Virgo: Joseph as a picture of the charismatic church

Tope: I remember, actually, you tweeted recently that you listened to a sermon that you preached... how long ago was that?Terry: Thirty years ago...yah.Tope: And the voice was different.Terry: That’s funny, yes, my son, my youngest son said to me ‘Have you heard your voice on this recording?’ So I said ‘What’s he talking about?’ So I turned it on and it’s strange how your own voice sounds so different thirty years ago. But I was talking about Joseph and just listening to it reminds yo … [Read more...]

Interview with Terry Virgo – A vision for the church

This is the first in a multi-part series of interview clips that I filmed with Terry Virgo when he was in London with us. You will enjoy, and for those without broadband, a transcript of the video will also be shared.Edited Transcript:Adrian: Hi I’m Adrian Warnock and I’m here with Terry Virgo and Tope Koleoso. It’s a pleasure to have you both here. Terry, I came under your ministry back in 1978 or something ridiculous like that, and I’ve known Tope since 1995. So I’ve known you both … [Read more...]

Terry Virgo- What do we mean by being filled with the Spirit?

Here is the video, downloads and my notes from Terry Virgo's second session at this month's 300 Leaders event:Downloads: mp3, videoIn his first session, Terry spoke about the Spirit-filled church. This requires Spirit-filled people. We need to help people come into understanding, so they will be clear. Terry will almost always explain the Bible to people before praying for them to receive.Acts 1:4.V8 is called the key to understanding the book of Acts. The disciples had … [Read more...]

What Kind of House? Apostles, their delegates, multiculturalism, prayer, worship, & mission

This is the second part of a set of notes on Terry Virgo's first session at 300 Leaders.  I have previously shared the video and downloads for the whole talk.3. There was Barnabus. He had been sent. The Apostles were staying in Jerusalem. People have written about whether that was right or wrong. But they heard about another church coming to birth. Barnabas was sent as an apostolic delegate. He was known by the Apostles, and he represented them. It was rather like Timothy later on. … [Read more...]

What Kind of House will you build? (Acts 13) – Prophets and Teachers

Here is the video, downloads, and first part of my notes from Terry Virgo's first session at 300 Leaders this month.Downloads: audio,  videoThis is a theme that has been on Terry's heart for many years. He began by reading the following Bible verses: Acts 6:11-15, 7:46-50, 11:19-30, 12:25-13:3.“What kind of house will you build for me?”We will look at Stephen and the ramifications of his clarity, vision and martyrdom. Some of his friends arrived in Antioch after his death. He … [Read more...]

Why I am excited about The Spirit Filled Church

My headache is getting better. I thought I would share with you tonight the video of me speaking about Terry Virgo's new book. This was me speaking to Newfrontiers leaders at Prayer and Fasting. It will give you a good idea of why I am so looking forward to 300 Leaders tomorrow. I just bought my son a ticket as he decided he'd like to come too, you can still check in now as there are a few places left! … [Read more...]

What are you doing this Saturday? Nothing? Join me at 300 Leaders!

Perhaps you are one of my reformed readers.  Maybe you have never heard a charismatic speak let alone one who shares your love for the doctrines of grace.  If so, and you can get to London in a few days time, then it is not too late to sign up for the 300 Leaders conference.   It promises to be a fantastic use of your Saturday morning.  Terry Virgo is a father in the faith.  Few men get to start a movement that grows to over 800 churches in over 60 nations.  Few men are so widely respected.  Fe … [Read more...]

Jack Hayford Q and A at 300 Leaders

If you have been enjoying these videos, please consider joining us for the next 300 event with Terry Virgo on the Spirit Filled Church. The following video is of a brief Q and A session at the 300 Leaders Conference. A more extended interview took place later that afternoon. You can watch it in three parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 … [Read more...]

Jack Hayford at 300 Leaders Conference, Session 2

This is the second video from the recent 300 Leaders event with Jack Hayford followed by some rough notes I took:Keys of the kingdom This was not an assignment to Peter for what he would become nor a hierarchical system. Peter is a small stone, as opposed to the mighty rock on which Jesus builds his church. What he said establishes the foundation stone. He still builds his church using people who know who Jesus is. He is talking to them as a group about the plans he has. It’s the i … [Read more...]

Jack Hayford at 300 Leaders: Spirit-Filled Leadership Session 1

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of listening to Jack Hayford at the 300 Leaders Conference. If you enjoyed this event, or the video you may want to book for our next one, where Terry Virgo is the speaker. Below is a video of Hayford's first session followed by some rough notes that I took:Hayford began by saying, "My calling card is that I am a pastor. I am a shepherd of the church of God. I didn't set out to be successful. I didn't set out to pastor a mega church, but I did set out … [Read more...]