Why Do I Love Rick Warren?

Rick Warren loves Jesus. He also loves the Church. So I love him. I know this might offend some of you. He is not popular in some Reformed circles. But, I don't care. Recently Rick Warren has followed John Piper onto twitter. In an email sent to supporters, Rick credits John with inspiring him to connect directly with people via this incredible telegraph system for the web. I am not embarrassed to say that Rick's twitter feed is fast becoming one of my favorites.It's always much easier to … [Read more...]

Dave Devenish On Newfrontiers Missionary Work

This video is an interview with Dave Devenish On Newfrontiers Missionary Work. We in Newfrontiers are convinced Church planting is the best way to fulfill the Great Commission. Newfrontiers is taking this seriously all over the world. In this interview Dave Devenish explains what is happening in the parts of the world he has been working in. … [Read more...]

God's Compassionate Heart – A Sermon On Jonah

Tope Koleoso preached an outstanding sermon last Sunday on the subject of God's compassion. The challenge he gave us to share this compassion of God made the book of Jonah come to life in a fresh way. You can download the audio or video or watch it right here: … [Read more...]

Lex Loizides – Interview With A Church-Based Evangelist

I have known Lex for approximately twenty years. His passion for Jesus is, if anything, more infectious now than when I first met him. Spending this twenty minutes or so with him left me wanting to tell more people about Jesus. I suspect that if you pour yourself a coffee, pull up a chair, and join us, you will feel the same.We spent some time together speaking about how he came to be an evangelist who travels to many countries sharing the good news alongside local churches. He said that his … [Read more...]

Front Edge Evangelism Event 16th-17th May

On Saturday 16th May, my good friend, Lex Loizides, will be leading a day conference aimed at equipping Christians for the work of reaching out with the gospel. There are still spaces available at this event, which will take place at Kings Church Catford.On Sunday 17th May there will be special guest services taking place across Southeast England. Lex will be speaking at one of these events which will begin at 10 a.m. at Jubilee Church in the Enfield Cineworld (on the A10). Lex will be … [Read more...]

Vicky Lavy – International Ministries Head for CMF

Vicky Lavy - International Ministries Head for CMF from Adrian Warnock on Vimeo.Yesterday I shared an interview with Peter Saunders of the Christian Medical Fellowship. Today, hear VIcky Lavy speak about how Christian doctors and other health professionals are still needed to work as missionaries short or long-term. … [Read more...]

Video Interview With Tim Smith Mars Hill Church Seattle's Worship Pastor

In his recent flying visit to the UK I was able to grab worship pastor Tim Smith for an interview. Tim has been with Mark Driscoll at Mars Hill for something like 10 years and is an integral part of the operations there, responsible for co-ordinating worship bands for their 20 services.We spoke about his impressions of Newfrontiers, and the similarities and differences with Acts 29 and Mars Hill. He suggested that perhaps they had something to learn from our pneumatology, whilst perhaps we had … [Read more...]

The Doctor on Direct Interventions By God Today

UPDATE- I have found the original source and as it is only now availble on the wayback machine include a copy here.---------The Doctor thinks we are crazy if we reject the notion of God intervenng directly in human history today. This quote makes me want to pray more for him to stretch out his hand and act:'What is being taught in Christendom today is this, that since we have got the New Testament canon, since we have got the Word now, we do not need these direct interventions, we do not need … [Read more...]

Relate to the Culture – Tim Keller

VIDEO:Tim Keller - Cultural Transformation from Newfrontiers on Vimeo.In his final session with Newfrontiers Keller highlighted that we find relating to the culture to be an increasing problem in the West. We now have a post-Christian culture. The Anglo-saxons struggled with Christianity because it believed in forgiveness and compassion for the weak. They felt that culture couldn't survive without respect and fear. Northern European paganism was bloodthirsty and power hungry. … [Read more...]

Why Cities Matter – Tim Keller

VIDEO now available here:Tim Keller - The City from Newfrontiers on Vimeo.During Tim Keller's second session with Newfrontiers he spoke on the importance of cities.Cities are strategic and have lots of people yet they are poorly served by the Church. Disporportionately important and disproportionately underepresented in terms of ministry. This is not to say that every Christian should move to the city, but that movements like Newfrontiers as a people should begin to focus on the … [Read more...]