John Owen – Man of the Word and Spirit

In conclusive proof that there is nothing new under the sun, we see in this quote on John Owen a devoted conviction to both Word and Spirit. How we need churches today who will bring both emphases to the fore, as did Martyn Lloyd Jones in the quote I posted yesterday.May God raise up an army of believers who can say “Amen!” to the following quote where Owen is described by the editors of Communion With the Triune God as follows:"Central to Puritan thinking was an effort to make sure their act … [Read more...]

Martyn Lloyd-Jones Monday – Knowing Jesus Experientially

In this quote, taken once again from the Doctor on Ephesians, we see a strong emphasis on experience. The Christian must KNOW God. Oh, how little we emphasize that today! How poor our experience often is. How few people glow when they speak about their relationship with their precious Saviour. How this challenges me personally once again to seek God!"There are, unfortunately, even many evangelical Christians who deny that God has any direct dealings with men today, and who hold feeling and … [Read more...]

The Secret of Newfrontiers

Just as it is not possible to really understand a car without knowing about its engine, you cannot understand Newfrontiers without knowing about the engine which lies under its hood. That engine is in very large part what happens several times a year when church leaders gather for a time of prayer and fasting. This past week it was truly awesome to gather with 750 others to devote ourselves to seeking God. In the context of prayer, prophetic words are shared and evaluated. We catch the heart … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Greg Haslam On Being Reformed and Charismatic

In this, the final segment of my interview with Greg Haslam, Greg discusses being reformed and charismatic, Terry Virgo's spiritual influence on the church in the UK, and the role of the organization Terry heads up, Newfrontiers.If you missed any of the other four parts of this interview, you can read them here:Greg Haslam on Filling Martyn Lloyd-Jones' PulpitGreg Haslam on Leaving Newfrontiers for Westminster ChapelGreg Haslam on the Primacy of PreachingGreg Haslam on Unity Versus Doctrinal … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Greg Haslam On Unity Versus Doctrinal Integrity

Today we continue with the fourth part of my interview with Greg Haslam, pastor of Westminster Chapel in London (pictured here with his wife, Ruth). The previous three parts of this interview included an introduction to Greg and his ministry, on leaving Newfrontiers for Westminster Chapel, and Haslam on the primacy of preaching.AdrianYesterday we spoke of the remarkable advance for church unity that your preaching conference represented. Despite the unity displayed in your conference and book, … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Greg Haslam On The Primacy Of Preaching

Today I continue with part three of my interview with Greg Haslam. In part one, Greg told us a little about himself, and in part two he discussed his relationship to Newfrontiers and his move to Westminster Chapel.AdrianIf Westminster Chapel has stood for anything over the years it is surely the primacy of preaching. Can you tell us a bit more about your own view of preaching and its importance?GregI've said it all in the collection of fifty-two addresses from our Preachers' Conference, now … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Greg Haslam On Leaving Newfrontiers For Westminster Chapel

Today I continue the interview with Greg Haslam which began yesterday in a post entitled “Greg Haslam on Filling Martyn Lloyd-Jones' Pulpit.”Adrian Yesterday you mentioned your previous church, which is a part of Newfrontiers. You still speak at Newfrontiers conferences, but your current church isn’t listed as a member. What exactly is your relationship with Newfrontiers, both personally and as a church?GregWestminster Chapel has been a fairly unique and decidedly independent kind of place, with … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Greg Haslam On Filling Martyn Lloyd-Jones' Pulpit

It is a pleasure to welcome to my blog, Greg Haslam, who is the current successor to Martyn Lloyd-Jones at Westminster Chapel in London.Adrian To begin with Greg, can you tell us a bit about yourself?GregI am a 'scouser,' born in Liverpool in 1953, who lived in a rough area of the city called Bootle (where the kids played 'tic' with hatchets). I came from a broken home, with much sadness due to my parents' marital breakdown and eventual divorce when we children were still very young. It was … [Read more...]

TRAVEL – Wheaton and Billy Graham – Proclaimer of the Resurrection

During a brief trip to the USA this past week, I had a layover in the Chicago area. I had an amazing few hours. I ate lunch with two great friends who I had never met in the flesh before. It struck me that the impression I had of them when finally meeting face-to-face was almost identical to the one I already had through our electronic communications. I thank God for the people I have been privileged to meet through this blog.What I want to focus on in this post is what happened next. I hadn't … [Read more...]

Are You Too Loyal?

Today I am going to do something I don't believe I have ever done before. I am going to publish an edited and expanded version of an old post of mine. Unlike certain Christian bloggers who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty (you know who you are!) I am going to be up front about it, and even place a link to the original 2005 post entitled "DON'T LISTEN TO ME—WHAT DO I KNOW?"I want to ask you today, "Are you too loyal?" I think being too loyal is a bigger problem than we sometimes r … [Read more...]