BLOGDOM TODAY – The Atonement, Church Membership, and Godly Attitudes

PHIL JOHNSON CONCLUDES ATONEMENT SERIESMATHEW SIMS ON THE BEAUTY OF SUBMISSIONMARK DEVER ON TRUE CHURCH MEMBERSHIPMUHAMMED ALI AND MAHANEY ON HUMILITYPhil Johnson Completes His Series on the Atonement from 2 Corinthians 5:21This series should be compulsory reading, especially for all those neoliberals!Tags: atonemement"Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord" (Eph 5:22). However you interpret the word submission, Paul is teaching that the way you "submit" to the Lord … [Read more...]

Independence Day Reflections of a Returning British Christian Blogger and "Together on a Mission"

This is going to be a bit of a long and personal post and will meander through some personal news, and some reflections on this blog and blogging in general, before eventually getting to the subject of American Independence Day as seen through the eyes of a Brit! So bear with me . . .I know that none of you will believe me when I say this, but I really did consider shutting down the whole blog for good this past week - perhaps moving to a group blog if anyone could bear having me. (The title … [Read more...]

The year in review

Its that time of the year when we look back, get all misty eyed and think about the year that was. This will probably be a long post, in it I will first reflect on the ridiculously flattering but also rather humbling level of readership that has come this way in 2005, then I will review the highlights of the blogging year for me. Its my chance to think about what I have liked about blogging this year- who knows you might find even some interesting posts you would like to go back and read. … [Read more...]

Does penal substitution contribute to oppression?

I received this email today-I read with interest your article on Steve Chalke and The lost message of Jesus? posted on Sunday November the 21st 2004.I am currently doing a dissertation for my theology degree.....and came upon this article during some research. My dissertation is about the atonement theory and whether the theory of penal substitution is necessary to Christianity. You seem to feel extremely strongly that the idea that Jesus'? death as an atonement for our sins is essential to you … [Read more...]

Evangelicalism RIP – killed by its friends?

Blogotional did a great job of bringing together my call for us to learn from any corner we can with pyromaniacs concerns about the decline of the concept of evangelical as in any way useful as a definition.One of the things that Phil and I spoke of minutes before the first london bombers was what we termed an evangelical war over doctrine which was being fought by theological 'terrorists'. Up till now I havent wanted to share that term as recent events made it seem inappropriate. Imagine my … [Read more...]

D.A. Carson on the New Perspectives on Paul – Neoliberalism or Fresh Insights?

Three lectures given by D. A. Carson at Reformed Theological Seminary on the "New Perspectives on Paul" can be found in an iTunes store RTS has set up in which many different lectures and talks can be downloaded for free. Carson's lectures are available in the RTS store under "Seminar Series." The RTS iTunes store can be reached here. (HT: Chris Roberts) … [Read more...]

Open Theism- just another form of neo-liberalism?

Sean does a great job of defining and dispatching open theism in one post. To me this is a great example of what I have been calling neo-liberalism. Remaking God in our own image was never a good idea. I challenge any emergant church or other reader of my blog who holds to that view to try and defend it biblically- I do not believe that you will find it very easy. As philosphically attractive as such an idea may appear at first sight, to my view it is just plain unbiblical and WRONG! So … [Read more...]

UK Evangelical Alliance changes its basis of faith or doctrinal statement : neo-liberals watch out!

In the category of things that slip you by, the UK EA last month announced a new basis of faith. Things could get interesting around September time when this becomes active- it seems to me some of these items have been sharpened- I wonder how many people will struggle to affirm 3, 6, and for that matter 11.It seems strange that the EA have moved quickly to remove mention of the old basis of faith from their website- perhaps to avoid the kind of point by point analysis I am going to attempt … [Read more...]

Brian Maclaren – a generous neo-liberalism?

Albert Mohler:"Even though he would be more appropriately categorized as a "post-evangelical," McLaren was listed as one of 25 influential evangelicals in the February 7, 2005 edition of TIME magazine. In its profile, TIME referred to a conference last spring at which McLaren was addressed with a question related to gay marriage. "You know what," McLaren responded, "The thing that breaks my heart is that there's no way I can answer it without hurting someone on either side." TIME referred to … [Read more...]

Penal substitution defended against the attacks of neo-liberals

Greg Haslam doesnt mince his words- .....the cross worked in several directions at once: man-ward, satanward and God-ward, and of these three its effects on God are the most significant and fundamental (2 Cor 5:19; Heb 9:24; 1 John 2:1-2). Without the perspective of penal substitution, none of the other interpretations can stand or even make sense.There's an alarming tendency in the church today to jettison tried and tested truths in search of something fresh and original to say to our … [Read more...]