NWA10 – Lindsay Brown on Mission

Lindsay Brown spoke on Friday evening about mission, which he defined as  “proclaiming the truth, wonder, and power of the gospel by word and deed.”Some argue that mission is only for those who feel called or are really keen. But the God of the OT is a missionary God. Though there is a people of God, many foreigners are reached out to.  Psalm 96 shows there is a link between worship and mission. You cannot separate them. The Christ of the Gospels is a missionary Christ. The Spirit of the book o … [Read more...]

NWA10 – Rebecca Manley Pippert, author of “Out of the Saltshaker”

Richard Cunningham interviewed Rebecca Manley Pippet from Salt Shaker Ministries one evening at New Word Alive about evangelism in place of a sermon.She spoke about how “torpedo evangelism” was not helpful. She gave the example of a woman who quite literally threw a gospel tract at her once.People are afraid of evangelism.We are afraid of offending. Becky’s recommendation is to try beginning the conversation by telling the person, “Look, I want to tell you about Jesus, but I am afraid I wi … [Read more...]

A brief encounter with a woman on the train

As I arrived at Waterloo today I pulled out my trusty iPhone, and on the way up the escalator checked my National Rail app. It showed me I had exactly one minute to catch the next train to my office, and told me which platform to run to. Without this app I wouldn’t even have found the station’s information board in time. So I ran.As I breathlessly got to my seat I pulled off my earphones and smiled at the person opposite. I mumbled something like, “That was close!” and sank into my seat. She sa … [Read more...]

Is John's Gospel the Best Book to Give a Non-Christian?

How It Works « The Light Project is a unique service for a local church. For $1 per house they will distribute free copies of John's gospel on your behalf with the church's contact information included on the gospel. At the moment this is a USA-only service. It looks like an interesting idea. I have often thought about which gospel may be best to hand a non-Christian. It might well be the case that one gospel or another might be better for different kinds of people.  But Moody and Torrey had s … [Read more...]

When it is Great to be Wrong!

I received another email (see the first), which I have permission to share anonymously. It shows that I was not entirely right. I still believe, however, that for most people leading our evangelism with creationism is not the best way. I think that stories like this tell us that we must treat every inquirer as an individual, and what might be helpful for one person might not be for another: My email may be one of so few that your point (I am convinced that very few unsaved people will be … [Read more...]

Darwin and the Christian – A Tour by Christian Evolutionists

UPDATE - To avoid confusion, please note that this post should not be interpreted as as reflecting my personal views on the subject of creation and evolution. I was simply noting that people who believe in God have different opinions on this matter, and that in a number of cases, to focus on this issue in our initial evangelism is not wise.Many Christians will not agree with the perspective on evolution expressed by the scientists featured in the Test of FAITH project. But if the DVD I … [Read more...]

Export Some Hope Worldwide For Less Than $20

Betterworld books have a unique shipping policy. They will send a book for you anywhere in the world for under $4.  This Lent why not send a copy of a book to a missionary you know, or a pastor, or just any friend. For less than $20 you can send, for example, my own book Raised with Christ, or a number of other books that will bring hope. Available books include Finally Alive, Brothers We Are Not Professionals, God's Lavish Grace, and A Sincere and Pure Devotion to Christ, among others.If y … [Read more...]

Who Will Go To The Native Americans?

This is the burning question on my mind following a conversation with a woman who sat next to me on one of my flights here in the USA. I know it won't be me. My place in the body of Christ is firmly marked out for me back at home in Jubilee London. But I know that our local body has a role in sending people, and this blog can also encourage other people to think beyond their local situation. Perhaps today I can play a part in helping you consider reaching out to Native Americans living near … [Read more...]

Haiti Earthquake Relief

The world is still reeling in shock at what happened to Haiti. The acute crisis will give way to long term-problems, and so this weekend churches have the perfect opportunity to collect funds to help.What is needed is for resources to be delivered to people on the ground who will know how best to help and will do it in the name of Jesus. There are many different groups that we could channel our resources through, but John Lanferman of Newfrontiers USA has recommended a group called … [Read more...]

Jesus Wants The Battered Rose

This clip is vintage Matt Chandler, and makes me wish he put his regular sermons online in video form. It is also a passionate explanation of the gospel and what is wrong with many churches: … [Read more...]