More from John Piper on exposition and exultation

After THAT talk at T4G, I found that this article from John Piper from a few years ago explains a bit more about what he is looking for in preaching :-"Whatever you think of the drums, the electric guitar and bass and amplification and T-shirts and platforms cluttered with wires and mikes and speakers, it is unmistakable-the dominant theme of these songs is God-the character of God, the power of God, the mercy of God, the authority of God, and the fatherhood of God. And the hoped-for effect of … [Read more...]

Piper Friday: More Reactions to THAT Message at T4G

The light along the journey blog: has some great quotes which capture something more of the atmosphere of John Piper's sermon (see also Challies summary) which sounds like it was the highlight of the whole Together for the Gospel conference. The blogger begins by admitting "I had to keep wiping away tears." He then says, "At the risk of being melodramatic, I would encourage you, I would beg you, to order an MP3 of this message when it later becomes available. Written words cannot convey even a … [Read more...]

Doctor Martyn Lloyd-Jones Monday – Sealing of the Spirit: Experiences and Gifts

Today we return to Lloyd-Jones exposition of Ephesians 1:13 and his examination of true and counterfeit experiences associated with the sealing of the Spirit. To begin with, the Doctor makes the following clarification: There is a sense in which I, for my part, am not concerned about the terminology with regard to sealing with the Spirit or baptism with the Spirit. To me it is very regrettable that many are so much concerned about the terminology, and especially about the word baptism, that they … [Read more...]

links for 2006-04-12 Adrian and his Church (tags: blogsearch cool) Mark Driscoll Interview (tags: driscoll adrianw interview emerging church gospel evangelism mission) Adrian's Posts by Subject or Book of the Bible (tags: blogsearch cool) Mark Dever's "The Message of the Old Testament" Justin Taylor makes available the contents, foreward, introduction, and first chapter of Mark Dever's latest book, along with various endorsements. (tags: book dever taylor) Re-Igniting the … [Read more...]

Interview with Dr. Sam Storms

UPDATE In January 2008, the following post was identified as the 17th all-time most popular post with readers of this blog. The 18th most-read post was Dr. Kim Riddlebarger's response to John MacArthur's assertion that non-dispensational Calvinists are not "really reformed."Sam Storms is well-known as a Calvinistic charismatic speaker. He writes popular books which express a very similar theology to that of John Piper in an accessible way. It was good to be able to ask him some questions via … [Read more...]

Interview with Mark Driscoll

UPDATESIn July 2008 I was able to record a video interview with Mark Driscoll. There are also a lot of other posts about him on my blog.In January 2008, the following post was identified as the number one all-time most popular post with readers of this blog. The 2nd most-read post was "Blogging, Discernment, and a Book by Tim Challies."Back in April 2006, I had only recently heard of Mark Driscoll. When we conducted this interview, he was already prompting quite a significant response … [Read more...]

MLJ Monday Sealed with the Spirit #2

Sealing with the Spirit, Part 2'In whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise.'  (Ephesians 1:13)              *              *              *               *Last week, in … [Read more...]

MLJ Monday – Sealed with the Spirit – Eph 1

Today I begin a new tradition inspired by the Pyro's Spurgeon on Monday series. I loved what they said about this week's Spurgeon quote towards the end of their post:Study any era of revival or the style of any great preacher and you will discover that boldness and clarity were their hallmarks — never qualities like vagueness, ambivalence, hesitation, wavering, apprehension, a cloudy message, fickle opinions, obsessive self-criticism, or any of the other qualities postmodernism falsely equates w … [Read more...]

2000 posts and a big thank you to The Doctor

This is the 2000th post on this blog, which means that I have been posting on average just short of two posts a day for almost three years. That's a whole lot of words one relatively recent reader has set out on a quest to go back and read 'em all. I am not sure that too many will want to join him!As I drew near to this post, I wondered how best to use it. I briefly considered a review post like I did at the end of 2005 and 2004. I also thought about doing a post on what blogging has meant to … [Read more...]

What preachers could learn from Steve Jobs of Apple

I know we are not in business, but I do feel we could learn a lot from the approach of a man like Jobs to communicating an important message. Here are some quotes from a great article from The Guardian"...when Steve steps out on that stage, with its stark black-on-black colour scheme, and does his apparently simple demos, he brings the combined energy and talent of all those people and many more back in Cupertino, California, and channels it to the audience. It makes me think of a magnifying … [Read more...]