Welsh Mountains On The Way To New Word Alive

Welsh Mountains On The Way To New Word Alive from Adrian Warnock on Vimeo.This was taken on top of a mountain in Wales. I didn't use the external microphone so it sounds a bit windy and you can hear a bit of camera noise. This is an example of why an external microphone is such a good idea. … [Read more...]

2008 Top Posts Numbers 9 and 10

In 10th place is one of the first articles I ever wrote, although it was not published on the blog until more recently. It discusses the "Toronto Blessing."In at 9th place is my series of posts on New Word Alive 2008. … [Read more...]

VIDEO – In View of God’s Mercy

This little video was used for the New Word Alive 2008 conference and does a great job of summarizing the glorious message of the Bible, which is that God forgives fallen people like you and me! … [Read more...]

Together On A Mission 2008 – The Newfrontiers Conference

Begining tomorrow I will be live-blogging the Newfrontiers conference, Together On A Mission. (I will shorten this to TOAM.)My posts will all be found on my TOAM08 label page. You can download the mp3s of this week's talks by subscribing to the new Newfrontiers podcast, which will be an easy way for you to get access to the mp3s for free.Newfrontiers is a family of reformed charismatic churches that began in England and now reaches into many nations. Last year we had 53 nations represented in … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Terry Virgo on Valuing Word And Spirit

This concludes my interview with Terry and Wendy Virgo. Today Terry provides insight into why he decided to work together with the New Word Alive conference. He also tells us how he chooses who to work with, and in particular, what led him to invite Mark Driscoll to the Brighton Conference, which will begin on July 8th. (I will be live-blogging the conference.) The video of this segment of the interview can be viewed here.The two previous segments of this interview with Terry and Wendy can be … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Terry and Wendy Virgo on Itinerant Ministry

This is the second installment of my interview with Terry and Wendy Virgo which began yesterday. That segment can be read here. The video version of this part of the interview can be seen here.*************************AdrianWendy, I want to ask you something now because it’s been awhile since you’ve had a chance to get a word in edgewise—I suspect you might be used to that! (Laughter) How has it been for you with your husband—obviously in the younger years, away a lot—leaving you at home with the … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Terry and Wendy Virgo at New Word Alive

Today I am going to share the written transcript of the first segment of a three-part interview with Terry Virgo and his wife, Wendy at the New Word Alive Conference in North Wales. The video of that segment can be seen here. I have also previously interviewed Terry here.In this segment I ask them to tell us a little bit about what they do, what is Newfrontiers, and how Terry came to speak at the New Word Alive Conference this year.*************************AdrianHi. I’m Adrian Warnock. I blog o … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – John Piper on Other Preachers and His Call to Ministry

Today I wrap up my interview with John Piper in this last segment. It is based on the video version of the interview, which can be viewed here. John talks about preachers he listens to and describes the circumtances which led him to the pastorate of Bethlehem Baptist Church. The three previous parts to the interview can be read at the following pages: John Piper on New Word AliveJohn Piper on Passionate PreachingJohn Piper on Prayer and Bible StudyAdrianWe have just been talking about studying … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – John Piper on Prayer and Bible Study

Yesterday, in the second part of my interview with John Piper, he talked about passionate preaching. Today, John talks about prayer and Bible study, and in particular, his personal "rhythm" for this important discipline. The video of this part of the interview can be seen here.*************************AdrianSo, what you’ve described — I suspect there may be many preachers out there saying, “Okay, I get what you’re saying, but how do I get to that place?” You mentioned prayer. I know prayer is imp … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – John Piper on Passionate Preaching

Yesterday we began sharing the transcript of my interview with John Piper at New Word Alive. Today we continue with John Piper talking about passionate preaching. The video of today's segment can be seen here.AdrianPeople do talk about you, John, as having a real sort of passion about you. It’s almost like a zeal, I guess. In fact, particularly when you’re preaching, I certainly experience that, having actually only heard you for the first time in the flesh last night, and so many people aft … [Read more...]