911 Nine years on

This is now the third time I have posted this article. In many ways, nothing much has changed as the years have gone by. I have therefore lightly edited the article but republish it today more or less as I originally published it.The world will never forget 911. Each year I say it, but it still feels in a way like yesterday, despite the fact it is an age ago. We now live in the post 911 world. I am not American, and until early 2003 I had never been to New York. On 9/11, I didn’t lose a loved … [Read more...]

Lloyd-Jones: "Prayer is very difficult, probably the most difficult thing in the Christian life"

I listened to the first of nine new recordings that have been made freely available of the Doctor's last visit to the USA.  He chose to begin by talking about prayer. It is striking how he describes prayer as a real challenge.  We must learn how to wrestle in prayer.  I am constantly being provoked by that challenge to fight in the private place.  Rather than be discouraged by failure, lets press into God and meet him in the place of prayer. … [Read more...]

Tope Koleoso on corporate prayer

Yesterday I spoke about how Terry Virgo and Tope Koleoso are both great at promoting books. Today I want to highlight another aspect that they both in my view stand out in, and it is one that is even more important. This is their commitment to prayer, and corporate prayer in particular. Prayer is vital to the Christian and in this short video shared by my friend Bryan Mowrey Tope explains why.At the beginning of the year we captured Tope praying in public at Jubilee, and unusually decided … [Read more...]

Giving thanks for our food – Guest post by Andrew Fountain

This post comes from my friend Andrew Fountain, pastor of New Life Church Toronto:Some of us were brought up in a legalistic environment where it was a fearful sin to eat food without first “saying grace”.✱ I remember hearing of one woman who wanted to know how much food she there needed to be for her to have to give thanks. She was told that no grace was required for a cookie, but a coffee and doughnut required it. Those of us who have come to enjoy God’s grace and understand that we are no-lo … [Read more...]

Terry Virgo: On Prayer

During my holiday this week, these videos will be published on autopilot. The interviewer is my friend Brian Mowrey, make sure you go subscribe to his blog, as well as Terry Virgo's right away! These videos were mentioned at the recent TOAM event and complement much of what was said there very well. This segment is on prayer, a subject which Terry is well known for after John Piper mentioned one of his sermons in a Tweet.Watch on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

16 Things I am grateful for by Charis Warnock

This is a guest post from my daughter Charis (aged 9). We would do well to follow her example in listing things that she is grateful to God for.  I am sure you don't need me to tell you how pleased I was to read this, especially to see a few of the items she listed.  Here is her list, written without any help:God the bible church the resurrection food water play/fun family friends shelter toys/games sports school/education art music drama/acting … [Read more...]

TOAM10 – Terry Virgo on Prayer from Ephesians 6

Terry began by recommending Lou Fellingham's new CD, and Lex Loizides' new resource on making and using your own personal tract. We had sung one song form that CD which although I had enjoyed hearing it, had never really hit me before today. "Christ in me! My hope and my glory!"Ephesians 6 First we saw the call to be strengthened with the might of God. Then we saw the need to be protected by the armor. Now we get to "finally, praying." It is not part of the armor, but each part should be … [Read more...]

How to pray for John Piper this week

Today I thought I would share part of the transcript of an interview I had with John Piper.  In it Piper talks about what he aims for when he is preaching. Please pray for him that this week, as he speaks in London, it will be like this: I just know that what I want is the gift of self-forgetfulness in what I would call a full engagement, a full passion, a full zeal with what’s there in the text, and the reality of God in and through the text. I want to see him, and know him, be engaged by him, b … [Read more...]

Pascal's experience of God: something many modern Christians miss entirely

One fascinating thing that I quote in Raised With Christ is J. I. Packer's assertion that Puritans were very unlike Christians today in that they liked to talk about their experiences of God. Today I want to share with you the record of a remarkable experience of God had by Pascal. The following quote is a translation of a document found sewn into his clothing after his death. The original French can be found at the link below.The quote that follows is credited by John Piper with having … [Read more...]

Dwell: Terry Virgo on how prayer is essential for church planting

The second session of Saturday's Dwell conference was based on similar material to the most popular video I have ever hosted here. Although I have heard that material before, this was adapted for church leaders, and it did me good to listen to it live and again. I think I will need to hear Terry often on prayer. For I need him to remind me of how essential it is for me to withdraw and wrestle with God.Prayer is essential to church planting.Elijah had seen his nation turn from God. 58 years … [Read more...]