24th Most Read Post – Interview With Rob Rufus

No. 24 on the list of the most widely read posts among readers of my blog appeared on July 13, 2007, and provided an audio link to my interview with Rob Rufus.Interviewing Rob at the end of the Together on a Mission 2007 Conference was memorable, and those who listened to the mp3 will know just how much laughter was a part of that conversation. In December 2007, the written transcript of this interview with Rob Rufus was published as a series on my blog. Any one of those segments can be read by … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Rob Rufus: How apostles Work Today

Today I am publishing the fifth and final segment of my interview with Rob Rufus. The following links represent the posts which make up the first four parts of this interview: Preacher Rob RufusRob Rufus on Word and SpiritRob Rufus on How To Explore the CharismaticRob Rufus on apostles TodayIn the last segment of my interview with Rob we spoke about his belief in apostles today and a bit about the family of churches of which he is a part. Today we will explore more about how this works in … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Rob Rufus on apostles Today

In the previous segment of this interview with Rob Rufus, we finished by talking a bit about the network of churches of which he is a part. We ended with Rob speaking about a team of apostles, prophets, evangelists, and pastors/ teachers. Today we begin by asking Rob what he means by “apostles.” For more information about the concept of apostles today, see my post "apostles are meant for today," the section of my interview with the leader of Newfrontiers which asks what Terry Virgo means by apo … [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll, Terry Virgo, and Shepherding God's People

Regular readers of my blog will remember that, together with my pastor, Tope Koleoso, we had the joy of being able to chat with Mark Driscoll when we went to Edinburgh to hear him preach live. We were deeply impressed with his graciousness and kindness to us. In this, he reminded me of a man who is one of my other living Christian heroes—Terry Virgo.I know that many people were disappointed not to be able to make it to Scotland to hear Mark. So I am delighted to relay an announcement from Terry V … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Greg Haslam On The Primacy Of Preaching

Today I continue with part three of my interview with Greg Haslam. In part one, Greg told us a little about himself, and in part two he discussed his relationship to Newfrontiers and his move to Westminster Chapel.AdrianIf Westminster Chapel has stood for anything over the years it is surely the primacy of preaching. Can you tell us a bit more about your own view of preaching and its importance?GregI've said it all in the collection of fifty-two addresses from our Preachers' Conference, now … [Read more...]

TOAM07 – Seminar: Sam Poe and Guy Miller – Prophecy: The Battle for Team

Sam PoeSam serves on the Newfrontiers apostolic team in the USA. He and his wife, Marlene, have travelled widely, serving churches in the USA and other nations. In recent years they have been particularly involved in working together with a number of churches in Russia and the Ukraine. Sam and Marlene are presently based in Tacoma, Washington, USA, where they are part of a new church plant. Sam is also serving other churches related to Newfrontiers in that region as part of the apostolic … [Read more...]

TOAM07 – Session 7: David Stroud on the Identity Markers of Newfrontiers

David StroudDavid Stroud leads ChristChurch, London, and the Newfrontiers UK team. He has been involved in leading churches for over fifteen years, and ChristChurch is the third church that he has planted. He is married to Philippa, who works as an adviser on issues of social justice in Westminster, and they have three children.See also Andrew Fountain's notes from this talk: Being Sure of Who We Are as a People.Dave Stroud spoke to us today about the identity markers of Newfrontiers.We must be … [Read more...]

Terry Virgo On Apostles Today

Over on Terry Virgo's Blog, he has written a post entitled apostles today. This complements some of the interesting things he had to say on this subject in the recent interview here on my blog. If you haven't read that interview yet, it can be found in the following posts: INTERVIEW — Terry Virgo: Leader of NewfrontiersINTERVIEW — Terry Virgo on The Early DaysINTERVIEW — Terry Virgo on the Distinctives of NewfrontiersINTERVIEW — Terry Virgo on the FutureHere is an extract from Terry's blog post. … [Read more...]

Terry Virgo Preaches on Ephesians 4

It doesn't seem that long ago that Terry Virgo preached at the church I attend, and it blessed us so much — listening to him always seems to do that to me. It was great to be able download and listen to a sermon this evening entitled Becoming a Member of the Body, preached earlier this month by Terry Virgo at Christ Church London, which meets in a central London theatre.He preached on Ephesians 4, boldly dealing with the controversial issue of the continuation of "Ephesians Four Ministries," but … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Wayne Grudem, Part Nine – Apostles, Theological Blind Spots, and Models of Church Government

This interview is being serialised over several days. So far I have published part one, which focused on personal issues, and part two, in which we discussed Systematic Theology. In part three, we explored Grudem's charge that feminism inevitably leads to a denial of Scripture's authority. Part four honed in on the "trajectory" arguments used on both sides of this debate. In part five, we looked at the issue of women addressing church congregations. Part six examined John Piper's accusation of … [Read more...]