2008 Top Posts Numbers 25 and 26

The 26th most read post on this blog is a set of results from a survey I conducted on sex.The 25th most read post is a set of sermon notes from an old sermon of mine on finding the will of God for your life. … [Read more...]

Catching Up With Mark Driscoll

I have now published all the Mark Driscoll material from his recent visit to the UK. Don't miss the video interviews, and the Dwell material, as well as the talks from Brighton. There is a lot to absorb there. There are also three talks for church elders that I was not present at.Since his return to the US, however, this man has been nothing short of busy!He has interviewed J. I. Packer on Young Christian Leaders, and Homosexuality. He also wrote a series of blog posts on … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – John Piper on Prayer and Bible Study

Yesterday, in the second part of my interview with John Piper, he talked about passionate preaching. Today, John talks about prayer and Bible study, and in particular, his personal "rhythm" for this important discipline. The video of this part of the interview can be seen here.*************************AdrianSo, what you’ve described — I suspect there may be many preachers out there saying, “Okay, I get what you’re saying, but how do I get to that place?” You mentioned prayer. I know prayer is imp … [Read more...]

Terry Virgo Quotes Forsyth on Prayer

Last week Terry shared a challenging quote about prayer. This kind of prayer that will NOT let God go, and will NOT settle for the status quo goes a long way to explaining the secret of Newfrontiers.It's a good place to start as we commence a video interview with Terry this week. Perhaps we should take note how important prayer is to both Terry and the other two people I interviewed on video at New Word Alive - Don Carson and John Piper.Here is the quote:"Lose the importunity of prayer … lose t … [Read more...]

VIDEO INTERVIEW – John Piper on Prayer and Bible Study

UPDATE The written transcript of this segment of my interview with John Piper is now available. It can be read here.So far John has addressed the UK church scene and preaching. In this section of our video interview I asked him about his prayer life, which he described as prayer mingled with the Word rather than separate sections of time for prayer alone and the Word alone. He talked about his Bible study, and how that discipline, along with so many other things in his life, sometimes feels … [Read more...]

VIDEO INTERVIEW – John Piper On New Word Alive and Spring Harvest

UPDATE The written transcript of this video is now available and can be accessed here.At the recent New Word Alive conference I was able to record a four-part interview with John Piper. John rarely gives interviews of any form, so it was a real privilege, and one that I hope you will enjoy.Dr. Piper asked that we begin with prayer. His humble request of God that, for the sake of others, he would help us in our conversation was no mere lifeless routine. Here is a man who oozes the … [Read more...]

Three Women Healed in Different Ways

I want to share three stories with you. The first happened right here at our home church. A woman who had previously had a melanoma removed was told, following a scan, that her cancer had returned, I believe in three places. I know this lady personally. We prayed. Following that, the doctors were unable to find the lump in her neck; it seemed to have disappeared and so could not be biopsied. That caused some consternation to the doctors. They then removed another lump, which actually seemed … [Read more...]

Help for our Prayerlessness – by Sam Storms

Part of the reason for my blog holiday has been, hopefully, to fit more time for prayer into my schedule which, even without blogging, remains tightly packed. As usual, I have not found that as easy as I would like—although I am praying more than I normally do. What is it about prayer that we find so difficult?I thought I would interrupt this blog break to bring you the following prolonged extract from Sam Storms' forthcoming book on Colossians. The daily devotions I am sharing here are all on t … [Read more...]

Review of the Year – Personal Reflections

It's that time of year again—the time when I reflect on the year that has been. I'm going to follow a structure in my reminiscing which will be as follows: In this post I will think about my own personal life, and in particular my relationship with God.In the next post I will consider my family.Then I will consider my church.Finally, I will spend some time reviewing the blog.This order truly does reflect the relative priority I place on each aspect of my life.I find this whole process sets me n … [Read more...]

Prayer, Preaching, and the Anointing of the Spirit

Over at Unashamed Workmen, there are a number of great quotes on the vital place of prayer in preaching. The one that really stood out was in the comments section. I think this quote expresses perfectly why we need to plead with the resurrected Jesus to pour out his Spirit on us before we dare think of preaching: “This divine unction is the one distinguishing feature that separates true gospel preaching from all other methods of presenting truth. It backs and interpenetrates the revealed truth w … [Read more...]