Expository preaching

9Marks does a fantastic job of defending preaching, the website beginsWhy don't we just quit preaching? Considering the widespread popularity of engaging anecdotes and vivid vignettes, wouldn't it be more effective to simply tell a few captivating stories on Sunday Morning? And why think specifically about expositional preaching - that brand so often associated with excruciating boredom and half-empty pews? In our fast paced society of sports tickers and sound bite infotainment, can we really … [Read more...]

Penal substitution defended against the attacks of neo-liberals

Greg Haslam doesnt mince his words- .....the cross worked in several directions at once: man-ward, satanward and God-ward, and of these three its effects on God are the most significant and fundamental (2 Cor 5:19; Heb 9:24; 1 John 2:1-2). Without the perspective of penal substitution, none of the other interpretations can stand or even make sense.There's an alarming tendency in the church today to jettison tried and tested truths in search of something fresh and original to say to our … [Read more...]

Not taking the bait on apostles today

JOLLYBLOGGER didnt really take the bait, but it seems from the comments I am not the only person who believes that apostles today are as biblical as pastors or evanglists. … [Read more...]

Of course there are Apostles Today

Crossroads asks "Are there Apostles Today?" and answers her own question by saying "I absolutely believe there are apostles today. There is nothing in Scripture that denotes otherwise. If we accept the Ephesian 4:11 offices* for prophet, evangelist and pastor-teacher, then we must also accept apostle. To do otherwise is theologically dishonest." I'm right with you there. Maybe this is another thing I could disagree with the Jollyblogger over! … [Read more...]

More on Biblical inerrancy for the neo-liberals and their friends

I havent forgotten Sven and Richard et al and I will get onto interacting with them. But in the meantime, david has helped me out AGAIN by reminding me of two fantastic posts on biblical inerrrancy he did last year here and here. I hop they are of interest, and to be honest the approach to scripture is the foundational issue in my view. … [Read more...]

The nicest email i've had in a LONG time and the Chrisitan carnival

Look what arrived in my email today- --------------------------------------------- Hi David & Adrian, I want you both to know how much I enjoy your websites. I think most bloggers forget that there is a real person out there reading their stuff, but you consistently exhibit dignity, decency and courtesy to people you don't know, and that means so much to me. I don't think I've ever seen either of you be unkind even to people with whom you don't agree. I can't say I always agree with … [Read more...]

Sola scriptura and the wrath of God

The World of Sven has clearly wrestled honestly with some of these issues which are starting to divide the online community of "God bloggers".It is interesting talking to my wife about this. She is very gracious and loving but cannot understand why people who would deny the notion that Jesus died to take away the punishment for our sins could be considered Christians.I choose to interact with people like Sven and Richard simply because I consider them first as people that I should reach out … [Read more...]

Be afraid….be very afraid Warnie is back!

World of Sven may have been getting fed up with my posting on blogging, but he and the neo-liberals may rue the day he reminded me that I had unfinished business with them!If he thinks that I have forgotten about all that in my latest obsession with organising the Christian blogosphere, he is wrong.I dont have time right now to hit back fully so I will post a link to his article so other people can do it for- but trust me, the neo-liberal basher is back. Whats more that rude parody which I … [Read more...]

The Creme de la Creme of Godblogs?

Eternal Perspectives has been incredibly kind about me and the 1o Christian BloggersAdrian Warnock is a visionary and pioneer in Christian blogs (AKA Godblogs). He is the genius behind the Blogdom of God and, more recently, has created 10 Christian Blogs, a compilation of the some of the best and brightest Christian bloggers out there.........My own experience with Adrian's Ten Mighty Bloggers has been encouraging and rewarding. Whatever modest success I have had during my brief (three … [Read more...]

What is a proposition?

Someone just emailed me to ask "what does this post On unicorns and propositions actually mean?" Am flattered that they turn to my wisdom but am in a tearing hurry tonight to get away from a PC screen for once. Therefore a free link, much cudos and respect goes to the person who in the judgement of me and my enquirer can best answer that question.Actually language and propositions are critical to the debate we are having on neo-liberalism/the emergent church so may the best man (or woman) … [Read more...]