Real men DO cry

A couple of weeks back I was on my way to the Dwell conference, an Acts 29 event. I was listening to Lou Fellingham's new album on my iPhone. As I neared the meeting place the track "My God Cares" came on. Without any warning, I found myself moved to tears. The compassion of God impacted me once again. I was caught up in the moment, experiencing the love of God, and amazed by his unrelenting desire to save.But then a wave of slight anxiety hit me. I was about to go into a public meeting. It … [Read more...]

EdStetzer on How to do church

These are my notes from the final session of Dwell London. Ed Stetzer was the speaker.He wanted us to focus on Why not how. Tools not rules. We are in a time of transition. Many churches are frustrated. Looking for new ways, new models. We need to think biblically and culturally about how do church.Ecclesiology is the study of the church. If our ecclesiology is driven by mission, this should lead to contextually appropriate churches. Culture does matter. We all live in culture. Evey church … [Read more...]

The State of the Evangelical Movement – from Ed Stetzer with my own thoughts interjected

These notes reflect my own impressions of what Ed Stetzer had to say at the recent Dwell London event. He was doing a seminar for cross-cultural workers to help them understand the current evangelical movement.  There are many of my own comments entwined with what Ed actually had to say. So blame me, rather than him for anything you disagree with, and credit him and not me for anything useful! Anytime I use the word “I” in these notes, this definitely reflects my opinion, not Ed’s necessarily. An … [Read more...]

Dwell: Terry Virgo on how prayer is essential for church planting

The second session of Saturday's Dwell conference was based on similar material to the most popular video I have ever hosted here. Although I have heard that material before, this was adapted for church leaders, and it did me good to listen to it live and again. I think I will need to hear Terry often on prayer. For I need him to remind me of how essential it is for me to withdraw and wrestle with God.Prayer is essential to church planting.Elijah had seen his nation turn from God. 58 years … [Read more...]

Dwell London 2010 Session 1 – Steve Timmis

Last weekend's Dwell conference was kicked off by Steve Timmis. He entitled his talk "To boldly go," basing it on Romans 15.13This verse is not just a benedictory prayer. This approach to it fails to take account of it's true place in this sometimes overlooked chapter. Rather Paul is praying these great themes into the hearts of believers so he can take them to where he wants them to be.  Biblical hope is a firm confidence in the ability and willingness of God to keep his promises.  God has e … [Read more...]

Ed Stetzer Interviews Terry Virgo of Newfrontiers

Terry Virgo founded Newfrontiers back in the mid 1970s. He was church planting before it was cool. He formed a missional network before the phrase was coined. There are now over 700 Newfrontiers churches spread out on every continent. Most of these began as house churches. But many of them have grown to become warehouse churches. Each of these churches and the movement as a whole is founded on prayer. It is a movement that has aimed to reconstruct a New Testament model of church, convinced from … [Read more...]

Ed Stetzer on tour in London

Ed lays out well the missional challenge that London represents. Could God be calling YOU to come over and help us? The world lives in this great city of mine. If you want to reach people from all over the world with the gospel of Jesus you can come here to to do it!Watch on vimeo … [Read more...]