2000 posts and a big thank you to The Doctor

This is the 2000th post on this blog, which means that I have been posting on average just short of two posts a day for almost three years. That's a whole lot of words one relatively recent reader has set out on a quest to go back and read 'em all. I am not sure that too many will want to join him!As I drew near to this post, I wondered how best to use it. I briefly considered a review post like I did at the end of 2005 and 2004. I also thought about doing a post on what blogging has meant to … [Read more...]

What preachers could learn from Steve Jobs of Apple

I know we are not in business, but I do feel we could learn a lot from the approach of a man like Jobs to communicating an important message. Here are some quotes from a great article from The Guardian"...when Steve steps out on that stage, with its stark black-on-black colour scheme, and does his apparently simple demos, he brings the combined energy and talent of all those people and many more back in Cupertino, California, and channels it to the audience. It makes me think of a magnifying … [Read more...]

links for 2006-02-09 Apostles are meant for today ...apostles love the church.... (tags: apostles charismatic theology church leadership ministry mission adrianw article) … [Read more...]


Is Mark Dever an Apostle?

I received another great e-mail question today:I became interested in your blog when I found it through Mark Dever's 9 Marks website. I attended his church for a semester in college, and am friends with two of his former interns (James Santos and Paul Alexander). I'll be going to the T4G conference in April.While jumping around through your site, I came across your description of the various leaders in a church. Very apt! However, I was wondering if you could clarify the "Apostle" position for … [Read more...]

Encouragement as I prepare to preach

Imagine my surprise to read the following post over at Miscelanies on the Gospel . To be honest it was just what I needed tonight. It is probably a bit over the top, but I need to remember that it is as wrong for me to be sitting here doubting that God has made me to be a fit preacher to preach in the cinema tomorrow as it is for me to be complacent and self-sufficient. This has been a busy weekend, and right now I am casting myself on the mercy of God. I am crying out for more of that same … [Read more...]

Prayer works when life is tough

My sermon on sunday was on prayer (which will be no surprise to my regular readers!) I focussed in on how prayer changes us and the vital importance of believing in and experiencing a present God. The audio is available at http://jubilee-church.org/sermons/2006/01/prayer-works-when-life-is-tough.htmHere are the notes I preached fromFour groups of people here this morning, and I have something to say to each of you Those who are not yet Christians You will have an opportunity to become a … [Read more...]

The year in review

Its that time of the year when we look back, get all misty eyed and think about the year that was. This will probably be a long post, in it I will first reflect on the ridiculously flattering but also rather humbling level of readership that has come this way in 2005, then I will review the highlights of the blogging year for me. Its my chance to think about what I have liked about blogging this year- who knows you might find even some interesting posts you would like to go back and read. … [Read more...]

On pastoring and Christian counselling

I have been looking through the archives and found an old series of tag blogging David Wayne and I did on counselling- I miss those days of tag blogging with the Jollyblogger! We began by looking at What is Christian Counseling and personality types then Joolyblogger asked about "What about depression?" we were both eager to point out that whilst depression can have biological causes, false expectations can be a major contributory factor. I also spoke of Addiction , the ability to change and the … [Read more...]

Apostles are meant for today- Challies wheels out the big guns in the charismatic debate

Challies has brought in the big guns and is interviewing Dr Sam Waldron and Dr Wayne Grudem on the subject of cessationism/charismaticism. Today, Sam Waldron has an interesting argument which is essentially a cascade argument:The people we read in my doctoral program (and at the same time these people that would assume that cessationism was nonsensical and not even discussable) would in almost the same breath admit or assume that Apostles no longer exist in the church today ("big A" Apostles). … [Read more...]

The Apostle Paul – disqualified from missionary service!

Boar's Head Tavern: somments on the recent IMB controversy and quotes the Apostle Paul who said "'I thank God that I speak in tongues more than all of you." before making the fantastic dissent demolishing point:"If your policy ends up barring one of the Apostles, you really ought to stop and think it over..." … [Read more...]