INTERVIEW – John Piper on New Word Alive

Yesterday was Friday and therefore it was the day that we usually turn to Piper. I have not forgotten that tradition, nor, incidentally, have I forgotten Lloyd-Jones Monday—it's just that there has been a lot of other material to get out there, and I haven't wanted to do more than a post a day at the moment.I actually have another project which I'm currently working on, and which I plan on telling you about in a few weeks or so. Believe it or not, thanks to spending some time planning and w … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Don Carson at New Word Alive, Part 2

This is the second part of a two-part interview with Don Carson, which began yesterday. That segment can be read here. I previously shared the video of this interview here.*************************AdrianSo obviously from your own story, and also in your current role, you must have seen lots of people come through that path. Do you have any thoughts about how the Church can best develop its future leaders, or how, indeed, those people who might be beginning to feel similar stirrings to you, all … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Don Carson at New Word Alive, Part 1

I had the great privilege of talking to Don Carson in April at the New Word Alive Conference, when this interview was recorded. I have already shared the video of the interview here.*************************AdrianHi! I’m Adrian Warnock. I blog at and I’m also privileged to serve as part of the leadership team of Jubilee Church in London. I’m here at New Word Alive, together with Don Carson, who has kindly agreed to answer a few of my questions. Thank you for joining us, … [Read more...]

VIDEO – Romans 8 Dramatically Read

This was shown at the New Word Alive conference earlier this year. I have to say that it is one of my favorite passages of Scripture in the whole Bible. This Sunday, why not just take in these glorious words in a fresh format. … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Nathan Fellingham on New Word Alive and Being a Reformed Charismatic

In yesterday's segment Nathan and I discussed the importance of theology in worship songs. Today we move on to talk a little about the event we were both attending and his thoughts on being a reformed charismatic.AdrianWe’re here at this New Word Alive event, and obviously have heard all sorts of teaching from some of these big names like John Piper, Don Carson, and others. I don’t know how much of it you’ve been able to get into with everything else you’re doing. Have you been in many of the ses … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Nathan Fellingham on the Theology of Worship Songs

Yesterday in my interview with Nathan we spoke about writing songs for worship. Today we will move on to talk about the theological thinking behind the songs.AdrianIt’s actually quite interesting, because already from talking to you, it’s like your songs are so obviously full of theology—I mean, that’s coming across just in talking to you—and I’ve always felt like that in listening to them. They’re also full of passion and kind of “real life” situations, I guess. And that combination, together wi … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Nathan Fellingham on Writing Songs for Worship

In yesterday's segment of my interview with Nathan, we ended by speaking about how many worship leaders have emerged from his home church, Church of Christ the King, popularly known simply as CCK. Today I ask him about writing songs for worship.AdrianThe Brighton Newfrontiers church is an amazing resource, if you think about all of you as a group, not just Phatfish, but all the other guys you just mentioned. I mean, you guys write a lot of songs that are used in a lot of places, don’t y … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Phatfish's Nathan Fellingham

The following is an interview with Nathan Fellingham of the band Phatfish. More information about the band is available on Phatfish's website. The lead singer of the band, Lou Fellingham, also sings solo and has just released a new album, Promised Land.I recorded this interview at New Word Alive and have already shared the audio, which is available here.AdrianThis is Adrian Warnock here. I’m actually standing outside of the main marquee, right near the edge of the site, looking out over the b … [Read more...]

New Word Alive 2009 Announcement

Following the roaring success of the 2008 New Word Alive conference, it has been announced that the event will take place next year over two weeks and be in the same venue in gorgeous North Wales as it was this year. This is a change from what was announced during the event itself, when it was believed it would need to move.To get an idea of what happened this year, there are, of course, many posts here on my blog, including videos of interviews and summaries of the talks.You will probably need … [Read more...]

VIDEO INTERVIEW – Terry Virgo on Valuing Word and Spirit

UPDATE The written transcript of the third part of the interview is now available. It can be read here.I also interviewed Terry in 2007.This video is part of a series, yesterday I continued my interview with Terry and Wendy Virgo. Wendy provided some insights into her life as Terry's wife and her travels with him. Terry defined what he means by "modern day apostles."In this segment, Terry speaks more about why he decided to work together with the New Word Alive conference. He … [Read more...]