UK 300 conference: Developing an Evangelism Culture

Developing an Evangelism Culture with Rice Broocks and Tope KoleosoThis Autumn, the 300 Leadership conference  which is run by Jubilee Church London, will be on Saturday October 11th from 9am to 3pm. Our guest speaker will be Rice Broocks. My pastor, Tope Koleoso will also be sharing a session.The topic we will be dealing with is "Developing A Culture of Evangelism."  Our goal is to help church leadership teams build an environment where engaging unbe … [Read more...]

Q and A time with Eddy Leo and Terry Virgo

After last week's videos from Eddy Leo and Terry Virgo, you may have a lot of questions.  If so, perhaps some of them were answered for you in this Q and A time:Download the mp3 … [Read more...]

Bob Roberts pastors his church

It was wonderful today to see my dear friend as he skillfully pastored his own people today. I wanted to share with you some notes from his sermon.The greatest sermons are not the greatest expositions but the sermons that are lived. It doesn't do any good to simply know what Gods word says we have to live it. If we believe truly that Jesus is the only way we should love everybody. We should want everyone Muslim, atheist or whoever to hear about Jesus. God wants us to be his servant.We … [Read more...]

People of faith reaching out to serve the community

The final session had the following panelSUHAIL KHAN ANDY BRANER AZHAR AZEEZ DAVE GIBBONS KEVIN BROWNWe need to work to bring faith back to the public square. We can reach out locally and around the world as faith groups to partner with communities to make a difference. Allowing for a clash of cultures can lead to innovation. It is important for us to get out of our churches and serve the world. It is important for us to counter the misconceptions people have.We must serve … [Read more...]

Reconciliation and the role of people of faith

Today's session included the following speakers:AYATOLLAH AHMAD IRAVANI RICK LOVE RASHAD HUSSAIN DOUGLAS JOHNSTON TOM DINEThe Ayatollah explained that he is now an American citizen and feels like he has Iran as a mother, and America as a father, but that they are not getting on well at the moment. He feels his role is to try and be a bridge of understanding between the two.Many Jews want peace with Iran. Tom Dine, a leading Jew stated that his view was that Iranians and … [Read more...]

Getting the message out

This afternoon's panel included the following speakersRABBI YITZCHOK ADLERSTEIN, GOVERNOR DAVID BEASLEY A. LARRY ROSS MARK GALLI RICK LOVE SUHAIL KHANThey were each asked what their message is. For all of them they wanted to promote peace and understanding between people of faith. As Bob Roberts keeps stressing this does NOT mean that we compromise our faith, nor does it mean that we pretend we agree. Bob keeps saying here that he longs for everybody to follow Jesus.The … [Read more...]

Is peace possible between Israel and Palestine?

Here at the Global Faith Forum we had another fascinating session where the peace efforts between Jews and Arabs were discussed. I chose to listen rather than write. But Scott Beebe has posted his notes here.The session addressed ideas and research which is explained more fully in the website Is Peace Possible?.Bob Roberts acknowledged that Evangelicals have often been biased towards the Jews. He said it was important that we were both pro Israeli and pro Palestinian. … [Read more...]

Women in various religions

This morning here at the Global Faith Forum there was a conversation between three women representing the three Abrahamic faiths. I have interweaved my notes of the session which had a lot of back and forth.The first woman was Dr Nia Mackay. She is a Muslim, and originally from Indonesia. She grew up in a family that encouraged children to think. and was taught that whatever you do should be for the love of God. She was shocked to hear that some women in Islamic countries were not allowed to … [Read more...]

See you in Texas? Come and join the global marketplace for Faith

The vision of who are kind enough to host this blog is to "host the conversation on faith." I outlined in my first ever post on the site why I was thrilled to join in. We really do live in a global village, and so it is vital that we learn how to really listen to each other, and show true respect.  Sometimes that mutual respect and understanding is absent in conversations even with those in our own faith (resisting the temptation to give an example...but regular readers will know … [Read more...]

To live is Christ, to die is gain

I am very grateful to God that, despite Mat Chandler's brain cancer diagnosis, God has spared him for the sake of his family, and for more service.I will never forget him preaching at Jubilee Church still with a closely cropped head of hair because of chemotherapy.He explained to us then that he will never be free of what is effectively a sword hanging over his head. He lives each day as a man who may die tomorrow. Yet with a steely gaze, staring down the congregation as though we were … [Read more...]