And so my nest begins to empty…

Mixture of emotions this morning as we will be taking my eldest daughter Tamasin Warnock to the airport later today for her to go to South Africa as a volunteer for six months! I am obviously a bit sad as we will miss her, and this is really our first experience of the nest beginning to empty. Of course she is part of the boomerang generation so I fully expect her to come back home afterwards! But I am massively proud of my eldest daughter. This project is something Tamasin found, applied for, a … [Read more...]

Henry Tyler: Getting your marching orders. Missional preaching from the 1980s

This is the real cream of the crop of this discipleship series. No one is a disciple until they are also engaged in the mission of making disciples. Missional is a buzz word today, but here is an example from the 1980s of a talk designed to help us get caught up with God's purposes. Brilliantly pastoral, Henry explores the reasons why so many Christians struggle with evangelism. You won't feel condemned listening to this talk, but you will be inspired to a life of reaching out and showing love … [Read more...]

Church community work in the UK is valued at over £2.5 billion per year

In the current anti-christian climate it is vital that we do two things.  1. Demonstrate to the world just how much good the church can do for them even in temporal matters. 2. Make some form of common cause with those who are of other faiths.The secular mind is trying to tell us that people of faith just fight with each other, do no good to society, and in short, ideally, all religion should be mocked, and eventually banned.  This recent article on a UK blog gathers some interesting data t … [Read more...]

India’s remarkable rice revolution

This sounds remarkably like the methods used in Foundations for Farming, and suggests again that it really is possible for us to help the poor feed themselves.Instead of planting three-week-old rice seedlings in clumps of three or four in waterlogged fields, as rice farmers around the world traditionally do, the Darveshpura farmers carefully nurture only half as many seeds, and then transplant the young plants into fields, one by one, when much younger. Additionally, they space them at 25cm … [Read more...]

Half the worlds food is thrown away, as the poor starve

There are simply no words that express adequately the appalling injustice that lies behind the report below. The Bible is full of instruction to care for the poor. It is full of warnings about how God will act in judgement if we neglect them. And full of promises about how he will come near to us if we will take pity on those who are oppressed. As just one example, in a chapter all about loosing the chains of the poor, God promises that if we do this,Then you shall call, and the LORD will … [Read more...]

300 Leaders: Bob Roberts on becoming engaged in God’s world on God’s mission

You can watch the video of this talk from 300 leaders here and read my notes below:The whole world is connecting. Bob spoke of his joy at being in Jubilee Church and meeting Tope Koleoso, a leader of a multicultural church. Such connections help us learn. For example, Bob has found interacting with Muslims has helped him strengthen his thinking eg on the Trinity.Bob spoke of his beliefs about and encounter with The Holy Spirit. He learnt of the Spirit through David Wilkerson who attended … [Read more...]

How to help people realise they are in a burning building

I hope you will enjoy this challenging article as much as I did: "I have learned something in recent years. People come to cherish words like atonement and justification when you expose them to other words like bloodguilt and reckoning.I've tried to teach gospel-centric words effectively as stand-alone concepts. It has produced a few amens, yet lives were not radically altered toward God and the good works he has prepared for us to do. I was serving coffee at breakfast, rather than arriving … [Read more...]

Roland Allen: predecessor of modern Missional and Apostolic ideals

It is almost 100 years since Roland Allen published his at the time intensely controversial book, Missionary Methods, ours or St Pauls?  It is a book that has been strikingly influential with today both those from the "missional" wing of the church and is still cited and read both by those who advocate a return to the "New Testament Model of the Church" and modern day apostles.  It is a book that is well worth reading, but it is one that even if you have not read it, the chances are high that y … [Read more...]

Guest Post by Andrew Brims – Paul: Reformed, Charismatic, Missional and… Self Funding

Adrian's blog has done a great job of both tracking and encouraging the growth in the number of Christians, churches and ministries that are willing and eager to own the two labels of charismatic and reformed. The apostle Paul was someone we could describe as being both reformed and charismatic. He wrote Romans 9, and spoke in tongues more than you do (1 Cor 14:8). He was also, perhaps above everything else, a missionary. Following his example, ministries like New Frontiers are wanting to hold … [Read more...]

How to spend less on evangelism but be more successful

My friend Brian Mowrey writes: "In my last post, I mentioned we (Jubilee Church St Louis) have spent more money on evangelism in the past, yet were less effective at reaching the lost and adding them into our community than we are now. The main reason why that's true is because we focused most of our energy on DOING evangelism versus BEING an evangelistic community . . . When you're focused on doing evangelism, the goal is to get people to act out certain behaviors or to do activities … [Read more...]