What Changes Us In Preaching – Application or Wonder or Both?

John Piper has an interesting aside that several people have pointed out to me in connection with the quotes I have shared from Warren and Lloyd-Jones on the vital place of application.In it Piper argues that, rather than application, it is the inducing of "wonder" in the hearer that leads to transformation. I ask: Why does it have to be one or the other? I know that a state of wonder that is not then driven home by the preacher can definitely leave me wondering how to apply the truth and how to … [Read more...]

T4G Article 4 – Steve Weaver on Expository Preaching

At the beginning of this year, Steve Weaver posted a multi-part series on expository preaching. I thought I would share a few quotes from this series for you — it is well worth a read if you haven’t already found it."What role does prayer play in the preparation of an expository sermon? Prayer should both precede and permeate your study time. Whenever I open God's Word I almost always pray, "Open my eyes that I may see wondrous things from your law" (Psalm 119:18). But prayer is not just som … [Read more...]

How Stories Change Our Worldview

Andrew Fountain has a great article today on the vital place of stories in shaping the way we see the world. Go and read the whole thing or listen to his sermon which was informed by this approach:There are four levels at which we operate:BehaviourTeachingsAttitudesWorldviewBehaviour can be altered to some extent by external pressure (although ultimately it flows from the underlying layers). Teachings can be taught. Attitudes are far more difficult and need to be taught by example, as Paul and … [Read more...]

T4G Article 4 – Lloyd-Jones on Applying Biblical Truth

I have been addressing the subject of expositional preaching for some time now. I shared a quote from Rick Warren about the vital need for us to learn to apply Scripture. It seems Martyn Lloyd-Jones agrees. This quote is taken once again from the excellent Logos ML-J library. “It is one thing to believe the truth, it is a very different thing to apply it. We did listen, and apply the truth, initially, otherwise we would not be Christians at all. But it is possible for us … to go on, content with … [Read more...]

T4G Article 4 – Rick Warren on the Point of Preaching

This continues our series on preaching, which is based on the fourth article of the Together for the Gospel Statement. The previous post in this series described some of the stereotyped differences in preaching between black and white preachers and what each can learn from the other. In the article I wrote for SermonCentral on technology and preaching, I ended by making the point that we must be careful not to fall into the trap of thinking the preacher’s task is over when we have unpacked a B … [Read more...]

T4G Article 4 – Multicolored Preaching

This continues our series on preaching, which is based on the fourth article of the Together for the Gospel Statement. The previous post in this series warned of some of the dangers of expository preaching.I found this fantastic quote from the pen of Thabiti Anyabwile over at Pure Church describing what preachers who are stereotypically black and those who are stereotypically white MUST learn from each other: “Black preaching” is stereotypically thought to be emotional, even cathartic, rhythmic, … [Read more...]

T4G Article 4 – The Dangers of Expository Preaching

This continues our series on preaching, which is based on the fourth article of the Together for the Gospel Statement. The previous two posts in this series provided outlines for good sermon preparation from John Stott and Alistair Begg. While Expository Thoughts is certainly committed to preaching that is well prepared, they have a great post which points out a trap we can all too easily fall into — even those of us who haven't been to seminary!“. . . It is easy for us as preachers to slip into … [Read more...]

T4G Article 4 – Sermon Preparation by John Stott

I cannot independently confirm the source of this, but I found the following over at Unashamed Workman, described as John Stott’s advice on sermon preparation. If anyone can verify the source I will, of course, acknowledge it. Alistair Begg provides additional thoughts on this subject in my previous post, which can be found here. I. Choose Your Text A. It is best to rely on expository book studies for the steady diet of your people, because this ensures they will get “the whole counsel of God.” B … [Read more...]

A Prayer for an Exhausted Mark Driscoll

Over the weekend Mark Driscoll has posted about feeling exhausted and struggling with poor sleep. He is typically honest and open. More honest and open than many religious Christians would like him to be. I am a little concerned with my psychiatric hat on that such symptoms, if ignored, could be the prelude to something more serious. It maddens me that some bloggers have taken this openness as an opportunity to hit him whilst he is down. Don't they realize how much the church needs men like … [Read more...]

Spurgeon's Challenge to Preachers

This week’s dose of Spurgeon at Pyromaniacs is well worth reading in its entirety. It fits in nicely with my current series on preaching, and in many ways parallels what the Doctor's quote says about “dead orthodoxy” on my blog this morning. Spurgeon believed in Spirit and Word. What a tragedy that many of today's cessationists would feel uncomfortable about this language concerning the Spirit, and that the average charismatic doesn't value the Word of God sufficiently. The urgent need of the hou … [Read more...]