“People are often saved through a fragment of truth. What comes next is vital” Terry Virgo

One of the most fatal errors in church ministry would be to assume that people who respond to the gospel on a Sunday morning or at an evangelistic meeting fully understand what they are doing. For many of them, the response is an emotional one to a piece of truth that resonated with them. To simply assume that the person is now a Christian and needs no further help would be foolish indeed. In an ideal world such people will be followed up personally, but sometimes that simply can't happen. Our … [Read more...]

Why is informality a value to treasure in church life? Interview with Terry Virgo

Today's video with Terry Virgo moves onto the fifth of seventeen values that have shaped his ministry for decades. These values are expressed as the kind of church he aims to plant: “A church where God’s presence is prized and where God is enthusiastically worshipped with genuine freedom for men and women to worship publicly in the Holy Spirit, to use spiritual gifts and to participate in ‘body ministry’ ” Here are some extracts from the video, followed by the video itself:"Church is people … [Read more...]

Who cares if it's 7am?! Guest post by Ami Loizides Pruett

Today's post comes from Ami Loizides Pruett. you can find more of her engaging writing on her blog.There's not alot worse than rolling out of bed Sunday morning with a groan in your soul because it's 7am and you have to serve at your church. Let's set the scene for a second: Last night you were up late at a birthday party for a member of your small group that you felt obliged to go to, then your alarm wakes you up and you end up allowing yourself ten minutes extra snooze time which makes you … [Read more...]

Why your church doesn’t feel like family

Mark Driscoll is at his very best in the following clip. Ever wondered how family and mission entwine, especially in a growing church where you don't know anyone? Ever wished for more intimacy and a greater relational feel in your church? Ever felt neglected and rejected in your church? Ever felt like your church was not your home? Watch this clip and be prepared to be blown away. I love the way he begins: Family is a category of relationship that the world knows nothing about. What's better … [Read more...]

BOOK: Deep Church By Jim Belcher

A few weeks ago I downloaded Jim Belcher's book Deep Church from christianaudio.com.  It was on a special offer at the time. I found myself compelled to keep listening. The book has a website, and you can also read an interview with the author.This book is an example of a “model” of the church. I don’t think there are enough similar books.  By the very nature of it, any  “model” book is going to be such that most readers will disagree with at least part of it.  There are so many conflicting app … [Read more...]

Love Your Local Church – She is Your Very Own

It was a real delight to read Tim Challies' post several days ago in which he described his growing love for and commitment to his local body of believers. It is a post that has been on my mind for the past few days, and I would strongly encourage you to go and read that post, and perhaps listen to Tim's sermon, which led to his post. I feel that I would like to add my own thoughts here to those he expressed.I am sad to say that the kind of love Tim feels for a specific local church is going out … [Read more...]

New Legal Structure for Churches That Employ Their Leader and/or Do Not Vote

The UK EA has freely released some legal framework documents that may be of particular interest to you if your church is in Britain and is led by one of its employees and/or decisions are not taken by a vote of the full membership. Legal changes have led to the following announcement: "The Evangelical Alliance and the Charity Commission have announced the completion of three model governing documents that provide guidance for independent churches. These documents are the culmination of four … [Read more...]

Are You Too Loyal?

Today I am going to do something I don't believe I have ever done before. I am going to publish an edited and expanded version of an old post of mine. Unlike certain Christian bloggers who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty (you know who you are!) I am going to be up front about it, and even place a link to the original 2005 post entitled "DON'T LISTEN TO ME—WHAT DO I KNOW?"I want to ask you today, "Are you too loyal?" I think being too loyal is a bigger problem than we sometimes r … [Read more...]

Why Baptism, the Lord's Supper, and Church Membership Differences Exist

Lig Duncan has promised us he will write more on the reasons why this debate is not an easy one to resolve. His statement got me thinking, and while I'm still resisting the temptation to state who I agree with, it has rattled around in my brain long enough for me to want to have a go at explaining why these disagreements are almost inevitable.To me the whole issue is about something else altogether. It's really about authority. Different understandings of how to run a local church make these … [Read more...]