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Is Mark Dever an Apostle?

I received another great e-mail question today:I became interested in your blog when I found it through Mark Dever's 9 Marks website. I attended his church for a semester in college, and am friends with two of his former interns (James Santos and Paul Alexander). I'll be going to the T4G conference in April.While jumping around through your site, I came across your description of the various leaders in a church. Very apt! However, I was wondering if you could clarify the "Apostle" position for … [Read more...]

Apostles are meant for today- Challies wheels out the big guns in the charismatic debate

Challies has brought in the big guns and is interviewing Dr Sam Waldron and Dr Wayne Grudem on the subject of cessationism/charismaticism. Today, Sam Waldron has an interesting argument which is essentially a cascade argument:The people we read in my doctoral program (and at the same time these people that would assume that cessationism was nonsensical and not even discussable) would in almost the same breath admit or assume that Apostles no longer exist in the church today ("big A" Apostles). … [Read more...]

The Apostle Paul – disqualified from missionary service!

Boar's Head Tavern: somments on the recent IMB controversy and quotes the Apostle Paul who said "'I thank God that I speak in tongues more than all of you." before making the fantastic dissent demolishing point:"If your policy ends up barring one of the Apostles, you really ought to stop and think it over..." … [Read more...]

Fallible Prophecy?

JOLLYBLOGGER has a helpful contribution to our debate on the charismatic view of prophecy. He explains Grudem's view of NT prophecy and why he doesnt quite believe it. He concludes:"When we call something 'prophecy' that is really my own interpretation of some spontaneous impression we are giving a greater weight to that impression/interpretation than it can carry. The same applies when we use phrases like 'God told me.' Calling my own spontaneous (and subjective by the way) impressions … [Read more...]

Not taking the bait on apostles today

JOLLYBLOGGER didnt really take the bait, but it seems from the comments I am not the only person who believes that apostles today are as biblical as pastors or evanglists. … [Read more...]

Of course there are Apostles Today

Crossroads asks "Are there Apostles Today?" and answers her own question by saying "I absolutely believe there are apostles today. There is nothing in Scripture that denotes otherwise. If we accept the Ephesian 4:11 offices* for prophet, evangelist and pastor-teacher, then we must also accept apostle. To do otherwise is theologically dishonest." I'm right with you there. Maybe this is another thing I could disagree with the Jollyblogger over! … [Read more...]

More on apostles today

Woodside Church has a detailed explanation of what Ephesians 4 means for the way we should be doing church today. … [Read more...]

Doing church the way the apostles did

Terry Virgo of newfrontiers writesWe certainly need what those early Christians seemed to have. Maybe we should try and do church the way they did it! Or is that asking too much? Maybe if we took God seriously, believed Him and obeyed Him and made space for the Holy Spirit, we might see something happen. G.K. Chesterton is reported as saying, "The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult, and left untried. Maybe this is also true of the Biblical pattern … [Read more...]

Are the 'New Church' streams stagnating?

In common with the not so 'New' Labour, I guess many people must be ruing the use of the word 'new' in connection with church. For many within what is still called the 'New Church movement' -even though it started some 40 years ago- it would seem that the wind is going out of the sails.An article I came accross recently on the Christianity + Renewal magazine stated "John Finney, Chairman of Lee Abbey and former Anglican Bishop of Pontefract, who, in his book, The Fading Splendour, (DLT 2000 … [Read more...]