John Piper Disagrees With Wayne Grudem Over Baptism Graciously

As a model of how two friends can honestly, robustly, and yet graciously disagree over an issue of importance, see the following post I have re-titled "Wayne, Wayne, Wayne...". Justin Taylor has also linked to this, and there is interesting discussion in his comments section. I somehow suspect we may not have seen the last of this debate since surely Dr. Grudem won't pretend he hasn't read this!Lots of people know that Wayne Grudem and I are the deepest of friends. We love to room together at … [Read more...]

Wayne Grudem Changes His Mind on Baptism

Last year I intereviewed Wayne Grudem, the leading systematic theologian of our day — at least in terms of readership of his Systematic Theology. He spoke about changing his mind about baptism from a position that it is fine for a church to have a compromise position about it. You can read what he had to say here. Justin Taylor now reports that the relevant section in Grudem's book has been rewritten for a new reprint. Justin has the whole new section on his blog, but here is an extract: … [Read more...]

Mark Dever and Ancient Baptistries

Mark Dever has been visiting ancient baptistries during his ministry trip to Italy. This picture is of the baptistry in which Ambrose baptised Augustine.Everybody's favorite Presbyterians, Lig Duncan and David Wayne, will be interested to know some facts about this baptistry.Firstly, it's BIG — surely only necessary if you are planning to baptise an adult by immersion?Secondly, it's round so that everyone can get a good view, suggesting that baptism is seen as a testimony to others at least as m … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Liam Goligher on the Crisis in Evangelicalism

It was a real privilege to speak with Liam Goligher recently, and it is a delight to now bring a report of that conversation here to my blog. Liam is a trustee of the Keswick Convention and a well-known Bible teacher. He leads Duke Street Church, an independent church in Richmond, UK which has approximately 400 members, with many more attending, making it a large church for England.Liam comes from a very different church background than I do. For example, he is happy to use the identification … [Read more...]

Infant Baptism- JOLLYBLOGGER takes up the gauntlet

JOLLYBLOGGER begins a debate on Infant Baptism following on from the gauntlet I laid down which itself forms part of the debate on the simple gospel with a surprising admission:"At the outset I will admit that our practice of infant baptism is a theologically derived doctrine that is justified as a deduction that is a 'good and necessary consequence' from Scripture. The Westminster Confession of Faith, chapter 1, paragraph 6 says: The whole counsel of God concerning all things necessary for … [Read more...]

"Infant baptism cannot be argued from the bible" says methodist blogger

My earlier gauntlet on Infant baptism has led to the following frank admission: "I have to be honest that the practice of infant baptism is cannot be well-argued from the New Testament. The best that can be done is to claim that it might be implicit in the practice of household baptism, though that is far from certain. But we do know that it is a very ancient practice in the church, as the situation changed from a church of adult converts to include the children of Christian parents. It is … [Read more...]

The paedobaptist gauntlet

Half Pint House is frustrated as no one will engage with him on questions he has asked about why infant baptism is encouraged. Heres my reply on his comments section Let me know if you get answers to these questions. As a non-paedobaptist I doubt you will get very clear ones. For me, if there is any doubt at all about whether babies should be baptised we should leave them unbaptised. Why? Based on a Warnock law of decision making- considering worst case scenarios.If I dont baptise my … [Read more...]