Darwin and the Christian – A Tour by Christian Evolutionists

UPDATE - To avoid confusion, please note that this post should not be interpreted as as reflecting my personal views on the subject of creation and evolution. I was simply noting that people who believe in God have different opinions on this matter, and that in a number of cases, to focus on this issue in our initial evangelism is not wise.Many Christians will not agree with the perspective on evolution expressed by the scientists featured in the Test of FAITH project. But if the DVD I … [Read more...]

Export Some Hope Worldwide For Less Than $20

Betterworld books have a unique shipping policy. They will send a book for you anywhere in the world for under $4.  This Lent why not send a copy of a book to a missionary you know, or a pastor, or just any friend. For less than $20 you can send, for example, my own book Raised with Christ, or a number of other books that will bring hope. Available books include Finally Alive, Brothers We Are Not Professionals, God's Lavish Grace, and A Sincere and Pure Devotion to Christ, among others.If y … [Read more...]

Who Will Go To The Native Americans?

This is the burning question on my mind following a conversation with a woman who sat next to me on one of my flights here in the USA. I know it won't be me. My place in the body of Christ is firmly marked out for me back at home in Jubilee London. But I know that our local body has a role in sending people, and this blog can also encourage other people to think beyond their local situation. Perhaps today I can play a part in helping you consider reaching out to Native Americans living near … [Read more...]

Haiti Earthquake Relief

The world is still reeling in shock at what happened to Haiti. The acute crisis will give way to long term-problems, and so this weekend churches have the perfect opportunity to collect funds to help.What is needed is for resources to be delivered to people on the ground who will know how best to help and will do it in the name of Jesus. There are many different groups that we could channel our resources through, but John Lanferman of Newfrontiers USA has recommended a group called … [Read more...]

Jesus Wants The Battered Rose

This clip is vintage Matt Chandler, and makes me wish he put his regular sermons online in video form. It is also a passionate explanation of the gospel and what is wrong with many churches: … [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll in the Washington Post

In an article entitled No 'Best Case' Way to Present God, but Many False Ways, Mark Driscoll has made his debut in the Post: "Christianity is not first and foremost about a sacred place to pilgrimage to, a philosophical system to ponder, a moral code to live, a religious tradition to honor, or an impersonal god to experience. Rather, Christianity is about a person who claimed to be the only God and said he would prove his unprecedented claim by living without sin, dying for sinners, and … [Read more...]

Billy Graham Newsreels From The 1950s

Pathe has masses of old video newsreels which were played before cinema films as a way of keeping up with the news back in the 1950s. Still fondly remembered and appreciated from that time are of course the missions of Billy Graham. Adrian Holloway at Newfrontiers Prayer and Fasting told us of some fantastic films which detail those events. You can imagine yourself there. It is wonderful to see the crowds and somehow the very English voice-over speaking about what happened makes it seem more … [Read more...]


RE-EVANGELISING THE NATIONS. TRANSFORMING SOCIETY. My friend Jo Soda is todays guest blogger:This September I’ll be leading a small team to Zimbabwe to train 100 church leaders how to run Alpha and help them to form an action plan to spur the growth of Alpha throughout the nation. The National Alpha Office in Zimbabwe have a vision to see Alpha grow to 3000 Alpha courses in the next five years and this will be the first of fifteen national training events to serve that goal. Alpha Zimbabwe has … [Read more...]

What is Your Favorite Quote? Guest Post From Lex Loizides

Today's quest blogger is my friend Lex who blogs short, inspirational stories and illustrations from church history over athttp://lexloiz.wordpress.com/Lex is an elder at Jubilee Community Church, Cape Town and travels throughout the world as an evangelist.http://www.jubilee.org.za/I recently completed an article for a Christian magazine. As part of the ‘get to know the author’ section, I had to answer several questions including ‘What is your favourite quote?’I must admit that I’m not certain I … [Read more...]

Tope Tweets From Africa

My pastor has been on a ministry trip, here is his report, sent from the airport lounge and posted on the Jubilee Church news page.:The Zim conference was a success I believe. I am grateful and humbled. I preached 8 sermons in 3 days to A.O.G leaders.I preached Jesus again and again and again until they could see that - it's all about Jesus. It always was. It always will be. I challenged them to stop playing games with Gods Word when preaching. If it's not about Jesus, it's your gospel not His … [Read more...]