"Our understandings of the gospel constantly change" Brian McLaren

In the second foreword to Dan Kimballs book about the Emergent church Brian McLaren writesOur understandings of the gospel constantly change as we engage in mission in our complex dynamic world, as we discover that the gospel has a rich kalaidoscope of meaning to offer, yielding unexplored layers of depth, revealing uncounted facets of insight and relevance. No doubt as we look back and see ways in which our modern understandings of the gospel were limited or flawedI wonder whether this … [Read more...]

"The world changes but the word doesnt" – Rick Warren

Rick Warren wrote one of two forwards in Dan Kimball's book Emerging Church-vintage Christianity for New Generations. I am sure that Dan wouldn't mind me repeating that he believed he was at the more more conservative end of the theological spectrum of the Emergent Church. So perhaps he isn't a neo-liberal at all. Anyway, I intend to read his book and blog about it (although I suspect that if Nancy Pearcey's arrives before I finished it I may go onto hers in the interim!)Anyway Rick nails his … [Read more...]

What is a Liberal? What is a neo-liberal?

Jolly Bogger has an excelent post answering these questions - My blogging partner, Adrian Warnock has taken up a series of posts on what he calls "neo-liberalism." It took me a little looking to figure out exactly what he was talking about, but it appeared that he is dealing with the UK's version of the emerging church movement. In a private e-mail he confirmed that he is defining neo-liberalism as an attempt to accomodate the gospel to post-modernism, whereas liberalism was an attempt to … [Read more...]

Church must be a community and not individualistic like many traditional churches

The 21st Century Reformation weighed into the emegent discussion a couple of days ago here and then since them here and here focussing mainly on the valid point the emergents make on the need to move beyond being individualistic to being a community- sadly I missed it all till now!I have now added him to the aggregator so hopefully I wont miss it again (thats if the blogspot atom convertor does its job for me) Do email me if you post on this subject and are not listed in the aggregator as I … [Read more...]

Reflections on reclaiming the center

Every thought captive blogs some more on emerging neo-liberals in the book Reclaiming the centre … [Read more...]

Aggregator redirects

The new Emerging Church or neo-liberalism? is now at www.emerging-neoliberal.christian.nuWhilst the Blogdom of God is at www.blogdom.christian.nuI believe that this new redirect provider will not cause any pop-up windows unlike the last one we tried- please let me know if there are any problems. … [Read more...]

Book "review"- Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity

I have just discovered what I suspect is the best currently available tool to clear the haze that our culture so cleverly exudes and allow many to see a truly Christian worldview for the first time.Too many Christians simply don't reason enough today. Thinking through our underlying assumptions and value systems is just not something we are often encouraged to do in the world or in the church.Viewed by many as the Francis Schaeffer of her generation, I suspect Nancy Pearcey's book TOTAL … [Read more...]

What is Traditional Evangelical Thought?

Deep calls to Deep - A New Kind of Christian asks"How old does something? have to be to be considered traditional?......Traditions can be a few years old, as some of our family Christmas traditions are, such as opening stockings on the bed, or they can stretch back several thousand years. An awful lot of traditions that we hold to though simply stretch back a few generations or a few hundred years, but have become in the minds of us who hold them, truths for all time."So far, fair enough. I … [Read more...]

Brian Maclaren- A Generous Orthodoxy or dangerous neo-liberalism?

Challies Review of - A Generous Orthodoxy. This review really lays down the guantlet. Challies quotes the back cover of hte book which states that Brian Maclaren "argues for a post-liberal, post-conservative, post-protestant convergence that will stimulate lively interest and global conversation among thoughtful Christians from all traditions." Whilst I have never read the book this is exactly what I mean by neo-liberalism."In short, it is awful. I consider it, in terms of content, one of … [Read more...]

Announcing another NEW Aggregator for the emergent church/neo-liberal debate

I have discovered there are quite a few blogs out there addressing some of this issues I have recently picked up on here. Whether the new movements represent emerging church or neo-liberalism is vitally important. I am very keen that we all interact and discuss each other's posts.Thus, yes you guessed it we have another new aggregator for your delight!If you know of any blogs on either side of this discussion that should be in let me know by email....O and by the way if you are on … [Read more...]