T4G Article 4 – Martyn Lloyd-Jones on Expository Preaching

Most Mondays I take the time to raid my electronic version of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones' materials, which is produced by Logos Bible Software. Today's quote comes from a biography of the Doctor and includes several quotes from his writings that build a clear picture of the Doctor's view of expository preaching. The passage begins with a well-known statement from the Doctor’s book, Preaching and Preachers, about the critical importance of preaching. This post follows on from the quote I shared from J … [Read more...]

T4G Article 4 – John Piper on Expository Preaching

This post is part of a series on the Together for the Gospel Statement. Links to previous posts on Articles 1-3 can be found in the introduction to my post, "The Place of Truth."Article 4We affirm the centrality of expository preaching in the church and the urgent need for a recovery of biblical exposition and the public reading of Scripture in worship. We deny that God-honoring worship can marginalize or neglect the ministry of the Word as manifested through exposition and public reading. We … [Read more...]

Blogging the Together for the Gospel Statement – The Place of Truth

It's been awhile since I last did this, but I intend to revive the series now. For more information about Together for the Gospel, please see my Conference Round Up Post. If you haven't already done so, I would encourage you to read the statement in full — it is available as either a pdf file or as Google's html version. There is also an ongoing Blogger's Challenge which I have set to encourage us all to blog about this Statement — thanks to Crossway for donating five copies of God is the Gospel … [Read more...]

Charles Simeon – The Full Story

Here it is! The full story from Logos of how my e-mail to them led to one of the most exciting pre-pub offers they have had for a long time. Don't say I didn't warn you - you definitely have to move fast to get these at the low price! This is an e-mail from a regular news e-mail Logos sent out. To sign up for more Logos e-mails, see www.logos.com/newswire. Charles Simeon's Horae Homileticae Commentary (21 Volumes) Suggested Retail Price: $699.95Logos Sale Price: $489.95Pre-Publication Special: … [Read more...]

BLOGDOM TODAY – The Effects of Preaching and Religious Experience

The critical thing we must all learn in life is how to make sure that our lives match up to what we have learnt of God. What can we do to insure that the preaching we hear has the desired effect on us and leads to real change? How can we learn to not just be hearers of the Word, but doers also? Watch Your Life and Doctrine Closely is the title of a chapter from a new book based on the Together For the Gospel Conference. C. J. Mahaney's practical advice seems all the more relevant in light of … [Read more...]

25% Off Logos Bible Software by Libronix

UPDATEIn January 2008, the following post was identified as the 26th most-read post on this blog. The 27th most-read post was "The Best Blond Joke in the World Ever."If you don't yet own Logos Bible Software, then this offer is still available. If you purchase through my site, I receive some reimbursement as a result. You will not regret this, I'm sure!***************I'm delighted to be able to bring you a very special deal from one of my favorite Christian companies. Logos Bible Software has … [Read more...]

Preach the Word – A Book on Preaching, Edited by Greg Haslam

This newly released 600-page book needs to quickly become part of the library of every preacher who wants to learn what some of the most influential preachers in the UK think of our shared art, which some have called the highest calling any man can ever receive.Based on an extended preaching conference, this book includes contributions by a wealth of the very best UK preachers.Editor Greg Haslam begins the book with an introduction to preaching and ends it with appendixes on the relationship … [Read more...]

Piper Friday and a Link to the Full Text of "Preaching as Expository Exultation" from T4G

John Piper has published the full text of his sermon from the Together for the Gospel Conference over at the Desiring God website. I have already shared my response to the mp3 of this sermon Pop over to the desiring God site and read the whole sermon there, but for this week's Piper Friday, here is an extract:What you believe about the necessity of preaching and the nature of preaching is governed by your sense of the greatness and the glory of God and how you believe people awaken to that … [Read more...]

More from John Piper on exposition and exultation

After THAT talk at T4G, I found that this article from John Piper from a few years ago explains a bit more about what he is looking for in preaching :-"Whatever you think of the drums, the electric guitar and bass and amplification and T-shirts and platforms cluttered with wires and mikes and speakers, it is unmistakable-the dominant theme of these songs is God-the character of God, the power of God, the mercy of God, the authority of God, and the fatherhood of God. And the hoped-for effect of … [Read more...]

What preachers could learn from Steve Jobs of Apple

I know we are not in business, but I do feel we could learn a lot from the approach of a man like Jobs to communicating an important message. Here are some quotes from a great article from The Guardian"...when Steve steps out on that stage, with its stark black-on-black colour scheme, and does his apparently simple demos, he brings the combined energy and talent of all those people and many more back in Cupertino, California, and channels it to the audience. It makes me think of a magnifying … [Read more...]