Charles Simeon – The Full Story

Here it is! The full story from Logos of how my e-mail to them led to one of the most exciting pre-pub offers they have had for a long time. Don't say I didn't warn you - you definitely have to move fast to get these at the low price! This is an e-mail from a regular news e-mail Logos sent out. To sign up for more Logos e-mails, see Charles Simeon's Horae Homileticae Commentary (21 Volumes) Suggested Retail Price: $699.95Logos Sale Price: $489.95Pre-Publication Special: … [Read more...]

Revival – A Calvinist Phenomenon?

In the introduction to the 1859 volume of Spurgeon's sermons we find the following provocative few paragraphs:In the history of the Church, with but few exceptions, you could not find a revival at all that was not produced by the orthodox faith. What was that great work which was done by Augustine, when the Church suddenly woke up from the pestiferous and deadly sleep into which Pelagian doctrine had cast it? What was the Reformation itself but the awaking up of men's minds to those old truths? … [Read more...]

READERS CHALLENGE – Spurgeon's Prediction of a Future Revival

I have a clear memory from a number of years ago of reading a sermon by Spurgeon in which he broke off into an extended passage in which he predicted what he believed would happen in the church in the UK. I remember that he spoke of a period when the Evangelical faith would almost seem to be vanquished. He went on to predict, however, that a future significant move of God would occur that would dwarf anything he had ever seen. My problem is that I cannot remember anything about the actual words … [Read more...]

MLJ Monday – More From the Doctor on Revival

It is time once more to raid my electronic version of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones' materials, which is produced by Logos Bible Software. Today's quote is more from the Doctor on revival - this time it is a list of vital doctrines that are neglected outside of times of revival, yet find their central place during revival. Read them slowly, and carefully, then get a hold of Martyn Lloyd-Jones' book on revival (electronically or in paper form) and read them in full in chapter 3. They sound so very … [Read more...]

John Piper Friday – Piper on Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Back in March of 2006, I wrote a long post which referred to John Piper’s article about Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. I thought I would use this Piper Friday to highlight Dr. Piper’s article once more. You can read Piper’s whole article over on his website. Piper begins by sharing two quotes that in some ways seem contradictory. Unless, that is, you are a preacher. For many of us the passion of our life is to preach in such a way that many are saved and helped, and yet we are conscious that true … [Read more...]

Church Doesn't Have to be Boring

Was watching an interview with Terry Virgo on video this evening with my two oldest children and my wife. We were all really caught up with and interested in his story. But there was one line that stuck out for its simplicity, but profoundness. When talking about his early experiences of "boring" church, Terry then defined church as it ought to be as follows:"What is Church? Church is where the presence of God is." -- Terry VirgoWas that your experience this Sunday morning? If the presence of … [Read more...]

Spurgeon on Revival

The word revival is back on the lips of people I know — I hadn't even heard it mentioned for a very long time until just recently. I thought I would share some quotes from Spurgeon on the subject of revival with you today. I hope and pray it inspires you to pray for revival, and to have an eye that is trained to see the signs of God's reviving work that are all around us every day. "And now, at this time, we want to have the old truths restored to their places. The subtleties and the r … [Read more...]

Together on a Mission 07 Bookings Open and 06 Downloads Become Free

This year there is no Together for the Gospel.  The similarly named newfrontiers conference will, however, be on.   Visitors will be coming from many nations, including, of course, the USA. So if you have always wanted to visit the "mother country" or you have wondered what a reformed charismatic conference would be like - why not come along.  I hope to be there myself, so it would be great to meet some of you there. In other related news, the mp3 downloads from … [Read more...]

MLJ MONDAY – Are You Sure You Want Revival?

 Revival is a word that is on some people's lips once more in my circles.  It is something we are again praying for and crying out to God about.  I came across this quote from The Doctor on my CD of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones materials. The question has to be asked . . .  if revival is like this, are you sure you want it?  I definitely do, but am not so very sure that if it was to come it would be very comfortable for us. "Sometimes a revival may be powerful and yet … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Dr. Wayne Grudem – Highlights and Reflections

UPDATEIn January 2008, the following post was identified as the 6th all-time most popular post with readers of this blog. The 7th most read post was "What is a Reformed Charismatic?"As stated below, this post summarized my interview with this gift to the global Church—Dr. Wayne Grudem. Individual segments of the interview would have also made the top 30 in their own right, as would my review of Grudem's supreme Systematic Theology.***************At times it looked like it would go on forever, b … [Read more...]