Unbelievable? The Conference 2013

I recommend those of you who live over here in the UK to consider attending Unbelievable? The Conference 2013. It looks like being a really good event, there is a trailer you can watch here: … [Read more...]

An Easter Drama

The above drama was performed at Jubilee Church London yesterday. … [Read more...]

Why we need to learn not lead in missions

My friend Ed Stetzer has a great post about the incredible way God is at work in many nations around the world and how we have more to learn from these churches than teach. As an exampleOne example is Almolonga, Guatemala. Prior to the transformation in the 1990s, this highlands village had a very high alcohol consumption rate among the men. There were 36 cantinas where alcohol could be consumed. There were four jails, usually overflowing, with the additional offenders shipped to … [Read more...]

“Remember the poor” – by Simon Pettit


This is a sermon that changed a movement. Anybody who has been in the same family of churches as me for any length of time will probably have heard mention of this sermon by Simon Pettit. Until now it has not been available to watch online. This really was a transforming message, and as a direct result of this sermon countless ministries to help the poor were started by Newfrontiers churches. The impact of this talk is still being felt today many years later.If you are an Evangelical who is … [Read more...]

Entering the marketplace of ideas


This post is a slightly long-winded way of explaining why I am taking my blog to Patheos.com. We live in interesting days. As Christians, both offline and online we find it very easy to huddle together in groups that think the same way as us. There is clearly an important place for that. We gather as churches and in virtual communities online and as a result our faith is strengthened by our fellowship with brothers and sisters. All to often some Christians find we enjoy being with fellow … [Read more...]

Dr Kenneth Ulmer on the Great Call, Great Commission: Glorify, Go, Wait, Be

Last Sunday at Jubilee Church London we were really blessed to hear from Dr Kenneth Ulmer as a visiting preacher. He preached two completely different sermons from two different passages at our two services. In this first message he began in John 17 focussing on the call we all have on our lives to glorify God. He stressed that each of us have things to do to "accomplish the work" God has set for us as individuals. He then moved to Matthew 28 where he spoke about what framework it is we work … [Read more...]

The one question atheists can't answer: "How do you live without hope?"

I have been following my friend Peter Saunders series of posts based on 20 Questions Atheists Struggle to answer. It is an interesting series, and in it he attempts to engage with a group who simply don't understand Christians. I am glad to see that the age-old craft of apologetics is far from dead. But there is one question he didn't ask that to me at least is the most critical:"How do you live without hope?"I have lived now for more than 41 years. This is easily long enough to realize that … [Read more...]

Six Things Christians and Muslims disagree about over Jesus

Yesterday I wrote about Eleven things Muslims and Christians agree about over Jesus. Today I share the areas we disagree. This is with the goal of helping us to understand each other better.Whether or not Jesus should be worshiped (Surah 5:116 , Surah 4:171 vs John 20:28 and Matthew 28:16) Whether Jesus should be described as the "Son of God" (Surah 19:88-92 vs the many biblical references to Jesus as "son of God") Note that unless this concept is carefully explained to a Muslim this is … [Read more...]

Eleven Things Muslims agree with Christians about concerning Jesus

Following my post yesterday, we have been having a nice conversation over Twitter about Jesus with some Muslims. It has been really pleasant to be able to converse without anger or bitterness with them about our similarities and differences.Most of the following areas of agreement are initially drawn from the article I linked to in yesterdays post. If anyone wants to add to these please do so in the comments. Tomorrow I will post a similar article about things we disagree on.That Jesus … [Read more...]

The Three Constants of the Great Commission present in the first five books of the NT

Bob Roberts (one of our speakers at the next 300 leaders) has a great post today entitled The Three Constants of the Great Commission: "First - the coming of the Holy Spirit which is the power to fulfill the Great Commission.  It is present in all passages from baptizing in the name of the “Father, Son & Holy Spirit” to being “clothed with power from on high” to “signs and wonders” that go as the Gospel is spread.  The lesson for us is clear - no Holy Spirit - no Great Commission fulfilled.  … [Read more...]