INTERVIEW – Liam Goligher on the Crisis in Evangelicalism, Part Three

In the first post of my interview with Liam Goligher we focused on the distinctives on which he and I differ. In the second post we discussed some important challenges facing the church today. We now turn to an issue which is never far from my blog — the atonement.Perhaps because it is most topical right now, and perhaps because he has already written a popular book on the subject (The Jesus Gospel), the atonement seemed to arouse the most passion in Liam as we spoke. Liam’s book should, in my vi … [Read more...]

Missional Living – A Definition

"We need to show the people we understand what it's like to be unbelievers." I came across this sentence in some of my notes which, to me, sums up missional living. I think I must have found it either online or in a book . Sadly I didn't take note of the source. Anyone know where it comes from? Anyone as struck by it as I am? On the same subject, this definition of a missional church from Acts 29 is helpful. … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Liam Goligher on the Crisis in Evangelicalism

It was a real privilege to speak with Liam Goligher recently, and it is a delight to now bring a report of that conversation here to my blog. Liam is a trustee of the Keswick Convention and a well-known Bible teacher. He leads Duke Street Church, an independent church in Richmond, UK which has approximately 400 members, with many more attending, making it a large church for England.Liam comes from a very different church background than I do. For example, he is happy to use the identification … [Read more...]

Relating Together for the Gospel

The guys at Together for the Gospel are modeling something VITAL:"Something that is meant to be different about the T4G conference, and what it may inspire in your own ministry, is that it is built on, and attempts to model and provoke relational networks for encouragement and accountability. So inviting Thabiti was no mere decision of the 4 of us to send him a letter. First, we had to work at building in relationships, and introducing Thabiti to the brothers who didn't know him. So the delay in … [Read more...]

The PCA Considering Excluding Followers of N. T. Wright

Lig Duncan has been part of a committee that has been considering the teachings of the New Perspectives on Paul (NPP), and especially N. T. Wright, for several months on behalf of the Presbyterian Church in America.They have now made a number of clear declarations as listed below, and the closing paragraphs of the report suggest to me that they have concluded that to hold these views should become inconsistent with continuing as a minister or preacher in a PCA church. They make a number of … [Read more...]

Lloyd-Jones Monday – The Doctor Defines and Describes Revival

A recurring theme on my blog this year has been the subject of revival. Most Mondays I take the time to raid my electronic version of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones' materials, which is produced by Logos Bible Software. Today's quote explains what revival is and what it looks like.“What is revival? We can define it as a period of unusual blessing and activity in the life of the Christian Church. Primarily, of course, and by definition, a revival is something that happens first in the Church and amongst C … [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll Banned Church Planting Video

Mark Driscoll is at the centre of controversy once more. This time it is about a video he shot for a conference that was aimed at stirring men to fight for the church. The video was publicly criticised from the stage of the conference by Bill Hybels. The video was then not given out as planned to the conference delegates. I am impressed with his restraint in his blog post on the subject.I am praying for Mark right now as I write this because I'm sure this was the last thing he was expecting … [Read more...]

Newfrontiers Magazine Focuses on Healing

The next issue of the newfrontiers magazine is now available online. It has a special focus on healing. There are some great healing testimonies and some interesting articles about how we seem to be beginning to learn as a movement how to make room for God to heal.Newfrontiers Magazine In Brief Firstline A Journey Into Healing Healing Testimonies Expecting the miraculous! Healing Testimonies (2) Confessions Of A Healing Sceptic Healing Testimonies (3) Friends First Book Reviews A healing King … [Read more...]

John Piper Friday – Prayer and the Word of God

This Piper Friday, I would like to share an extract with you from an old sermon by John Piper. It rightly entwines three themes that were flowing through my head (and hence this blog!) earlier this year: The study of God’s Word, prayer, and the activity of the Holy Spirit. I am increasingly convinced that we need these three things more than anything else! Oh, God . . . make us preachers to be men like this!“The minister of the Word must not choose between study and prayer. Study without prayer i … [Read more...]

Loving God – A Guide for Beginners

Today we draw to a close our series on the attributes of God—which has been inspired by the T4G Statement—by publishing an article which, in an abridged form, has already been published in the online Comment magazine.The article addresses the nature of God, but focuses on the fact that we need to learn to love this God—which is surely a good way for us to round off this series.For more posts on the T4G Statement, Articles 1-4 see Ten Conclusions About Expository Preaching, and for more on Art … [Read more...]