Now It Is Time To Pray for President Obama

Much of the world is rejoicing today. Even with the profound differences Christians have with Obama over abortion, surely we can still rejoice that in a nation where slavery and segregation are not too distant memories, a non-Caucasian will be in the White House.We can and we should be glad that this change may well lead to a reduction in the racial tensions experienced in that great nation. Who can really claim that there is still an absolute and unchanging glass ceiling when Obama just smashed … [Read more...]

Does Multiculturalism Mean I Have To Eat Blood?

In the first of my series on multiculturalism, I spoke about eating whatever is set before us. Today I want to talk about one thing that, so far in my life, I have never managed to bring myself to eat. It is a good example perhaps of how some cultural values are so deeply entrenched it is impossible to shed them. I am speaking about a deep-seated revulsion I have to the concept of eating blood.Your reaction to the news that I will not eat blood will reveal a lot about your own cultural … [Read more...]

Multiculturalism – You Are What You Eat?

I thought I would do a short series of posts looking at some of the practical implications of thinking in a multicultural way within the context of a Christian worldview. There is probably nothing more firmly embedded in our cultural identities than what we choose to eat. If you are English of a certain age, then the chances are good that next Sunday you will be eating for lunch a roast dinner of meat, roast potatoes, gravy and some vegetables. Even if you are not able to produce such a meal, I … [Read more...]

TOAM08 VIDEO INTERVIEW – John KpiKpi, Part 4

In this segment of my conversation with John KpiKpi, I asked him about his experiences doing church planting in Africa:  … [Read more...]

TOAM08 VIDEO INTERVIEW – John KpiKpi, Part 3

John KpiKpi and I continue our discussion of multiculturalism. … [Read more...]

TOAM08 VIDEO INTERVIEW – John KpiKpi, Part 2

In this second part of my interview with John KpiKpi, I asked him about multiculturalism. … [Read more...]

VIDEO INTERVIEW – Mark Driscoll, Part 4 – Multiculturalism and Mission

Today I conclude my interview with Mark Driscoll. You can download the audio of the whole interviewand watch the final segment below. The three previous segments can be viewed at the following pages:Video Interview - Mark Driscoll, Part 1 - Prophecy and Newfrontiers Video Interview - Mark Driscoll, Part 2 - A Prophecy for Newfrontiers and Worship Video Interview - Mark Driscoll, Part 3 - Impressions of the UK During the course of this interview, Driscoll is very warm about … [Read more...]

VIDEO INTERVIEW – Mark Driscoll, Part 3 – Impressions of the UK

I continue my interview talking about Driscoll's impressions of the UK. … [Read more...]

Jubilee Church International Day

Today is one of the highlights in our church calendar. Once every year we celebrate our diversity by dressing up in national costumes of the many countries we represent as a congregation. There were 25 countries represented in a feature when each of them came up to the front in typical dress, to the sound of a typical piece of their music. After telling us a little about their nation, and praying, they read Psalm 86:9-10 in their own languages."All the nations you have made shall comeand worship … [Read more...]

MP3 On Multicultural Churches and Other Sermons by Tope Koleoso

I have just been listening to a message by my pastor, Tope Koleoso, who was recorded at a recent conference on building a multicultural church. I have become so used to what God has been doing these past couple of years at Jubilee that I sometimes need to remind myself that genuinely racially integrated churches are actually far from common. We truly have a lot to be grateful for. I really think you may well enjoy listening to Tope on this subject. The message can be downloaded or you can listen … [Read more...]