More Reflections From Jesse Phillips on the Lakeland 'Revival Meetings'

Having shared my own thoughts, along with Jesse's view of the worship, and some other events of the evening, as well as his subsequent reflections, we resume Jesse's report today, beginning with more of his reflections on the meeting he attended. “Fourth, there was not an emphasis on preaching from a doctrinal standpoint; rather, there seemed to be a great emphasis on faith, wholeness, healing, and inner light. Again, many things were said that are true. But I think what was missing was that the … [Read more...]

Worship at the Lakeland, Florida 'Revival Meetings'

Yesterday I spoke about my reaction to the little I know about what has been going on in meetings run by Todd Bentley in Lakeland, Florida. Today I begin a special report brought to us by my dear friend, Jesse Phillips, who is a Sovereign Grace pastor in the Florida area. He visited the meetings himself one evening. The following is his unabridged report.*************************The thing I was immediately impressed with as we showed up, and throughout the whole night, was the overwhelming sense … [Read more...]

NWA08 – Interview with Phatfish

It was a thrill to be able to interview Nathan Fellingham today as my final New Word Alive interview. You can download the audio here.Nathan is married to Lou Fellingham, who will soon release her new solo album. They, together with Nathan's brother, Luke, and Mike Sanderman form the fantastic Christian band, Phatfish.Phatfish have written a number of great Christian songs. These include There is a Day, Holy, and O God of Love. You can legally download music, lyrics, and MP3s from the Fellingham … [Read more...]

NWA08 – Interview With Stuart Townend

I had the pleasure of interviewing Stuart Townend today. Stuart is based in Church of Christ the King, a Newfrontiers church in Brighton, UK, which is also home to Phatfish, Paul Oakley, and Terry Virgo.Here is an abridged and adapted version of that interview. The entire interview can be accessed at the end of this post and is well worth listening to in its entirety. Stuart was a joy to interview and clearly passionate about worship and doctrine.AdrianHow are you finding the … [Read more...]

My Soul Clings to the Dust

Hi! Mrs. W. here again. When I read this passage this morning, I was reminded of flowers, like in this picture. They are so fragile, so vulnerable, and so utterly dependent upon God for their fleeting lives. Today being the day we remember many who lost their lives in the atrocious terrorist attacks, I am only too aware of how fleeting life can be, and how vulnerable we all actually are. I can imagine the flower saying, "My soul clings to the dust; give me life according to your word!" My … [Read more...]

A Revival Hymn

I thought I'd share this hymn with you today. It was written by William Booth, and a modern tune by a friend of mine has made it eminently singable today. Always good to remind ourselves of the need for revival!The music and mp3 are available from Kingsway.O GOD OF BURNING, CLEANSING FLAMESend the fire!Your blood-bought gift today we claim:Send the fire today!Look down and see this waiting host,And send the promised Holy Ghost;We need another Pentecost!Send the fire today!Send the fire … [Read more...]

TOAM07 – Video of Prayer Giving and Worship

This week I have been more conscious than usual of how very different we in Newfrontiers are from the church experience that many of my readers have had. I am conscious that sharing this amateur video clip might surprise some of you. You will see us praying, worshiping, and giving an offering, but doing each of these in a way quite unlike what you may have seen before. The Adrian who can enjoy being a part of all this really is the same Adrian who last week was battling for the doctrine of the … [Read more...]

WorshipGod06 – Experiencing the Presence of God

BOB KAUFLIN'S BREAK-OUT SESSION AT WG06CHALLIES - SESSION 3"I attended an afternoon break-out session led by Bob Kauflin on “Healthy Tensions in Corporate Worship.” In this session, Bob broke down fifteen seemingly opposing ideals that have to be held in tension with one another."IsaiahSix shares what he heard at an afternoon WG06 break-out session.Tags: SGMChallies has notes from Session 3:"How many times have we gathered with the church to worship God and been unaware or only vaguely aware tha … [Read more...]

WorshipGod06 – The Presence of God

CHALLIES - INTRODUCTIONDOXOLOGUE COMMENTS CHALLIES - SESSION 1 FIDE-O ON OPENING NIGHT"I hope when people think of Sovereign Grace Ministries they do not think primarily of one small component of the ministry's beliefs. Sovereign Grace is, if not unique at least notable, for being both Reformed and Charismatic, but there is so much more to this organization than its view of the continuing gifts of the Spirit. This is an organization, a group of godly men and women, who truly seek to serve God in … [Read more...]

WorshipGod06 – Let the Blogging Begin!

WorshipGod06 - The Official BlogCheck out the WG06 website and blog.Tags: SGMWorshipGod06Well here it is . . the typical conference blogsearch feed. Just make sure you use the words "WorshipGod06," "Sovereign Grace Ministries," or simply "WG06" in your posts and Blogsearch is coming to get you!Tags: blogsearch cool sgmChallies is on His Way to Worship God 06In two days, the latest Challies liveblogging adventure begins. Let me know if YOU are also planning to blog about the SGM conferenceTags: … [Read more...]