Receiving the Holy Spirit

At the recent Mobilise USA event, Tope Koleoso spoke in a seminar about receiving the Holy Spirit. I encourage you to listen to the audio of the session and some notes follow. Other audio is available from the Newfrontiers USA site.1. The MandateTHE WELL John 4:14 “Receive the Holy Spirit.” John 20:22 “be filled with the Spirit”, Ephesians 5:182. The MeansJesus is the - Baptiser in the Holy Spirit  John 1:33-34 (ESV)JOHN 7:37  "On the last day of the feast, the great day, Jesu … [Read more...]

Mobise USA 2011 Songlist

There are usually some loose ends to tie up after a conference of blogging. One thing I increasingly like to do is where possible share the song list. This can help those who were there find downloads of the songs, and perhaps bring them back to their churches if they are new to them. So, thanks to Jordan Dillon for letting me know the following list:Our God - Chris Tomlin/Matt Redman and friends... You never let go - Matt Redman Because of Your love - Al Gordon Jesus Saves - Tim … [Read more...]

Avoiding Pracictal Atheism (1 Thess 4:8) Bo Noonan

God is our adoptive father. We are in the family of God. But many of us live like we don't know that God is our father. God is not guilt tripping, and he is not insecure. But he is often asking us, do you realize that I am your Father?Atheists believe there is no God and so why would he affect our lives at all. But many Christians live as though God is not real. You may believe certain doctrines, but they don't affect your life. Belief is meant to affect how you act.God made the … [Read more...]

Living by Faith (Joshua 5-6) by Tope Koleoso

Salvation belongs to the Lord. The whole Bible is a story of deliverance. God delivers his people by miracles. When they came out of Egypt they sung "who is there like you O God" They were also destined by promises. He tells them "I will give you the land." The slavish mentality needed to be broken. God opens the sea for them. He guided them with heavenly GPS, he made sure their shoes never run out. They were kept by the supernatural.But God was not pleased with them because they … [Read more...]

Mobilise USA: From Generation to Generation – Judges 2:6-10 Brian Mowrey

Brian Mowrey began by explaining how this passage has haunted him. It took just one generation to forget what God had done for the nation. In the USA church scene it can look as though the best days are in the past. The decline in percentage of evangelicals is striking: 65% of Builder generation (pre-war), 35% of the boomer generation, 16% of Gen X, and of the Millenial generation, just 4%. There is a generation who does not know God, but God loves to redeem things. The church is a … [Read more...]

Live a God Centered Life – Tope Koleoso (1 Tim 4:16)

Almost 500 raucous students and twenties just created a whole lot of noise in this place. But, as a hotel guest who was not part of the conference noted, it was not because of too much drinking. The music sounded at times like it would not have been out of place at a party. There was dancing, there were hands lifted. We celebrated our Great God. There is truly no one like our Jesus. Our God really does reign. We were served well by a band that enthusiastically led us into God's … [Read more...]

Mobilise USA begins

So they not only let me into the country, they also let me into the students and twenties conference! Back home in the UK I am routinely banned from going to students and twenties events, even when they call it twenties PLUS as our guys back at Jubilee London do. I suppose that as I do actually turn 40 in just a couple of months, I should not be surprised. Shh...don't tell my American friends or they might throw me out! Gonna feel a bit old over the next few days, unless I just pretend to be … [Read more...]

A year on, and a return to the other country

I have had the pleasure of traveling fairly widely thanks to my job. I travel so often, and at times for such short periods, that I don't always mention on the blog when I am away. But there is one country that I tend to look forward to visiting more than almost any other. I am of course talking about the USA, often referred to affectionately by us Brits as "the other country".I look forward to my trips to the USA because I feel so at home there. I have so many friends there, and so many … [Read more...]