DWELL – Mark Driscoll on Preaching Christ

Thanks to my friends at Acts 29 I'm able to share some sessions with you from the Dwell London conference. This is a talk Mark Driscoll gave on how to preach Christ from the entire Bible. You can download the audio, read my notes below, or watch the video right here: No one has a worse life than a church planter’s wife. Her husband is flat broke. He won’t stop working, but makes no money. And he wants to grow his church by getting her pregnant!The big idea is this—“It’s about Jesus!” There i … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – John Piper on Other Preachers and His Call to Ministry

Today I wrap up my interview with John Piper in this last segment. It is based on the video version of the interview, which can be viewed here. John talks about preachers he listens to and describes the circumtances which led him to the pastorate of Bethlehem Baptist Church. The three previous parts to the interview can be read at the following pages: John Piper on New Word AliveJohn Piper on Passionate PreachingJohn Piper on Prayer and Bible StudyAdrianWe have just been talking about studying … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – John Piper on Passionate Preaching

Yesterday we began sharing the transcript of my interview with John Piper at New Word Alive. Today we continue with John Piper talking about passionate preaching. The video of today's segment can be seen here.AdrianPeople do talk about you, John, as having a real sort of passion about you. It’s almost like a zeal, I guess. In fact, particularly when you’re preaching, I certainly experience that, having actually only heard you for the first time in the flesh last night, and so many people aft … [Read more...]

VIDEO – Ed Stetzer Interview – Missional Preaching

In this section of our interview I begin by asking Ed if he thinks there is a particular type of preaching that is missional. … [Read more...]

Tim Keller on Effective Ministry

UPDATEThe Dwell Conference talks are now online, and you can download them.I love the people at Resurgence. They keep sharing more and more video and audio—all for free. After my pastor, Tope, reported his experience in New York I wanted to watch some Tim Keller as, bizarrely, I hadn't yet listened to him or read anything by him. The Dwell talks are not online yet, so I watched Tim Keller's Gospel Coalition talk. I was totally blown away by it! Here are a few of the highlights I picked up.Early o … [Read more...]

VIDEO INTERVIEW – John Piper on the Preachers He Listens To and How He Became a Pastor

UPDATE The written transcript of this segment of my interview with John Piper is now available. It can be read here.This is the fourth and final segment of my interview with John Piper. You can also watch these preceding segments:John Piper on New Word Alive and Spring Harvest John Piper on Passionate Preaching John Piper on Prayer and Bible Study I began this section by asking John which preachers he listens to on his iPOD. He mentioned a number of names, and if you have the … [Read more...]

VIDEO INTERVIEW – John Piper on Passionate Preaching

UPDATE The written transcript of this segment of my interview with John Piper is now available. You can read it here.Yesterday I began speaking with John Piper about New Word Alive and why he comes to the UK. In this segment, I began by putting before John the notion that he has an unusual degree of passion and anointing when preaching. I even quoted Lig Duncan, who said that he wondered if he had ever really preached after hearing Piper's talk at the first Together for the Gospel … [Read more...]

Edwin Millington Warnock – Founder of a Gospel Dynasty

My grandfather, Edwin Warnock, was an evangelistic tent preacher. He was from Scotland, but came down to England, where he married a Londoner but lived in Suffolk. He had six children—five boys and one girl. Sadly, one boy died young. Each of the other boys married and had two boys. In my father's and one other case, they also had a girl. My auntie also married and had two girls and one boy. Many of those thirteen Warnock cousins of mine are now married themselves and have begun their own f … [Read more...]

ASK THE DOCTOR – What Do You Mean By Unction in Preaching?

In a variation on the “Ask a Blogger” theme, I received this e-mail, which was effectively asking Doctor Martyn Lloyd-Jones a question.“I have been doing some research lately on the revivals in Wales and the ministry of Christmas Evans and have come across an emphasis in the Welsh Revivals and in Lloyd-Jones on unction in preaching. Even C. J. Mahaney referenced this in a recent post on his blog: Recommended Chapters on Preaching. Long question, short: Is there anything that you’ve posted on unct … [Read more...]

Four or Five-Fold Ministry in Ephesians 4?

More than once I have been accused of appropriating Lloyd-Jones to my charismatic cause. Today I want to restart my MLJ Monday tradition by sharing a quote which comes from a context where the Doctor is strongly disagreeing with one of my positions. He is talking about the so-called Ephesians 4 ministries. The Doctor divides these into two groups, believing that all but pastors and teachers are temporary. I believe that they all continue, although I think of modern-day apostles as being, in some … [Read more...]