit-Filled Church which is appearing on Christian bookshops shelves in the UK as we speak. I cannot commend this book highly enough. Please buy it at the Newfrontiers Resources online shop,,, or pre-order from the next 300 Leaders conference Terry will be teaching material from this book for the first time. Terry will also speak at a conference with Ed … [Read more...]

Leadership coaching interview with Mark Driscoll and Terry Virgo

Imagine if you will two of the great giants of our day, Driscoll and Virgo, sitting in a lounge chatting about leadership. Interested? You should be! Every Christian is meant to be a leader, at least of himself or herself! Preferably of others too. You may not have a position of official leadership, but you are meant to be an influencer. In this video Driscoll explores some areas that have struck him whenever he has been in a Newfrontiers context. It is good to see a man who has been as … [Read more...]

Is there a risk that experience of the Holy Spirit becomes self-indulgent and introspective?

Here are some extracts from another video from Terry Virgo on the Holy Spirit. Virgo now has a podcast and vodcast which includes all these interview clips: “The Holy Spirit is there to glorify Jesus. . . that is always going to have an expansive element to it. Glorifying Jesus isn’t just a handful people shutting the doors closing their eyes and experiencing his presence. Glorifying him has got to affect the nation the culture and on and on to the ends of the earth. . . Often it’s the proph … [Read more...]

Churches should gather not just to sing or hear preaching, but to meet Jesus

I hope you have been following along with Terry’s very helpful series of short interviews on the values that have driven his ministry for decades. If not, do visit his site and catch up on them. Today's video is on the difference the presence of the Spirit makes to a church. Here are some extracts: "The church is the place where the Holy Spirit dwells. . . The church should be open to the phenomenal manifestation of the presence of the Spirit. . . Some would say that it’s a private experience . … [Read more...]

Baptism in the Holy Spirit by Terry Virgo

You know how it works. Here are some extracts to whet your appetite, followed by another video of Terry Virgo. This time he is speaking about the importance he places on a clear, distinct experience of baptism with the Holy Spirit: "I remember reading Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones who said that receiving the Spirit is different to conversion, and then read John Stott who said the Baptism with the Spirit is conversion. I thought I honor both of these men so massively, so if they disagree who am I to … [Read more...]