SERMON: What has sustained John Piper for thirty years?

These notes are from the morning session of the 300 conference we recently had with John Piper. I have set them to auto-publish today, as I have been reliably informed that by now the video and audio of both this talk and the excellent Q and A should be available from pop over and watch it if like me you are getting Piper withdrawal syndrome! I hope you enjoy this talk which was vintage John Piper. He was clearly enjoying himself as he preached one of only a very few messages … [Read more...]

Christian Hedonism and Christian Marriage

The final post in my series interacting with John Piper is again on marriage. Seeking the happiness of yourself in the happiness of your wife is key to a joyful relationship. We look forward to hearing from John tomorrow, and in due time I will share notes and video of the sessions here. May all our marriages be informed by this quote:A husband and wife should pursue their own joy in the joy of each other. There is scarcely a more hedonistic passage in the Bible than Ephesians 5:25–30. This t … [Read more...]

Prioritizing your marriage

The single thing that has impressed me most about John Piper is his recent decision to pull back from ministry for a few months, with only a couple of exceptions. This was in order to put his wife first and spend some proper time with her, disengaged from doing ministry for God, a very godly and wise act. Your marriage is your first ministry calling.  God himself should come before everything, but family comes a close second. Do keep remembering the Pipers in your prayers. I have this week been … [Read more...]

Why burning the candle at both ends is sin

Has it ever struck you that trying to avoid sleep so we can accomplish more is as sinful as it is foolish. For sure we can do it for a short time, and there may be times when it is right to do just that. But for many burned out executives, sleep is something to be rationed so they can be more productive.  Actually, as John Piper tells us, God has designed our bodies so we simply cannot play that game without big cost. He has done this for a reason: Psalm 127:2 says, “It is in vain that you rise u … [Read more...]

It's not just your tears God wants

He wants every emotion you are capable of. He wants them all expressed to him, and most of them directed towards him. Last week I blogged about God's challenge to me not to be embarrassed about my crying because of him. Today, I want to extend that challenge again to all of us. God does not want us to be emotionally impaired.  Piper shows us in this short quote that the Psalms are a great place to go for help with this: The Psalms are songs or poems. That’s what the word psalm means. They are me … [Read more...]

How to pray for John Piper this week

Today I thought I would share part of the transcript of an interview I had with John Piper.  In it Piper talks about what he aims for when he is preaching. Please pray for him that this week, as he speaks in London, it will be like this: I just know that what I want is the gift of self-forgetfulness in what I would call a full engagement, a full passion, a full zeal with what’s there in the text, and the reality of God in and through the text. I want to see him, and know him, be engaged by him, b … [Read more...]

Ask John Piper a question this week

When Piper announced his sabbatical, he mentioned that there were three foreign trips that he would be taking. We in the UK are thrilled that a trip to London was one of them. He will be preaching at two leaders conferences and on Sunday morning at Jubilee Church.  His wife and daughter will travel with him and they will get to enjoy some vacation time also.The Ask John Piper series is very popular and he is very good at Q and A times. So we are pleased that he has agreed to take questions at … [Read more...]

BOOK NOW if you want to hear John Piper in London: Last few places!

 As I have mentioned before, on June 26th John Piper will be the speaker at our second "300 Leaders" event here in London. This is an opportunity to you to hear Piper in a smaller, more intimate setting, and network with other leader from a variety of different backgrounds.  You need to book in now tickets are almost sold out.Piper will also be preaching at Jubilee Church in North London at 10 AM the next day. This will be following his speaking engagement at the EMA which I … [Read more...]

The second Matt Chandler 300 Leaders session

This is the second session of the recent leadership conference ran at Jubilee. There is also a fantastic Q and A session is also available. My notes follow the video:watch on vimeo2 Tim 2When Chandler was proposed to the Village as a prospective pastor, he was (and still is) a Charismatic complementarian Calvinist with no college degree. So wasn't expecting to get the job.There's a way that seems right to man that ends in death. He showed them the Bible way, and found that … [Read more...]

Matt Chandler at 300 leaders: None but Jesus

This is the first session of our recent 300 leaders conference with Matt Chandler. If you enjoy it, I am sure you would also enjoy being with us for Piper in just a few weeks. My notes from this session are beneath the video.Watch on vimeo or download the audio.Chandler took us to some verses from Matthew 28 that he said we should all be familiar with "or you probably shouldn't be a leader!" Matt explained that the idea of church building was easy to celebrate but getting there … [Read more...]