Critiquing Penal Substitution

Wink is determined to show that you can critique penal substitution without being a neo-liberal. He accepts the punishment bit unlike most neo-liberals but denies substitution. I will interact with this more later- in the meantime any one else up for the debate with him? … [Read more...]

The purposes of God for man

Day 2 of the purpose driven life discusses the purposes of God for each and every man. Psalm 139 is quoted (although not in a familiar version) O LORD , you have searched me and you know me. You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways. Before a word is on my tongue you know it completely, O LORD My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven … [Read more...]

Neo-liberalism or postconservative evangelicalism?

It is always good to allow people to speak for themselves so as the next post in my series on neo-liberalism with thanks to every thought captive I am going to give some exerts from a book. Justin Taylor has done a great job of doing this in "Reclaiming the Center" stating that "a significant shift is taking place in some segments of evangelicalism". He is not sure what to call this group but settles on what to me is the totally unacceptable juxtapositon of two contradictory words- … [Read more...]

More on Neo-liberalism and biblical inerrancy

Evangelicals in the Dock states open theists who would fit my definition of neo-liberals cannot believe in biblical inerrancy- Both Sanders and Pinnock hold to open theism, a form of theology that posits a God who is not omniscient concerning the free actions of human beings. As was pointed out in the ETS meeting's floor debate regarding Pinnock, it's not at all clear how an open theist can consistently affirm inerrancy; theology proper must eventually affect one's view of Scripture. Nicole in … [Read more...]

Picking up the neo-liberal bait

I am delighted that even in this holiday season when I was fully anticipating somewhat of a lull in blogging the bait is being taken up at least by some. I believe that the recent tragedy has made these issues all the more important. Some of the people who I call neo-liberal probably have a very different explanation for why God allowed the disaster than classical evangelicals would. Parableman has come forwards to identify himself as possibly a neo-liberal and says "As far as I can tell, … [Read more...]

Can anyone explain Tsunamis?

Matthew Kettle poses the question How can religious people explain something like this? which to some degree I anticipated in my posts Jesus' reply to a disaster of his day and Tsunami's and the sovreignty of God- where is God when it hurts? These are very important questions. We could of course quite simply dispense with the idea of a sovereign God altogether and re-make God in our own image as the neo-liberals no doubt would. God would become no longer all-knowing and as surprised by the … [Read more...]

Why "neo-liberal" ?

I thought I would defend my new nickname "neo-liberalism" by looking at the definition of classic "liberalism" from a theological perspective. The concise Oxford Dictionary states theological liberalism is "regarding many traditional beliefs as dispensable, invalidated by modern thought, or liable to change". Since neo-liberalism indeed does just that but with post-modern thought and does indeed dispense with classical evangelical beliefs then surely this is a good word to coin? Its certainly … [Read more...]

Emergent – surely not all bad?

Whilst it is clear from the UK website that there is a close association with Steve Chalke, recently criticised by the UK Evangelical Alliance, I think it is important not to throw out everything that the "emergent" movement are saying. Tony Campallo in a recent article stated that the movement expresses what I call "progressive evangelicalism. Whilst I might be more happy to describe much of what is being said as neo-liberalism I do think that an important conversation must be had. We cannot … [Read more...]

Truth or neo-liberalism?

I missed this great post over at the Evangelical Outpost. The absense of absolute truths is another post-modern statement that might be appealing to some "neo-liberals". I have been thinking about this a lot lately, and I have come to what some of these Christians might say was a simplistic concusion- Truth matters. End of story. Knowing the truth is more important than anything else- just ask those who wish their loved ones had been able to know the soon to be revealed truth that the … [Read more...]

A neo-liberal TULIP

I recently blogged through the TULIP acronym and decided it was all about Jesus. I was intrested to notice that Brian Maclaren, who could perhaps fit into my new description "neo-liberals" has totally rewritten the TULIP acronym but still wants to call himself (like a possibly neo-liberal correspondent of mine on email) "Reformed". I am increasingly convinced that these guys are more than a little confused. I genuinely hope some theoblogging may make a difference to some of them. … [Read more...]