It's not just your tears God wants

He wants every emotion you are capable of. He wants them all expressed to him, and most of them directed towards him. Last week I blogged about God's challenge to me not to be embarrassed about my crying because of him. Today, I want to extend that challenge again to all of us. God does not want us to be emotionally impaired.  Piper shows us in this short quote that the Psalms are a great place to go for help with this: The Psalms are songs or poems. That’s what the word psalm means. They are me … [Read more...]

Pascal's experience of God: something many modern Christians miss entirely

One fascinating thing that I quote in Raised With Christ is J. I. Packer's assertion that Puritans were very unlike Christians today in that they liked to talk about their experiences of God. Today I want to share with you the record of a remarkable experience of God had by Pascal. The following quote is a translation of a document found sewn into his clothing after his death. The original French can be found at the link below.The quote that follows is credited by John Piper with having … [Read more...]

Jesus is better

When a pastor tells you that a certain passage of Scripture has been one of the most influential on his life, and is among the most precious to him you take notice. When he says that it is a passage he thinks about, or makes reference to almost every week your ears should prick up. When he then spends just a few minutes explaining why that is so it is well worth watching. This excerpt from Jubilee's service last Sunday is Tope Koleoso introducing communion and explaining why only one thing is … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW with Sam Parker of Soul Survivor

This interview took place at New Word Alive, where Sam was one of the worship leaders:How did you get involved in leading worship?I joined Soul Survivor when I was eighteen, taking a year out. I got involved in worship.  Worship was always something I was interested in, even since I was five. I went to a conference, possibly with Ishmael, and ever since then I wanted to worship Jesus through music.  I still remember the first time I led worship in a small Anglican church when I was younger.  … [Read more...]

Not new frontiers

The Billy Graham Center in Wheaton has an interesting section on certain aspects of evangelical history. One part that stood out to me when I was there was a series of pictures of a "frontier camp meeting" that took place around 1814. Most of my long-term readers will know that I am part of a reformed charismatic group called Newfrontiers.  Hence it was somewhat amusing to me to see the name, and rather nice to see further evidence that raising hands in church is not a novel invention:Since … [Read more...]

Are You Sinning by Not Rejoicing?

"I think we all sin by needlessly disobeying the apostolic injunction to "rejoice" as much as by anything else."  C. S. Lewis, The Problem of Pain.Very many Christians give the impression that God orders us to be miserable for him. Some even imply that the more miserable we are, the more holy we are.  This is a million miles away from the Bible's frequent and repeated commands to us to be full of joy in the Lord.  Many church services are devoid of celebration.  But as Terry Virgo said, "The Go … [Read more...]

SERMON: Rejoice In The Lord By Adrian Warnock

My final sermon of the year was preached at Jubilee Church, London. You can download audio and video or watch it here:download audioPhilippians 4:4 “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice.”Speaking about joy—Season of goodwill is upon us—“Happy Christmas” we say, but it can be a stressful and sorrowful time for many.An epidemic of depression. Some biological, but much caused by wrong thinking and difficult relationships.Everybody wants to be happy—even the person who kill … [Read more...]

Don't You Dare Try and Worship God With Your Hands In Your Pockets!

My pastor, Tope Koleoso did not say the words in the title of this post. But they are very consistent with the tone and thrust of the following sermon on worship which follows on from what he said last week. I would strongly encourage you to watch both of these talks as you will find they have a fresh and challenging perspective on worship.The video is available in HD at In response to what we have been hearing about worship, this coming Sunday will be a special … [Read more...]

Worship His Majesty!

It seems to me that us reformed believers run the risk that we recognize God is holy, but it can feel as though he is distant. To us charismatics God may instead feel close, but perhaps not seem glorious. Reformed believers understand something of the sovereignty of God, and his glory. All too often, however, we fall into the trap of worshipping a remote God who is not really immanent. As a result God is essentially nowhere to be seen, felt, or experienced. Charismatics often enjoy a sense of … [Read more...]

TOAM Interview With Evan Rogers and His Wife, Tracy

Evan Rogers And Tacy Rogers from Adrian Warnock on Vimeo.This interview with this energetic worship leader and his wife took place at Together On A Mission. You can read more about Evan at or listen to his music at or buy his new CD at … [Read more...]