Tsunami's and the sovreignty of God- where is God when it hurts?

Our holiday's have been interupted by news of one of the world's worst disasters in recent history. Even though the death toll of the recent earthquate and tsunami are continuing to rise the BBC makes it clear that this is far from the worlds worst catastrophe. That epitaph probably goes to the flood of 1887 when about 900,000 people died when China's Yellow River burst its banks. Of course, these days we are all so much more connected to these disasters with internet news, blogs and 24 Hour a … [Read more...]

How do the Neo-liberals explain Nahum 1?

I have coined the phrase neo-liberals as I believe from what I have heard so far that there is a new move to make the church somehow more acceptable to today's culture. To preach what I might call Christianity lite (as in diet Coke). Christianity with certain baggage dumped conveniently by the side of the road. Interestingly the proponents of this neo-liberalism seem to differ on what they plan to dispose of. Wheter it is disposing of a sovereign all-knowing God replacing it with so-called "open … [Read more...]

Surely the neo-liberals can do better than this?

Stuart Murray Williams was a speaker in defence of Steve Chalke before he was censored by the EA. I thought I would read his article and give you the chance to- it is of course only fair having questioned (as has the EA) whether it is possible to take his view of the atonement and still call yourself an evangelical christian. The criticisms Steve Murray levels against classical penal substitutionary theory are all rational arguments rather than biblical expositions. There is always a danger … [Read more...]

Christian Counselling #8

The reverberations continue. 'in the outer' reports his experiences of counselling,. and asks can a Christian be depressed? The answer to this question is of course yes. … [Read more...]

Should I have counselling or a psychiatrist or both? (Biblical Counselling #7)

Proverbial Wife has done a great job of sharing her own experience of different types of christian counselling. It futher highlights how different models are used by Christians. If you are considering counselling for yourself then always ask what model is being used and consider whether if fits with your own understanding and what you are looking for. Also, ensure that your counsellor will be willing to refer you on for a medical assessment if necessary. Reasons to ask for a biological … [Read more...]

Idolatory or depression (biblical counselling #6)

Jollyblogger believes that depression can be sparked by idolatory: "idols begin as desires which may be good, bad or innocuous. But we often raise the bar on desire and call it a need. Once we elevate something to the status of 'need' it becomes something on which our well being depends. " There is no doubt in my mind that much depression in Christians is caused by false expectations. We believe that being a Christian should mean all our problems disappear. We think God owes us a good life. … [Read more...]

Addiction- illness, choice or a bit of both? (Biblical counselling #5)

Is addiction simply an illness as Doctor in the house feels? The simple fact is that medical science is rock-solid in conclusion that alcoholism and addiction are well-established disease processes, comprised of genetic, physiologic, and mental illness components. As a quick MEDLINE search will demonstrate, there is a vast amount of medical literature addressing this disease in its many medical, psychological, behavioral and social aspects. Is it rather a social phenomena where we are all to … [Read more...]

The ability to change – biblical counseling #4

I have already spoken in my earlier posts about the vital need for us to recognise that Christian's should expect to be able to change. Some types of counselling seems to focus on trying to find explanations for why we are the way we are. This is only ever useful if it is the first step to enabling us to change. The bible is full of commands that we are expected to fullfill. It is no use us simply saying 'but I cant do that'. God never commands us to do that which is impossible. Whilst we will … [Read more...]

Holistic counselling and pastoring (Biblical counselling #3)

Once again Jollyblogger and I are playing 'tag' with a subject- others are welcome to jump in. I am a great fan of the 'nouthetic' teaching that Jollyblogger explains so well. I think that when people argue as to what degree should we integrate with psychological theories they perhaps sometimes miss an important aspect of people and their problems. In my view most peoples problems are actually rather complex and have different aspects to them. I have seen Christians lurch from one model to … [Read more...]

More on apostles today

Woodside Church has a detailed explanation of what Ephesians 4 means for the way we should be doing church today. … [Read more...]