“Unbelievable?” The UKs leading Apologetics conference

My friend Justin Brierley is serving the global church well with debate podcasts. I have had the priviledge of being on his show several times, debating Rob Bell, Rachel Held Evans, and and a pastor who didn't believe in the resurrection.  So, this apologetics conference he is hosting promises to be very interesting as well.  If I was free next Saturday I would definitely go along.  So I encourage you to go as this is an important topic for the church in the 21st Century.Speaking of Sa … [Read more...]

Join us at our International Day

If you are near London this weekend, you are warmly invited to Jubilee Church's International Day which will be a celebration of our diversity.This will take place at 11am in Lee Valley Athletics Statium (Postcode N9 0AS) For more information see the church website's page on our International Day. … [Read more...]

How God can use 120 people to change the World

Somehow the personal tragedy Rick and Kay Warren face, compounded with the atrocity committed in Boston has brought into renewed focus for me how broken our world is. A viral illness has silenced me for a day or two but I am back now with a vengeance! Truth be told there is a great need for us to consider headlong how we can tackle brokeness of all forms as churches. Today, there is something that I want to say before I get back into my series on Mental Health which so far has included my most … [Read more...]

Unbelievable? The Conference 2013

I recommend those of you who live over here in the UK to consider attending Unbelievable? The Conference 2013. It looks like being a really good event, there is a trailer you can watch here: … [Read more...]

John Piper’s Final Pastoral Sermon – God Raised Your Great Shepherd from the Dead


John Piper preached his last sermon as the Pastor of Bethlehem Baptist church this Easter. And he very appropriately pointed to the Great Shepherd, who is the true pastor of us all.Surely this was a fitting end to a pastoral ministry with massive impact all over the world but its depth was felt most at Bethlehem:It’s Easter. And it’s the last day of my office as shepherd in this flock. We could not have chosen a better day to finish. God raised your Great Shepherd from the dead!The most imp … [Read more...]

An Easter Drama

The above drama was performed at Jubilee Church London yesterday. … [Read more...]

How Progressive or Liberal Christianity destroys the Church

I rarely take a lunch break as I work from home. But I did yesterday. I attended a New Media Think Tank put on by people from Premier. The main theme was on how Christians should disagree agreeably online. I agreed with much of what was said, and there was some very interesting conversation. One thing that came up was how different it is to meet someone face to face and online. It is much easier to create a straw man of someone online.As an example I met Simon Jenkins, who is the editor of … [Read more...]

People who have a problem with mega churches would have had a problem in Jesusalem!

While I know that not everything done in every megachurch is helpful, Ed Stetzer has done us a great service in debunking many myths about megachurch. But I also know that too many seem to have a fundamental problem with large churches, as though God hated them all. It's really odd, because what such people conveniently forget is that the first church was a mega church on its first day:"So those who received his word were baptized, and there were added that day about three thousand souls." … [Read more...]

Prayer – the Pastor’s Priority? The People’s pleasure? Join us at 300 Leaders!

I find the following quote on prayer from Spurgeon striking, much as the last one I shared.  It depresses me therefore how hard I often find it to pray myself. I am grateful to God that I am slowly learning. I don't hesitate to admit that the person who has taught me most about this is my own pastor, Tope Koleoso. He touched on the importance of prayer in his well-received talk at this years Desiring God conference. I am therefore thrilled that the next 300 Leaders event will feature Tope and K … [Read more...]

Spurgeon: Prayer is vital for the success of ministry

Regular readers will know only too well that I have been looking afresh recently at the life and writings of Spurgeon, in preparation for a planned documentary for which a team of my friends are currently seeking crowd-sourced funding.  Reading Spurgeon afresh, it has struck me again just how much he has to teach us. God seems to have uniquely gifted him with great insight into a broad range of subjects, as I am sure you have already seen in the quotes I have shared over on Desiring God about … [Read more...]